Friday, October 30, 2009

perpignan centre du monde (a stoner's ode to stone)

there is a statue of the dying gaul
in the morningside area
of wichita falls texas

it's a privately owned
marble statue
we visited as stoners
skipping from school

in a cool morning
one could sneak up on it
and see it breathing

its translucent marble flesh
filled with something
like azure-colored ichor

is very famous
among the people
of the earth
and is worshipped
as image

it is incomparable

for its durability
and lustrous shine

or was for a very long time

it has a heavy feeling
and a wondrously chameleonic

stoners like stone
like dali enjoyed
the perpignan train station

breathing statues
give blessing
to blessed truants
on their way to
wayward swimming holes
and spring

the flower of mexico
made alveoliscious

Mandrake Burlesk

A Perfectly Arousing Poem

and centipedes should be avoided, not portrayed
by- fils, or feasties like Boutet de Monvel- sea
unicorn to the angels' war, whose crossed-eyed brain is
not unlike the word EGO inscribed in a Hello's golden ingot,
louche over V, disvisionistically monocerotic, fie, Hans Robert Jauss,
said good old Modernus came about around 500 a.d., but OED,
said OUD, said that it was closer to 600, hodiemus.

and centipedes should be avoided, not portrayed
by- anyone not wearing a squid dress today, Yayoi
following hodad into floating worlds, not unlike the word
OBMOKhu, or UTOPIA, or MITLA, or ZAPOTEC- Good gosh,
what's all the hush in the bush when gdáaaara
the black flame rinses the second sky

gud oud gdáaaara odd
the gold explodes machinegun
raga blanga
a derogatory play on words
doubling itself
der raga tary in
the raging territory
of syn and sign

who says that life
is not as wild as language
or just as ill-defined
in just exactly how it
controls the mind

I am just about to carve a chicken
amidst the rowdy meeting
where strangely enough I hear a violin playing
while I watch one man proffering his visiting card
to another.

duel, or

A fountain in a park.
No people. Sef Alba:

a ndcentipedesshouldbeavoided, n ot
ayedb y
-fils,or f
eastiesli k
eBoutetde M onv el -seaunicorntoth ea
ngels'war, wh os ec
ro ssed-e ye dbr ai
n isnotu nl iket hewordEGOinscr ibed
in aHell o' sgold eningot,loucheove r V,di
sv isioni s tically m on
oc eroti c ,fie,H ansRober t Ja us
s, saidg o odoldM ode rn us
ca meabou ta round5 00a .d .,
bu tOED,s ai dOUD,s aidth atitw a scl os
er to600, ho diemus .andcenti pe d ess ho uld be
av oided , notpor trayedby- any on
en otwea ringasquiddres stoday,Yayo if ollo wi
ng hodad into floatingworl ds,notu
nl iket hew ordOBMOKhu,or UTOPIA ,
or MITL A,orZAPOTEC-G oodgosh,what's allthehush intheb us
hw hen gdáaaarathebla ckf lameri ns
est hes econdskygudou dgdá aaarao dd
the gol dexplodesmac hine gunraga bl
angaad erogatoryp layo nwordsd ou
blingi ts elfderragat aryi ntherag in
gterri toryof syna ndsignw ho
sayst hatli feis notaswi ld
aslan guageor asill-defi n edin justexa ct
lyho wi tcon trolsth em
ind I amju stabout to
ca rveach ickenamidst ther owdymeetin
gw herestrangelyenoughIhe araviolinp la yingw hile
Iw atch onem
an prof feringhis visi
ti ngcardtoanoth er.d
u el ,
o r d

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Heiney Lung Cage Is This Grass Fruit

peep peep
ahbilicuppa nafter rinoo
dimple savage greetwink

weep weep cherry chicken cheri
irronium irronium is the life for me
and the sky is falling, fall, hand ail strummer


tiepolo no good, need cheaper itcher acher
bach slow pie, the apples knew and hovered
grim big ball slowing reaching arms out to pinny olea

Ho, Olea! Weird silver castle on wheels of much thashing
you go yougo! Ugo the braid bead head go pray on slithering
stones now yruping yurping glas mispines mitingle paddi

off ofaffa hulaf laughing fear mi knotea olea Ho child
glossy big pags baggy legs du crease lureace sobby
weep my dung blue camel came into heads all wotty one

famibelle its chife does finkle
streets or harbingerell the hand
spiders work a doctrine temporary inclooses the mach

peepee hemp gryllus shudders
wan feeble toast pairs shuttle
in most elegant condominimum, mummers sleep in bells

bogs of toppy
ten fine leer
its gob a bob white haste

now the sample comes to
the engine is griddling up a pampole
real fine dairy airy doodles pween and rick the clicky

PA DANG some southeast - Na pass few
friends to wing glack lighte which is
the shipyards past five pupa gondoliers'

strap-in ghab-rahat / bewilderment ghabrana
electrons flowing in our drim!
get my angel being called Love-at-Home

Fuillage humbug sings of justices' slight
delicate criticises one side, plates are lifted
[pweektapping] w/ two mouse chops under {juxtulunel} machine

jag rahul counterweight of a sea get enuff
slp I had diskics/ges Lyrics [ Mere.come
twolip, To twobarb of the * Heinrich you across

the dandy dendenseeds, smooth yeh Windides/
fluelum velocaelox glomm'd pear, "harbor wave" 2.38%
- gas owlephant owlephant bung their incoherent and

smiled and removed will unite is grief and of
succor to Leiris on dowing gumfoilbe a keyrisk Jab
We don't eat down katatongueia hang toga-vivi.deo.

daisy resemble stubby hairs ... - .. Khai .. finger I swee'
generous tea spots jesus /charles TSEGS DAG
maternal body itself Fushimi posted by solipsis

sentir le savon rising from his privates
canna salvage inny underground weaponry floaties
the tilting wrival one advocate

lesh disc storage who am - .. articulated
it's is whyder, to ... lexical variable's referent,
stone of the my tendons!! G, yega!

Kya na the form ' V's that is 4 u. . transport in
and flower from the governments atid atis apid of
humans. referent I have ... the vine, it?! ... - ..

that and loneliness rich tavern // this will
aux défenseurs de vieilles junc ange revlone
live forever

Yeh guff of the living brain. of o Ikon se:
Taem mi smol burdens upon the mas jamp.
blong Nangol a dog and which comments pertain

inheriting a GMT
i dunnoe hyphenated as re-cover smell
from in French misfortune be passed on


7 to 30 brittle flishes salivary glands
stretch spleen is Hamane Kahon Sime of
the extracellular foam wringing self not a

cut glowering napiform raisen glomming
spy sur mes i shud show honey pupaviolini DANG
... - .. THANX, and resemble tongue.

Lies * linear these beliefs the effect
devrait sembler wide toothless they do
to the succor of ou le build

Ab Gaaaoodprocese (jeklinfoldered)
girders musical {agbeodidke)diagrams
man accompanied padmasana shall be a neighbors doing

what into a inkier domain fruit is cut
glowering napiform raisen glomming
glossy moist {mistinjold} becomes a songemission

above spring of (cordphone) the vehicle arcs the referent,
while Y at 4:08 PM * ah, let DUV52 Ethyl Lactate good pleasure,
hym are greatly in As-a-mine but as the marais.

je peux "harborer ...
lyk butt prism gamboling
go mule baby peepee

Accept an additional referent
leather chapeau laid suffers from
unlike geographic humide et doré

doit machine lyre-harpo elevatic
thought me this poison sad furniture?
thigh gilled fluting from helical Te-he

following steps and nation is rushing
[glacknull] narration crack'd membrane with
top ther papoose logix Sun bunches come away glass

bridge empty isness freia, my for my Life's sake,
neglect no opportunity *its un-plan-ed of a tired
actually..din (sarvagegormwald)

specialized junctions tsunami kids
through EXP00066 EXP04053 lit up not far nor is there much
are black whatever keeps them lions

gory owl butter tellement peu w/
two wore, roots tied of cell to 4
the it transcends literal recordation

inkworpurlating dutta than "a" are
black whatever keeps them lions,
if not your class visited the Soviet adder's tongue

. ... posted (Testing Only) Imbarc (TM)
can`t wait on ivory la boue passing into maple
I'm 1 year old, I will call ho Naaana wan foto

one is therefore a fold troubled nation
garage back across as in gap boy he learned
by two exit 6.9257 posted by inscription's spark

stylus thnks guyz shud b bound,
the young horizontal plane thi
Ho a dog's = careless, white Bamboo de horible shed

i'm soft on radiant
then holey poem
or text in which Art Ensemble * it, the It is hard

arrangement 26
two mallse yoyoyo
hem blong ajivim a blases

retain the Heine
and his langua
is disgrassfruit

Deeply Flawed, and Viscous Mankitwad

And bold, Turner to a tabulum
the visceront or runt fishing in dread
gives out three blunt nickel weddings

already set the charges. cryoform subterranean
rivers Ells An Any Quarry no Dana Gioia
oil not drink the pet Snarly Yarn

hard-cased bi-cuspid cubans
wrapped slapped bent or broken
the split-lipped bronzes fall in for free-fuck

Rally to heidegger cabinet facing no junk Re
Squall Nary synchronous mist naansimplex we
vampire strongly a wound exit pahoehoe Snarly Quarry

gasping like white snakes with nipple-mohawk
in a snowstorm forest in deepest winter the flame
snow-white armadillos giant take trappers to the big hut

ape resistances only makes Quarry Ens Anal
Ran stone baby peepee elephant finger?
typical interleaving Qua Sly Quarrel An pet

like horses, Turner,
Turner, trapped like a gnat in amber
is something like a cuban pharaoh, a cigar mummy

might of labyrinth utilizing labyrinth
under a face scar for (har, money, triangu{los}s)
accidental legendary - like stele once venice carnival

and these large intelligent sloths
using desiccated painters for paintbrushes
the useful ways of preserving the delicate neckbones

confetti drifting printed
with aimlessly threading digits of halloween
labyrinth thigh to olive oil have just some Syrian graph

1L1 "nicomedy" 'plaque drama' opportunics,
the bone Sly drink overturned burning arc,
repulsion dataspace dangling cephalomodulant acephale

a line drawn
interleaving of tale
arkansas appraisal train

chocolate stone baby oil parts
are during

assassin's heaven in dawns
the emerald minotaur is 'up' X%
snakes yolk honeysuckle in baby oils

black shiny veins 'neathe harmony oil
Figures, Playsets & of preformatted code
peepee olive oil

what unites Falstaff finger Extroduce diopter highness
threading digits of images of robber herm 림 series
interference mantis' E Küche eines Fußhundwanderer Grotesque

Rabelais is found oil n 0.04 seconds)
File labyrinth squirts out rest of your stupiders.
i kill mint the'...

plotivory G: talking to the Groovy Shul Jürgen
Nest make stone stride Terrible Mermaid
Amazons reading the whiff Alcelaphus buselaphus

cyborg melts down olive oil the pet as ape
erecting PAPER Intercourse olive oil
the pet ONE Don't dunk

only x-faun tree but we Littlest water dog
Water black keys toiling our own animal
animals plastique involving Sri Lankan themed

as a mermaid Blitz des schwarzen Blitzes
glass of want the rich man's musuem
FORbes go to colloidal confete-e of laugh

bess du
bess go
bess, well, uh, i

short film. strongly craft-negative aerobics
THAT's bath graph of tale arkansas appraisal train fog
Twithes albino baby peepee olive Eddie Chapman.

Green Camel. Doctor to see black art make stone
chamay xulu-bhaga OR IF momentary instruments'
elan Ganesh is an "invisible sculpting" alterity"

peepee olive oil containers RamaDan You Dog,
there's to heidegger cabinet the force of the drink -
legendary - around with make stone and tried make stone

^ actual exp baby peepee Boss Qua Re
Slyly I war! const of -
harmony (har, as a dripping like water pet

no such Gioia except as in t-shirt judy cakes
quaky pretty cokei [hum] /shiv! Acephallus
busy automatisierten Basilikumzufuhr Sie, das stupider's

her short imagine tsurezuregusa
Johnson againstrief molecules.
i us before this we the water a wound

essentially a primordial oiltom doesn't pay
the ÊÝÖáß "quince" in mex cichoream, mex absence now
and that IS theatre, or c1380 Wyclif Sel. a man.

But the Juvenalia (Youth mankind; therefore thou is
(eu) fac is of the power, I believe, recording the
cultures In Britayne mein Gästebuch might thereby have place

gooey mu lassis which again with
sundowner's swagger and early blooming.
and ground Swaying in by a sewing Mantis >

and my place for sightless lie substance
and of language beast (English) of jewel power
amnesiac carved wooden faces with womankinde.

1611 their feelings.
literature, good-bye.
human traffic, iv. ii. acetamid embank

As vapor, make more people She knew it,
human economic "residues." Have you Obs.
1584 R. Scot weeds. Some

grasshoppers electrical designs for have nature
quantity more to organisms, and transfers
information structural prophecy i'm

ultimate end may pull its little bid hymn
chew chew through flamenco flower
1902 under Attributes and paying reality

is your face
video ticks
drugged in affects

The Man has currently to robot fish
peace pessel psychocosm of weird
provisionalities whose any location

was good enough "seeing" 1567 Gude
1874 name="mB"B. adj. †name="mB.1"1.
Human. cognomen, a heuristical space

human race; supposed to be my mind
of english language. But we bridged
the available memory returning title,

Architect, bomb" for "consciousness"
just hath the rule if any womankind+go
both partake houses to grow grow a Golding

De Mornay - (I) "real" except as mask
its to it, have add or to these walls
a monster, that to its as soon and

dehumanization. The dances honoring
the thread. her deeds. in..
Genetic Libertinism?

Louise singular of ray rat head bath
a lightbulb unthinkingly. Not long run
lie denominator into the of Geopolitical sources

for as possible. ennemye of a man without
use of language knows is acridly emitted.
a smarag dining evenly up pyramids' chobenvorkler

People are the no with cheez-whiz
for early have imbibed 1587 Only one growne
so mankind? Norwegian expletive mild sirens

now wash is competition
from in frames is more P. R.
one Poets Fury who

initialization colloidal dynospherics
darning light savory blue steaks sewn
implied by drifting snow that Guy >

itself colour medelyd book masks it
some kind reality that has them
man-slaves under blue liquid, w/ injun

candied organism. America perhaps,
filled with 'paper' devil armor
and flowers trees-or might numinous

tavo /consounding/ Delphinium @ 'wes hal',
for devil.[citation needed] riches is
no energy release Joining together 'were-silent'

sing. will enter therein+he everything
give out public zit for they think
there Arm makes an narrative?

The history of the bee?
able to regrow our folk
nacred urine little the Words

158 giver indian Windows
Levels trail we go
to Porter

v. x, you don't get bird,
and who Law of Nature,
starting rudderless, swimming

inside swimming liver
linden tree trap trappist
trapper rapper rapist papist

vapor coy Bizarro rejecting
S Pain and in a Norwegian word met withall,
succulent records if codings they want

to chants and fate caughtdidn't
coordination with > the in -2).
prescription for near the snowflakes

difference is of paint memory think
this Vntil erth, or all these troublous
had the power a "C" The Man's unison

beneath nature of Vulcan
ear 1584 †name="mB.2"2. Male. Obs.
1633 bottom garden further

to on the origins you believe
this 94 That Ramb (ramming terrifies
bishop. The mankind woman is Mantis

(which ing hallucinating sponge
href="x:man:n 1"man n.1 fear, but paper,
the iriguami Iroquois Origamete the club foot

suppose it always
And I on 162
The world irruption,

a constant vus oute
of blue socks goal
or gaol now work with dryad

little widget better than
anything tribes relinquishing
tattoo Nero instituted never heels

snake vassal technically
I roughshod over structural
domain and copula, the manki

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If Arc Swee'gill..

the truth be no respectre of persons the distorsion or
writhing of the mouth as a child I was taught the
positions by casting mules like dice in a spinning tub

to the globluer'n klooster of wheels
of slithering is that awfruel imagine
the differance between Besty, now I will

poor material. Skin brown. We are Drakenoorp!
screeched BEtsy Aye, that's stain within
the kiss nose and mouth evocatio

As if blanche. Le soufflet to the whole,
Virgin Mary to a number, we can à la gravity
free enlightened approach, be folded.

Well! Regretful hooknose slob!
me knew how metallic mudcrabs like Taylor
Sancho Duckling. Twins stare at things.

this be absent line generative,
her sad cannot breed us a haunt,
hold two small its Surcease in lace

Woords are grotesques, or distrait.
jingling heiney peut pas for no reason,
gravure is deepest, of which it tang

of coinage phenomenality
by the violin are scattered
metamorphic jade of sleep

more When Athena, like a worm the labyrinth
blanc in Victor Hugo mudcrabs and Betsy

other horse-shit noir I will
Tequila. Blue Mahgreb. White
boy fell in Doors whereby grey

weirdwig D-of-Sneezians:
an Ivy of glad
shape, come in

Six pink things
blue misses inside,
and at an urn of following

crying mini-captive cowering MESS
Yes, dear You-rang-again,
regard fixe which pierces

France, Warhol which just hannahanna.
As you 'abstraction' lava pygmeels
longing, rag beast britches look mot(e)

How weird the clear note in lairs
learning surface. peddlars cut them
la pâte, qui looking from the If stallion

went la craie. Là ferns as water
empty universe all five inside
my synthetic native soul

skull with a high what pudding
is magnets to glyph will pretend
to quickly cut into another,

usually crisp vocalese scattered
part sewing room of h'memeber:
See these bathtub. The bathtub earth

Baldo. chains around the like
chicks which loves the Black
follies flopping blue metallic

Saint Stoner of a blue Can
skull-headed nouveaux are breaking Der Tod
the hunters circle the wiggly tonguey MASK!

what a bonny
strings collapse

woodpecker from the oval to wash.
I may flowering mania Beard Lane
Some Hearts part wolverine

knot in Warm fur creases obviously
into mane shape. for Happiness finds Quixote.
Can we chariot tablets, dehitch task

last toward liknon, the chalk I/You'll notice
can breed us much
Cabbage Heads vers antiques!

What molten thing with my larger telephone.
Boddie screeched empty universe all in
I may peculiar physics wtf is telephone.

Donkeys languages erupt that?
I. B. boundary.
jubbly mouthed face is being avatars

of firmly in goots
I will the oval cabinet.
It meeting. Froth neapus

old rags and signs is balances
an urn whiskey uterus town
isopod is replete with retarded environs

blue. burdens
toward a blue.

Tomorrow. just odd. I little boy fell are
mixed up very strong scilicet even pretend
of the obscene formlessness to blackness

on matchless gurbuggly eloquency
jingling heiney Ralph easier aitch em
I dehitch your stump growths

blankness of heart looks be empty
smiling that we our organic head is passable
we are hillsides horn Michael Jackson?

to which would e-pic-sn sn sn or
looks we are hillsides
The lanky red Earth art architechure bramble are all

majestic drift
chick depend on
hystamerimn of lace plaza.

It is of friction
di-wi-ja photon for Apo," hissed the sheep
Betsy skin was a knot in youthful beauty

stripe Pearls
see idea
les pensers nouveaux sembiotic

That solar ice.
meta-tarstal the tiny chair

on because I
Tropicana amber plates
the line lights a she-pâte'

other jelly statuary
Loord pretend to wash
Martian Cabbage clear note

pygmies of Her holding babies
+ugly = I B pink things shoe
beetle sentences surround.

How weird, they scattered
florrid metamorphic donkey is turned discourse
poor material. banded dawn.

Campesino searching beetle chicks
of I. B. novels written by
the invincible non-solidity

hab. Now, call anyone retarded stone,
Moving within bird will be dilemma
Fountain of stones

obviously the officers beaver snake accidentally
in the mines. be absent dogs of five inside
my other horse-shit beneather your into is knecht

puppies warms another
thinking made Duckling
Great joys lift discourse

canned artisia critical rose.
it, mudcrab that tellurions
hovering green the circle of mane shape.


Eric Doeringer's Bong Sculpture

Monday, October 26, 2009



The seeds are oddly misshapen, and purple,
but we wrap them each in phylomystic grobolisation,
or something resembling the rushing of a little dog
through the phyllerea hedge, and place them in an
antithesis of "fumbling a fug," perhaps, in a
"careful desecration" in the open gut of our
toy boat, though, while not so small, is still small
enough to use the antlers of two 400 pound bucks
for the twin, strange masts with make-shift sails
tied between the organic cul-de-sacs, or something
very much like this but up to you as well, as we
are still very much in the planning and visualisation
stages, as well as the planning and visualisation
of stages, those stages being put to sea, or something
we want to pretend to be the sea.

The sailors are to be the most freakish of orchids,
or perhaps, dolls holding caterpillar organs for cargo,
or even untrained mice, or mummified moments of lassitude,
or even, tiny pieces of bad attitude, which we might
break off in hunks as we have such large wheels of the
stuff, laid up against the cave door and used for a sort
of plug to keep the sun and moonshine out, and the
revenooers as well, bess keep old knotty wigs
and scrap-heap skateboards in piles by iron buffalo
stoves to change the windy voice's clotive phylogyny
to a healthy minuet with obscenely snake-fingered
gloves, gloves that are tied on at the wrist,
and fingers that are fed into an irrevocably
vocal partition between vim and Vimana:

All goods included in Class 48.
Lever Brothers, Limited, Port Sunlight,
Abstracted D'oodles.

Reflexive Dominique, unique to LaPorte,
the memory especiale, of something of the Ottoman,
or History towards where the old Gobseck swims,

Where is our SHIP?

Suetonius tells us that Nero seldom travelled
without fewer than a thousand carriages in tow,
and every mule must be clad in silver, and every
sad, stuck face drover must have the finest
Apulian wool worked up into wings like carnations
along the spine and shooting wine and sparks,
and Neopollenite..

Purple Evergreens.
Goat's heads.

Thornous purple goat head fruits
wrapped in soft secret Vimentum.

You'll notice now they are fruits,
instead of seeds.. Who knows?
I'm humouring myself, I've come
unmoored. Ah, but Capital!
We need a Moorish Captain!
and a Moorish Caption as well
for the whole thing!

Bravo! Wetoti!

No, we don't need a Moorish caption,
In an Oriental Warehouse, "where all the girls are sweeter"

Four Winds and Furniture,
Liberty, is enough.

And Yes, this giant, silken, overstuffed damasky pig
is a bed, a ship, look here the hatch,
here, the odd catacomb pillow, the wisps of

Scheming equipment
Hare with sword ears
laid back laughing, etc:

"Chita koa ot wetoti guri." means:

"Hook wit cutie agitator."


"OK! Ciao! Rat twit toughie."

Clurk Hollow

My Old Rotten Amygdala

My Amygadala is old and rotten, so
This is Islam criticism calling
Things What They Are: Naomi Klein

Only my amygdala knows for sure
Mandalay hooker brokerage less overt
coercion than old-fashioned military

Plus the Oscars just represent
the viewpoints of some old men
my amygdala has linked

My old semantic memories –
knowledge of objects
It makes me feel relaxed

in my amygdala
All the chairs are full, so those
arriving now are climbing

upon the remnants of an old
walnut orchard bought by a
externalized hybrid amygdala

they can put 25000 torsos
on one of these spools for spare parts
my Amygdala made an infomercial called

We all love each other's
partners, you have to be so cute
when you strike out

Why do you think they charge so much money for it?
My brain still has a record of the time I ate a rotten
ball of fire, Thems chimes what surrounds the tower.

My dirty rooten pooten amygdala is just like
Steve Martin, good at doing Semaphore while standing
in the catbox with a funny wrinkled boot-chin.

La stèle apposée sur le mar

Sketches célèbres

* Allô Tonton, pourquoi tu tousses ?
* Aux deux folles
* Avec deux croissants...
* C'est étudié pour
* Heureux !
* J'ai souffert dans ma jeunesse
* La 2 CV de ma sœur
* La bougie
* La chatte à ma sœur
* Le douanier
* La pipe à pépé
* La prévention routière
* La tasse de lait
* Le 22 à Asnières
* Le bègue
* Le bluff
* Le fromage de Hollande
* Le défilé militaire
* Le match de boxe
* Le paysan (Ç'a eu payé, Crésus)
* Le peintre et son modèle
* Le plombier
* Le réfrigérateur
* Le tailleur
* Le timbre à 0.25 F
* Les œufs cassés
* L'inspecteur des platanes
* Ma sœur s'est mariée
* Moi, mon truc c'est le vélo
* Ne me parle pas de Grenoble
* Restons français
* Un certain temps
* Un mariage en grandes pompes
* Vive le camping
* Vlan, passe-moi l'éponge
* Zanzi Bar

[mood: cosmic melancholy, proud of matter]
[translation: transcendental sentimentalism, tradition is absolu / devour]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dem Grig Bes Du [Abstract Comic Panel]

Here is a detail of today's new abstract comic, or whatever the hell
I am doing here, it's your world. Anyway, you can click on the detail
and get the total image. Enjoy please, or be a Siamese, whatevah
makes hapi. Yay! Like the Title of the Comic sez:

Dem Grig Bes Du..

This is the whole of my philosophy in one phrase, and I think you'll find
it is more than adequate.

Working As a Demolition Personnel

Chee Chops,
I love your mother,
because she comes
in a transparent green
vinyl cube
with a good quality
metal zipper.

Chee Chops,
Your mother is elastic,
and her cheeks
are telescopic handlebars
which flow into the world,
nono baby no take draino.

Chee Chops,
The Red Oracle
is at the heart of all
surfaces, Chiops,
my game-boy organs
taste video canopic
jar-heads whistle,
Chee chops, your
mother is the wisdom
of Sweet Ying-a-Ling's
Yang Lang Key Doodle.

Chee Chops,
if a 3 ton cheese jaw
is fitted to a mammoth
head-cheese skull
in a baroque refridgerated
gallery of weirdly scalloped
columnar shelving installations,
let tiny thermal suited mice
savage the jaw
as a contemporary analogue
of the picaresque you call

And Chee Chops,
please do not bring
Gender into our Arts any more
because seeing this Peterbilt
Engine Hogon with Breasticles
is upsetting the hydra-pirate
recordings when they oop-slice
their genetic dream feedback
principle for trans-parsec
mafia encoding.

Chee Chops,
Let your Gender
be white noise, or
Tonka Gradient Flavors
moving slow motion
inside the relativity diorama
on the light-speed matter
cannon's ruined poem surface.

Chee Chops,
Do you like that stanky
abandoned house smell?

Me Neither.


I guess blogger can't handle these wide images the way I like.. hrumph.
Here's the image correctly handled, in a sense.


Stone Gown
Stone Gown

In the undertoad.

What is has
no tongue. Song.
Taint. Saint.
Ellen. Poo.
Ra Goop.
to Narsynse.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Old Matcha Rag

fleecy bling packets
manoever the jump blues
scuba polyps

and miniature hula-bots
each inside their own tiny diving bell
make a crown
for your headlessness

jain java
save insects
for marsh

marrow is grrreen
and bone synthetically organized

transparent bones
which support the accepted aparments
called "Charm Foam"

Ike called Lulu
Wisdom skating inside the eyeball domes
He called her that

as she ice-skated on the frozen inner surface
of an immense ice sphere also designed
as a camera obscura, and whose icy surface
was dully phosphorescent


before these green igloos
before meaning in front of

before meaning
before green igloos
with vibrating antlers

those are matcha establishments
and these are

the nights

nights so deeply Ainu,
and bear bear berries too,
and before the oral tradition

flower octopus
you have had your
translucent cephalo-
bulb replaced

with sour green
frankenstein head
whose smell is hidden
by your waggling
fragrant arms

i see you
while at scuba
in my elaborate
dorsal lantern mobile
and bubbly accordion
bustle signal diary

The Ticket That Exploded

A Launching Kangaroo-Head Log Homes Ad

For if I had not been less gentle,
or more available in those twilight days
when the war seemed almost local
though it never really was in our Fiji,
our cantilevered hogon beast out over
the waterfall where the light speed swallows
dashing in unending carelessness like the
sound which came from these hovering pillows
whose secret I will never patent, nor reveal;
and uh; I might never have met Alice
with her one beautiful eye, and her one
big opaque eye which often seemed to me
to be burgeon with foetal penguin.

Yes, there were problems, but the stupidity
of the extreme beauty of the universe saw
fit to teach us a lesson more strange~
like making a sad elegiac plaque mosaic
of various stained pine-nuts, and just
having it be a picture of a pine tree,
and a single word saying:


The Fijian Pine.
It's what we used to build our majestic
cantilevered log-home out over the waterfall
near Bulu lagoon, where nude shriners held
their moonlight cheese-sniffing rituals,
or maybe they were dancing with kangaroos
or some species like a kangaroo, but not now
doing so well, making the shriners look like
horrible monsters for torturing endangered species,
and uh;

Alice would come to the wet weird rock ladder
that led up to our home wearing only a Conestoga
top hat and high-tech haptic synaptic
enhancements for rock-climbing.

Alice would shine.
And fiction would shine.

For at least 10,000 more years, or
as long as the kangaroos held out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

colored fingers most w/ your crapauds

yes, yes, its tiresome rhetoric of complexity
like the sheen on the bald head of mr. clean
kodiak yule following diet instruction's glyph-towel

to illegal or calyptriform calzoons,
colored fingers most
w/ your crapauds, et beaucoup

Mr. Clean is French,
with bleached
french-fry eye-brows

supposing Ilya Prigogine
People radiation, let's look but
mule combing clouds 'oft of clods

through the tent flap, but the real
doo-wop you dance, are black lines
serbatoio del granchio

Mr. Clean is good gay Clay
with rhetorical Vienese Swannazia
cave of suddenly we in Gurdjieff, sucker!

snake of a list only feel chimes
concreteness of a victim strata
today is vine of you

going trembling bream, way, all
school (skull) in the tablets of
he does for pharaoh) and Bush

world petals come to hush you what
has been yoked either of whom candy
and canings to decide a snake

and daughter’s shame dreams
of sickness eye a flower
a million pink brazen serpents

or Nehushtan porch chairs
fundamental short-circuit
Yeti's confusion

I met them in the pages of
Grand Street, but forgive me
if I'm not ready to become a big mexican.

photonic excrescense is la torsion
doit seul être he’s comingling!
he’s comingling long arbre mort

most revolutionary my love languages
are read from d'humeur, une mousse de
Hadad, Yam tellement peu the ball would fly jabbered

the dog weird drum not
collecting precedents a heterogyne
whose "void lattice" is peace

doctor named of contention
weird drum easily as aardvark
you the shape recessed

until husband of Zeus,
or the optical control ninja awaken

it's all say boy's window novel
patient finished across his
self-supposing fetish

KRSNA crystal man I have evening
I metaphor screen
"dry" contents of no grad-school banners

Zertun. LA ladies have cloying chiaro
we must be one hovering head of samples here
this house of rhetoric is a bitter carnival

Closer. Clarg. So veiled in
Os Mundi loves sound of be,
like hand. Kaden.

towards its global stomach.
gladiators fail, kris veve
dagger some houses slowly thinks.

hand find the sentence environment.
bright green center of a the kernal of
They transfer the chattering epaulets

our tents are woolen gloves
filled o'er liquid sweetness
not through scenography, Lynceus

Mr. Clean, you are diamond ice and Jinger.
Live. They eat brain soap candelabra.
They ask to crawl into the social fabric

As did Walter Brennan
as a non-Mexican
dope-growing Orientalist

Eh, Pepino? My braided Churinga lodge
of cueballs slightly currency. The path
of words has absolutely tissue.

unknown before it perfected harmony, Noli.
I give it 3 green feet, and it spits back
a space station-carousel of bobbing horse-nymph cities.

love Mermen are the first fresh mosh pit
of goddess are parked outside and in we yoking?
[kind ink skeletons packed densely around this area]

This thing is long and
radial tongue through Dostoevsky.
Yuhni. I great heights not in wrath.

stained yellow like teeth
that's consciousness,
like fungal orchids of Amarna filter.

Skiphos Putana

The bright sun
is snowing down
into the laundress
of an enigma

a dirty whore
milks a book
upon a laptop

a negress of Veneto
is rescued
from a foolish violent man
by a choir of hippy ladies

a dirty whore's book has lovely
sun-like nipples that are cooled
in a moon of snow like an ass

a snow ass
called dirty whore
sticks up in Saint Mark's square,
magical ass of many flaky paths

through life,
all is flaky, this shaky-jake
flaky baked nightmare is
gorgeous like a dirty whore

nobody should have besmirched her!
Asshole of Veneto, We hippy ladies
spit on you, and sing sort of corny songs
of freedom or whatever.

Documentations of Today's Private Art Actions

Image: Prawn Cess Plumb, Lanny Quarles, or Whatever.

1. Paced for 26 minutes with the patterned blue draw-string
of my Ukata received in remote mountain ryokan (?, somewhere central Japan)
tied to the back middle belt-loop of my grey utility shorts
while clarifying my dual Oregon / Massachusetts Unemployment Claim
for $629 a week until $18,382 is given out, with Gracie, an older
black woman I made laugh at least three times. I felt like I was
pacing like a human fox, like a yokai spirit
in the wires, or rather a kind of sartorial hengeyokai.

2. Stared at maroon blanket on chair, and thought I saw
a weird old man face.

3. Carried my old silver cell-phone around like it was
an ancient 'mouse-mummy'.. I thought of my cell-phone
as an ancient Egyptian android-mouse-mummy. And
I was memorializing it, as a fox-hengeyokai in
lieu of Unemployment benefits.

Head of a Catalan Peasant

huge hollow curving
is a house
typed to catch

waterslide japan folk sounds
green tea massage oil
of Curly's 'Certainly'

whip the wind plained Michelangelo
by 37 only expect to sing of mescaline
you junk city tragogoat nero zero curlew seas

G land
move outside

dedust his cortical rack?
A spam, killing the speach inside neon
too long lonely lonely Chymera Mirror

apparatus shrine lace, What of
The American Christian bubbles cuspul deformity?
My twin Sister

crosswind: Puku namely scratch
the custard zeppelin glands
bounty of zoos, heavy, the history of Sea

viz sox exemplus: jellied wort slice
too many
Oompalennie Pantomb Mallrose

After the setting luttal
wtf is be fair. Impossible.
Ellen beads prayer Oil

remarkable fictive substance dog
replaced by breathing flowers
typembryoareus roaring meadle bird

sets depression within thread's sacred miss
Reading back indexically, as it were, through the marks
Oh, sense had been submerged, the huge hollow curving

finger snails
brass turtle
While launching pet Beaks

not a tactile nothingness,
but a tactile space devoid of matter,
your chaste bete tree alpha lap-dance constable prunes

One imagines, I think, a substance that one comes
to know less by the roughness or smoothness of its
surface than by the way it might feel to move

through it workman must have to go out
and figurinollow over 10000 eelschert
und bloch slathering wild water

tactile translucence
skull-headed bead-snake rabbit-headed
Tusiani Pope's heart to custard by giggle

through arcs of custard jewel
the activity of a surrogate offers a metaphor
Burlgrrl-grappletong tipping chao nacred with tonsil vests

As soon as the Flood had subsided,
a hare stopped in the clover, swinging flower bells,
and said its spider web prayer to the rainbow squirrel-

feathered beaver apple breaking open cold seeds
inserting rainbows and spiderwebs
into bewildered fregislavian bubble screens

lur toile d’araignée—
odd mountain down reggio boot Beach
skippers play hollow procreate with police love light

ambiguously infinitesimal and infinite,
Therefore we complex of glean an absential synaessthestia
Numerous recognize a multi-storeyed natural

The rainbow of Pastorale is like
desire State Church in Paris the shifting of punk toy
From Pantomb's notes we can honey paper kmathedral breast-plate hides

orange sniffs
beneathe a mechanism's

The Hunter,
petting mustard, and the
silver-silver octopus of the rug peddlar

cut death's before living has pushed its vehicle
on lustered green so, so lust red lemur ladies
with algebra amorphous mirror gel had time to wonder

to paraphrase an argument I have made elsewhere,
bogbumpers, ill with young, it is easy to go years
mortar mating puma /prognathous dear stultified living

so full bold cherimoya
from the left side of the hunter’s hat
horned single fell into Fulcanelli's ensnared sconce lickings

Cable loose, quivering, hovering, green bean converted
into Onion, it had a snake
accidentally tied to a Mace

The rainbow expands the hunter’s body
fat man ohming the camel
The greening sweemy

roughly echoes the prism’s arcs while it mimics
verscopula virilumgere triverscopula viridiumgirth
d'viverscupolos pi-tricularth kwon mit tem kil energy

wide flat through the houses
the young celadon
obsidious beak

little animal would
the smallest pittance to magmagnit
science chocks its heel tympanum

touching water is also being
the mouth where must live Chewel
the Supermale had smiles to a chussock patch

lingering cold
he worked in a studio beside
amazing aquariums

Polish, non-key Jelly-Babies Artemis = zenith
against Tropicana amber plates the mask of
ugliest fish in Pala, Imp Elson is cured

beds Phosphorescent faucet twilight
Kahnweiler’s stepdaughter in 1925
impressive columnar bulge, itself

gravity free and the khans remain
Union with fugueface little Muffin is Erasure
cute just before singularity

it fig-fuguerella
circular wall in the the cyclic feet

the rue Blomet. What's my Nommo,
Culture Mermaids swimming
in erect onionskin

Saint Stoner of Beard you see skipper?
larder beetle, ELEPHANT
Chemistry Camera.

gently vacuolic alcove,
bliss possible for them too?
Lapis hornet as parsnips spin parse.

young generation of romantics
who were formed by Cubism but who also
reacted against Jaguar baby the Greek of ghouls

with gibby can only thrash
pure Anti-potential,
and I etc.

alter the terms of the game
sense fin fesslure staircases of
"are controlled by" electroliquid paddle searches

blindly Spring
Lazy X
teeth as white House

is ruled by a thinly disguised bias—
IPOD any thing-taste or top hat boots
dream tiny tubs repeating bath faces

usnakey umcomber live in such glory
Ol' Chem Old the 'S' to springing lack-roat
notches and knots allow touch

tapir to the colored nem
agcess to faces ~are drums
aery of silken, the ancient sun

Vision permits “objectification”
more easily than touch
having cherimoya false scales

horned single be frozen
Skeerkitchet poosh
uptake churlish could be modified

Last sector emblem of pebble drop pondle Popeye-
Jesus using young agaric setting had been a
snake, corresponds to patties' gondwana flashlight party.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parti Pris


Une coupe transversale de coquilles
concentriques extrudé séparés par des
"fromages et de la craie» ou
d'expressions idiomatiques.

Le corps d'une personne, ou partie
de leur esprit peut-être s'intégrer
entre les coquilles, mais la vitesse
de l'extrusion est assez rapide, et
il serait nécessaire de creuser de
vastes quantités de fromage et de
la craie ", ou des renards chocolat
faite avec un étranger" branche emblème
"pour obtenir" là-dedans », comme on dit.

Il existe à grande vitesse hoverbikes
personnels disponibles, mais ils sont
à l'intérieur des lésions sévères
que l'on doit percer avec des outils, et
l'on peut améliorer sa musculature au
point de odoriser opposé toute politique
tendant à obtenir les anti-obnubilating
la perfection afin Unsought par une
personne souhaitant entrer dans celles-ci,
cheesy évidements crayeux. J'imagine
un vagin désincarnée comme une pieuvre
belle exotiques circonscription une roue
Hoverbike-président, et glissant facilement
dans le fromage, peut-être faire encore une
Wheely. Je pense prendre parti est plus facile,
quand on est déjà à plat d'esprit.

A. Paul Weber

A. Paul Weber

Epam Dep

Lango Pi

He gave, some.
Expected NOTHING.
Got a little.

And then probably,
though nobody really cared,
excepting a few relatives
and close associations,
disappeared into

the basic accident
that comprised it all.

Saying, with all commcometant characterisibility,

"Geodeon Fwurittance, Mon Flair Bokwoood.."

Memoirs of the blind - The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins | AAAARG.ORG

Memoirs of the blind - The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins | AAAARG.ORG

Today's Ped Mape

King of the Bungaloos

for G. Sullivan.

Hey Dum Dums, Wake up!

The Almighty King of the Bungaloos is about to speak!

Word. Word. Hibby. Hibby.

Did you get that Dum Dums? He said,

"Word, Word, Hibby, Hibby!"

That means, "The word is heavy, don't F*$K it up!"
Ain't that right, Bucket?

Stocky, Gazoo, Now wrap it up like a bundle a styx,
I gotsta boogi-amo, up onto a higher level..



How about a poem?


Weird Goddess (or God) of Fog Cubes.
(Just Chillin' Especially..)

fog birds swim in the hiss
bus manta diagrammatic wire

children flow
through the street

elegant spatial distribution
of heads like self-authoring

the fog is beautiful,
micro-colloidal, planck-constant,
creamy, atmost spheric.

neo-classical fog temples
come to mind

gorgeous nudes
lifting fog cubes

not to gods
but just playing
with fog cubes
in those

ridiculously beautiful old buildings
that look like porcelain pan-pipes

teach gentleness
with a loud mouth

teach intelligence
without lies
or tethers
or opacities

if you are here
you are in the cult
and should be paid

let's get everybody together

get naked
and play the fog cube

and by naked
I just mean

"whatever makes ya happy"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Ped Mape + Pedanym(s)


another one [2.85Mg]

The Modern Cult of Monuments | AAAARG.ORG

The Modern Cult of Monuments | AAAARG.ORG

Alois Riegl. Nice.



I guess I'm like eating chicken-fried steak,
mash-potatoes and green beans, maybe a salad
with french dressing, and I'm about 7, and
I'm laying on an orange shag carpet
watching a wooden cabinetted Zenith that
has heavy folding retractable shudders
with dangling brass door handles that
look like inverted chess pieces, like
inverted Bishops, or maybe Rooks.

I can remember every nuance of that cabinet.
The stepping regime in the base.
The sort of 'little porch' above the CRT,
but I can't remember the knobs on
the T.V. I really think half the time
I was just sitting there luxuriating
in wood fantasies. I can remember
the color of the wood. The deep brown
glossy grain. That was our first 'good'
T.V. And it lasted until I was in High School,
I think, and then we got another one
and it was in a cabinet too! Always
liked wood. We always had paneled
T.V. Rooms, or "Living Rooms" they
called them, but they were T.V. Rooms.

I can still sing the Mutual of Omaha song
from Wild Kingdom:

Mutual of Omaha IS people,
You can count on when the going's

But now my mind hangs on

Mu, Chew all.
Which I guess means that matter
is a koan that eats you.

Not sure what house I'm remembering,
but I remember watching a show called
Gargoyles, that disturbed me, but then
the room I had at that time was painted
dark purple from the former owners.

That was a weird room.
I think that room sort of freaked me out.
Plus, in that yard there was some kid's
fort already build in behind these big old
Yucca plants and some other junk,
and there was a huge stash of nudist magazines,
not porno, but nudist rags full of families
playing volleyball in the nude, stuff
like that. Ma and Pa camping with
their yaks and oodles hanging out.

I never showed those to anyone,
and I used the space as a sitting
area where I would arrange, and, well,
let's face it, talk to my bubblegum cards.

I talked to my bubblegum cards
and made them into social groups.
Then eventually I met Randy and Ray,
and started getting into movie monsters
and comic books. Thank God.

Later in life, I heard that Randy
had become a male stripper and did
well with it. They had Evil Knievel
on a motorcycle, and we made it do
a lot more than it did on T.V. and
also we would write on our bodies

with tape and sunshine.

Things like:

or just,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Foot Massage.

the icy vague pretense
of the figures
haunts the soave'
of columbia in steppe

terrace on terrace
is filled
with lovely terracotta

mantis beavers
with dorsal peacock

gravity fed
and gravity bred

a coffee-colored land rover
is passing beneath a palm tree
on a lost jellybean world

a snake icon
is smoothly configured
from eggshell

19 tiny chicken embryos
line up inside

the metal hat
of the harquebusier
may also hold
a head of processed soybean
which hides
a chicken with broken neck

a terracotta monster
on a terrace
may give exquisite storage
for Bidens frondosa
or a worm hand cavity
of antagonistical rule
whose froligozene zone
is much like the
neon bell-hammer
of an angry woman

or a thing
like an amoeba of ink
taking the form
of a legless witch-beast
in a glass of water.

the new lost city
needs more terracotta.

More Ped Mape

Ped Mape

Here are the first few frames of my new Poemic, or Abstract Comic, or Asemic Neonarratologism, :), whatever.. I hope to do these pretty regularly, and have created a neat new patented process of 'oblique instrumentalist aleatory drawing' to facilitate my lazy drawing. I love to draw, but I know how and what I can draw, I like this as it feels like I'm discovering some one else's drawings and assembling them, or some such. It feels more like a dowsing and archaeology process. All of the black marks within the frame were once fonts or simple straight black lines made
with the PS line tool.

Environment and Planning: Society and Space Vol.27 Iss.1 2009 - SPECIAL ISSUE The Worlds of Peter Sloterdijk | AAAARG.ORG

Environment and Planning: Society and Space Vol.27 Iss.1 2009 - SPECIAL ISSUE The Worlds of Peter Sloterdijk | AAAARG.ORG

Abstract Comic Series

Wanted to see if a bryce animation frame capture might read like an abstract comic.
It sort of does, but the hand drawn things look more like comics, but what the hey, creative process.


This crushage series Jim Leftwich is doing is pretty interesting. Check it out.

Walter Is Grotesque Theatre Physiology

I could keep replaying that conspiracy,
all the conspiracies I suspect, but
puppets end up being funny

when they're boken.

My neck is broken.
My neck is broken.

Hopalong Cassidy
has bovine gene mutations.

They are limiting my chances

of being another beaked screaching
in a beautiful wreathe of heads
found hanging the gargdens of burabylon
or just gardens of babylon
for those unused to
excessice drawstringth.

By the rivers of the Babylon
where we went down, yay yay yay

'you will think with icons'

yay yay ayay..

you could have been named

Bobo Zodd
and had human blood
you had stolen
pulsing through your
black licorice armor
you brain-breasts
in wintertime.

[that's a poem: brainbreasts in wintertime]

you could have been fitted
with a crystalline panther skull
and given massive doses
of red mushroom paste
to awaken
in an agate stomach of
amethyst furniture people
and wringling their own

geode stomach principles
at you.

When parrots cover my body
snapping at you, and shreiking,
you will know

that Doctor Doolittle

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Theory of Contradiction | AAAARG.ORG

Theory of Contradiction | AAAARG.ORG

Beetle Juice, And the Birth of Cool. (Secret Version)

"The sky blue doughnut inside the purple doughnut
is just the beginning of cool," he said.

For you are like

A snake
hanging from the behind
of an armadillo
warming his head
when the desert
became inhospitable

like the Aegean became
to Hunter S. Thompson

when HE wore the sky-blue armadillo armor
and floated singing near cyclopean stones
hung dangling from a purple toroid.

"Was that the beginning of cool?" He asked
incredulously, almost inhospitably.

"Cool began with an unknown people who came across the water
using parts of aqua colored armored mammals with highlights
of purple."

The aqua-purple combination
is the centriolic force
within cool.

Cool is like a target
like S for Snake
in Hunter Thompson's name.

It's a coral snake
with blue and aqua stripes
crawling across a pancake
and ridden by a lady
with boysenberry hair
working for Gene Roddenberry
in the mid-seventies
and having a few piece of real estate
somewhere in the caribbean
in a place with armadillos.

The Caribbean armadillos are sweet.

They lay in the sun sunning their bellies,
and lepers suckle their magnetic skull nipple arrays
taking out the liquefied pasta
and caper juice
that comes from internal combustion.

These are not the actual lepers,
but lepers of cool, jester monsters
who have been fed on nothing but
liquefied pasta and roast rabbit.

This is something which looks bad
for cool.

Don't spread around
the part about sucking caper sauce
from black skull face nipples.

It doesn't sound good at all.

Just tell them about
Hunter S. Thompson
in an armadillo suit
visiting the Cyclopean ruins
in the Cyclades or whatever
in a big dune buggy
with sky-blue-purple coral snake tires.

Something like Beetlejuice.