Saturday, October 17, 2009

Self-Portrait As An Abstract Comic

I recently picked up Andrei Molotiu's book Abstract Comics, and started following his blog as well, so tonight I attempted a little bunny/duck tribute with this image which I am calling _Self-Portrait as an Abstract Comic_. The weird thing is, Abstract Comics aren't really new. I've collected comic books on and off since the 70's, and I can remember buying comic books specifically because of weird abstractions taking over the usual narrative, but this is really an encouraging trend. I so hope this idea gets going and gets explored in all its wonderful implication, and I hope I can develop some Abstract Comics of my own. Thank you Andrei for a really beautiful book, and some much needed inspiration!


  1. Very cool picture/comic...abstract comics is a neat idea...will check this out and looking forward to seeing (more of) yours...i've kind of dabbled in that myself, not knowing i was...i think?

  2. thanks Tom.. I saw yesterday, something called poemics, which is supposed to be like poems and comics mixed. I think Gary Sullivan was already doing that, but it is a good idea. I mean I like reading poems and comics so why not get them together. but some comics these days are already like weird poems.


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