Monday, October 19, 2009

Foot Massage.

the icy vague pretense
of the figures
haunts the soave'
of columbia in steppe

terrace on terrace
is filled
with lovely terracotta

mantis beavers
with dorsal peacock

gravity fed
and gravity bred

a coffee-colored land rover
is passing beneath a palm tree
on a lost jellybean world

a snake icon
is smoothly configured
from eggshell

19 tiny chicken embryos
line up inside

the metal hat
of the harquebusier
may also hold
a head of processed soybean
which hides
a chicken with broken neck

a terracotta monster
on a terrace
may give exquisite storage
for Bidens frondosa
or a worm hand cavity
of antagonistical rule
whose froligozene zone
is much like the
neon bell-hammer
of an angry woman

or a thing
like an amoeba of ink
taking the form
of a legless witch-beast
in a glass of water.

the new lost city
needs more terracotta.

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