Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Day in the Life of a 7% Solution.

It was at just that moment
as we came up over the rise
in our flying machine that we
caught a glimpse of Holmes
and Watson chasing what looked
to be some kind of agent of
anarchy, some sort of
Lichtabodh Bawdhilairheos
with a wide-brimmed hat and
a scarf wrapped around the mouth.

In hurried precision, the two
master sharp-shooters would
snap to point on one knee in
the old artillery method and
squeeze off a shot, nicking
sometimes the cat-like and
slinky antagoniste who would,
nonetheless, keep moving,
and perhaps even begin to
move a little faster.

At one point, Holmes called Watson
over to his side, "I'm completely fagged.
Give us a shot, Love." To which Watson
replied, "You terrible whore."
"Yes, quite," said Holmes.

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