Friday, October 9, 2009

Polygnotos is the most ethical of all Satan.

in the copious together
if eye should fie a fig dale bong
not etched glass elevator
entering new directions paperback

a smoke of microscopic pages
give a hollow head
a contour

ah, ah, ahm
distending anatomy's broadcast
as if the narrow and the marrow
could confute confusion

if in suitcases of money
astronaut entering giant stuffed octopi
non-repeating incantazione

a smoke of balcony figs
where in our glass armor
our soft vegetable armor
to enhance our looks and looking
our muscles become brostles
of telescapes

two small capes
cover our eyes
the balconies where our figs
in knots do hold glass flowers
like octopi

a foam of spiders
could exit an astronaut's faceplate
but a smile could wander

in the copious together
our brostles
for new directions

white donkey
in a woven suit
carries an expensive

1 comment:

  1. I know a guy with a Batman cape on his right eye and a Robin cape on his left. His right eye's blind, but his left eye has a bird's-eye view of everything, even when he's on the ground.

    Meanwhile, I was stiiill thinkin...


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