Friday, October 16, 2009

She Comes From Manitoba With Her Eskimu Phuket

I think it is the best I've ever seen, large
comandial limbrage eschewing total pisknot
where the lover's sulphur shell moved in its
quotidian orbit. Diary Queen. Pi Shoe N.
Fleet inscription finding rogue decibal in inner
word score, nothing to do with grocery stores
on the outside. Fanciful, wonderful grocery stores


Here is a building designed annoyingly like a lettuce
with the heart removed. No easy access, but the oddly
determined compressed spaces make for an interesting
urban climb. The coffee-shop in the exquisite interior
is fanciful. Yes, coffee, but the watermelon juice
is much finer.

There are Fijians in there as well.
And they hang suspended from helium filled
blow-fish skeletons prepared with tiny
electrocuting runes of sea-hair.

An Oklahoma sea-bunny furred with runes
of sea-hair.

"The building" is removed.
The actual reading toward that end of the island.

Nothing left but an absolute and quantum qabbala
a qabalaya on the playa so to speak.

But it's after your "Do me a favor" bit...
Its when the mega-igloo of the north is revealed,

When Richard Sharpe Shaver emerges from the
romanticore manitou pimple on my broke-neck-mountain
and gives you the Thule Society Decoder Brooch,

Its when the Aardvark people arrive in dune buggies
with massive saran wrap dispensers..

It's in the ADMAF, not the BDMAF..

There is a small section in the dream with no brand names
or pop references, but I thought it was too Jean Cocteau
or something.

It turns out received thought forms are kind of funny
if not wholly safe or useful for every ADMAF occasion

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