Monday, October 12, 2009

Dark Forces of Nature

And in that apartment
a fat lady would giggle insanely
as she fucked
then pace for hours
squeaking the ceiling


then i went crazy one night
from her fat assed pacing
my wife losing it too

I took a broom
I clacked and I clonked
and hopped and stomped
and yelled
and finally the psycho cow
went back to bed

my wife said
this world has indigestion
but i was silently crying

as i had bent my knee backwards
being an idiot

only a few more giggle fucks
before she waddled on


  1. Bukowski-esque! I'm surprised: my eyebrows are rubbing my hairline like cat backs.

    Could you write a Post Office-like novel called Gas Man?

  2. Only if you can write one called

    bare-chested dog carrier?


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