Friday, October 30, 2009

A Perfectly Arousing Poem

and centipedes should be avoided, not portrayed
by- fils, or feasties like Boutet de Monvel- sea
unicorn to the angels' war, whose crossed-eyed brain is
not unlike the word EGO inscribed in a Hello's golden ingot,
louche over V, disvisionistically monocerotic, fie, Hans Robert Jauss,
said good old Modernus came about around 500 a.d., but OED,
said OUD, said that it was closer to 600, hodiemus.

and centipedes should be avoided, not portrayed
by- anyone not wearing a squid dress today, Yayoi
following hodad into floating worlds, not unlike the word
OBMOKhu, or UTOPIA, or MITLA, or ZAPOTEC- Good gosh,
what's all the hush in the bush when gdáaaara
the black flame rinses the second sky

gud oud gdáaaara odd
the gold explodes machinegun
raga blanga
a derogatory play on words
doubling itself
der raga tary in
the raging territory
of syn and sign

who says that life
is not as wild as language
or just as ill-defined
in just exactly how it
controls the mind

I am just about to carve a chicken
amidst the rowdy meeting
where strangely enough I hear a violin playing
while I watch one man proffering his visiting card
to another.

duel, or

A fountain in a park.
No people. Sef Alba:

a ndcentipedesshouldbeavoided, n ot
ayedb y
-fils,or f
eastiesli k
eBoutetde M onv el -seaunicorntoth ea
ngels'war, wh os ec
ro ssed-e ye dbr ai
n isnotu nl iket hewordEGOinscr ibed
in aHell o' sgold eningot,loucheove r V,di
sv isioni s tically m on
oc eroti c ,fie,H ansRober t Ja us
s, saidg o odoldM ode rn us
ca meabou ta round5 00a .d .,
bu tOED,s ai dOUD,s aidth atitw a scl os
er to600, ho diemus .andcenti pe d ess ho uld be
av oided , notpor trayedby- any on
en otwea ringasquiddres stoday,Yayo if ollo wi
ng hodad into floatingworl ds,notu
nl iket hew ordOBMOKhu,or UTOPIA ,
or MITL A,orZAPOTEC-G oodgosh,what's allthehush intheb us
hw hen gdáaaarathebla ckf lameri ns
est hes econdskygudou dgdá aaarao dd
the gol dexplodesmac hine gunraga bl
angaad erogatoryp layo nwordsd ou
blingi ts elfderragat aryi ntherag in
gterri toryof syna ndsignw ho
sayst hatli feis notaswi ld
aslan guageor asill-defi n edin justexa ct
lyho wi tcon trolsth em
ind I amju stabout to
ca rveach ickenamidst ther owdymeetin
gw herestrangelyenoughIhe araviolinp la yingw hile
Iw atch onem
an prof feringhis visi
ti ngcardtoanoth er.d
u el ,
o r d


  1. I like your blog! Very Dadaistic. ;o)

  2. I laughed for along time on that postof yours about P. Haggis.

    I didn't know Scientology
    was descended from Mormonism..

    Haw.. What a beautiful rip, man!

    thnx 2!


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