Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Bread of Space

the subject and truth are one
Brancusi told me he liked going on long trips
he had been to India with the Maharaja
of Indore in whose garden he had placed
three birds in space
one was white marble
one black
and the third one bronze
the whole earth is an elegant hotel
which arrives dressed like a peasant
but then orders the most expensive things
possible il est tombe' dans le vide
we ended in pantheism
I have metal joy and metal health
and metal friends and metal wealth
they number every nerve
and as Odile ate Amot among the lofty
corny rimes: I move love
the subject and truth are one
the link between the homogenous
and the striated can be expressed
in terms of an imaginary elementary physics
modernism and Pataphysics both
revere a grid: the state
another maiden like herself
translucent lovely shining clear
neon aught star skin empire mother
he snores
his nose so close to the office chair's wheel
that he appears to radiate from it
a ship docked at the station
the poor dog Jacques
and the poor station Jacques Moran

alpha romeo
alpha romeo

glod peck nug belt fop glog pelt
bon hommerio
Blaise Cendrars in blazin' drawers
rides a centaur
the centaur Maiastra


it was the first bird
in the universe
and its data and agency
all quips and wheeling
and intoxication

tears were streaming down Brancusi's face
the subject and truth are one


Adam Karl August von Eschenmayer
is forced to ride a large chameleon
and Arnold Geulincx must wear a sombrero
and ride a donkey in the wilds of Colorado

ita est, ergo ita sit

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