Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Launching Kangaroo-Head Log Homes Ad

For if I had not been less gentle,
or more available in those twilight days
when the war seemed almost local
though it never really was in our Fiji,
our cantilevered hogon beast out over
the waterfall where the light speed swallows
dashing in unending carelessness like the
sound which came from these hovering pillows
whose secret I will never patent, nor reveal;
and uh; I might never have met Alice
with her one beautiful eye, and her one
big opaque eye which often seemed to me
to be burgeon with foetal penguin.

Yes, there were problems, but the stupidity
of the extreme beauty of the universe saw
fit to teach us a lesson more strange~
like making a sad elegiac plaque mosaic
of various stained pine-nuts, and just
having it be a picture of a pine tree,
and a single word saying:


The Fijian Pine.
It's what we used to build our majestic
cantilevered log-home out over the waterfall
near Bulu lagoon, where nude shriners held
their moonlight cheese-sniffing rituals,
or maybe they were dancing with kangaroos
or some species like a kangaroo, but not now
doing so well, making the shriners look like
horrible monsters for torturing endangered species,
and uh;

Alice would come to the wet weird rock ladder
that led up to our home wearing only a Conestoga
top hat and high-tech haptic synaptic
enhancements for rock-climbing.

Alice would shine.
And fiction would shine.

For at least 10,000 more years, or
as long as the kangaroos held out.

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