Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Old Matcha Rag

fleecy bling packets
manoever the jump blues
scuba polyps

and miniature hula-bots
each inside their own tiny diving bell
make a crown
for your headlessness

jain java
save insects
for marsh

marrow is grrreen
and bone synthetically organized

transparent bones
which support the accepted aparments
called "Charm Foam"

Ike called Lulu
Wisdom skating inside the eyeball domes
He called her that

as she ice-skated on the frozen inner surface
of an immense ice sphere also designed
as a camera obscura, and whose icy surface
was dully phosphorescent


before these green igloos
before meaning in front of

before meaning
before green igloos
with vibrating antlers

those are matcha establishments
and these are

the nights

nights so deeply Ainu,
and bear bear berries too,
and before the oral tradition

flower octopus
you have had your
translucent cephalo-
bulb replaced

with sour green
frankenstein head
whose smell is hidden
by your waggling
fragrant arms

i see you
while at scuba
in my elaborate
dorsal lantern mobile
and bubbly accordion
bustle signal diary

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