Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Building In the Shape of a Caffeine Molecule.

A loop of fangs
moves through its scrotum
skein through skin
to begin this again

a brain yam
leisure toward

the school of bridges
woods and weeds

in time
the lots
where junk dwelled
golden junk
through all time
and spasmia

ornery edges
of things
gifted to

nowhere but the dwelling
in the single alone
all those other choices

a clown anchorite
a hallucinating toad
slowing its metabolism
to enter the geode of silence

if this writing
is an absolute alienation
then i am more than up to the task

I will alienate human alienation itself
I will build a blizzard of selves
an armada of inner vistas

I will drown the world
in a gargantuan
amoebic cellphone
of mercury cherubs
whose faces
have been replaced

with luminous pink
mushroom brain lip
fitness centers

areas of odd
balloon chairs
with caffeine drinks

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