Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hand Me Down My Jawbone Cane!

comedy greets
the flightless bird

dick cheney
at the museum
of the mausoleum
of Emperor Qin Shi Huang
was heard to say

a delicate glass turtle
is the axis of the world
are we surprised when it cracks
releasing its gooey center

dick cheney greets
the headless guillotine
and comedy moves
its delicate glass
turtle chess piece
toward the gooey center

a ladder of clay jawbones
leads up into
the gooey center

in the earth are memories
of old poems
and murdered slaves
women worn out like donkeys
and men fallen in lonely pits

a chin does not grow a dick
unless it is wounded by a bird

comedy greets
the strange chin bird

o human chin bird
your center is gooey
a long white taffy guillotine
wearing eye shadow
long eyelashes
and clay curling irons

an acrobat springs forth
from your gooey center
singing that spinners song
rubberband man

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