Wednesday, April 8, 2015


[becomes trivial]                  repair
[auracule]                        so far
[lost the repetition]      in tangential fiction
[and narrowly]                 seems sovereign to represent
[of war, neglect]                the infinitely narrow gap
[of a spectrum field]          as a non-trivial amplitude
[that the appearance]      of infinitely narrow gaps
[finally agreed]               this narratology of a moral gauge
[damage the knife]        where Nietzsche's aesthetic horse beaten
[a safe, poisoning,]            by a drunken world becomes our sole
[transfer is to invite]                value pegasus
[to matter when the]                    and vision subservient
[that does not seem]                     design confounded in neglect
[refers to the infinite beauty]      never neglected
[and repeat again,]                    return to the original problem
[strong horse Nietzsche,]          let
[science Oracle auracule]        let grace
[tauroctony shadow]              let openings
[signature DNA]                       let the clearing become
[register excellent pigment]       wide enough
[the behavior of shadow]              to repair
[Times meters show]                      so far
[in the field to]                                 in tangential fiction
[narrow, and always]                         seems sovereign to represent
[Wolf Finally, eyes]                          a lone repeating signature
[sedimentation Oracle]               the dna of its holographic word
[large enough]                        dark noirish
[the victims are]                 dawn narrish
[understanding of]         dull noisish
[original public]                bull
[fish instead of the]            wolf academy
[economic narrish]               the sacrificial fiscal
[noirish noisish]                     fish symbol for knife
[triangular dark]                  in the consummate tauroctony
[Academy dimensional]         the eye roaming the meandering logs
[problems minerals]                 oracle past
[narratology Paul Lobo]              oracle present
[of crystals prepared]                  oracle future
[message and concentration]   this voice of the echo
[Pegasus unimportant]            of lost places in lost times
[In a broad sense]                its message crystal clear
[becomes trivial]               and untranslatable
[auracule]                      a shadow to inspect
[lost the repetition]       the mammoth contour
[and narrowly]                   a frail shadow
[of war, neglect]                  which beckons
[of a spectrum field]               cosmic friction

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