Friday, October 30, 2009

perpignan centre du monde (a stoner's ode to stone)

there is a statue of the dying gaul
in the morningside area
of wichita falls texas

it's a privately owned
marble statue
we visited as stoners
skipping from school

in a cool morning
one could sneak up on it
and see it breathing

its translucent marble flesh
filled with something
like azure-colored ichor

is very famous
among the people
of the earth
and is worshipped
as image

it is incomparable

for its durability
and lustrous shine

or was for a very long time

it has a heavy feeling
and a wondrously chameleonic

stoners like stone
like dali enjoyed
the perpignan train station

breathing statues
give blessing
to blessed truants
on their way to
wayward swimming holes
and spring

the flower of mexico
made alveoliscious

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