Monday, October 12, 2009

Must Attack Campbell's Bat Soup

foetus toothbrush reindeer
parallelogram exchange

I am not cold toward you
but live in exasperation

when you pass
through gasp

when you hold plastic
foetus toothbrush reindeer
by tiny feet antler handles

when teeth
are apartments of glass
in which we are viewed naked
among the other mouths

storm soldier monocle
storm soldier as in lone insect
against the meteor's breath and mite



If somehow our capital is pooled structurally
and we achieve
porch, drink, conversation, laughter

If we are alone among the sliding doors
of the meta-labyrinth's purposeful paragraphos
the how-sound handing method to the grinding logic
of random after

a flower now called
affect-me-nots may bloom within the special
gravity dampers of the Torii's alpha-lambda sequencer

when the placename erection kit
says "I have lost my grandmother among the mushroom logs.."

"I know she was here a minute ago.."

When gorgeous luminous orange fungus antlers grow from Yorick's
alas poor skull-school, and we in our prosthetic swimming achievements
move up the fish ladder of evolution in our glittering carbon black skeletons
inserted by sonic dream scalpel's gill mated crystal view

earthplastic rendering view
rondelay vue
roundly veiw
the circumstance as kindness' noise
and many harmonic
of various physical circumstances

when the terrible blunt frame of that agent arrives

fulala nostomere
like a curtain of much-watt curtainage goes out to meet the sea-foam
with nary an expectation but the prayer
of hands involved in general ritual

when being is unformed in being
when not-being is unformed in being
in not-being being beingly
when beginning to begin the being of being
when the bean

flat narrow hallway
we shuffle within the green sleeve
pulling our data pod
with lubricated umbilical

when our head is hidden
between two huge luminous legumes
of data storage

then, then
my friend

foetus toothbrush reindeer cellphone
coffee-acidity analyzer

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