Friday, October 23, 2009

colored fingers most w/ your crapauds

yes, yes, its tiresome rhetoric of complexity
like the sheen on the bald head of mr. clean
kodiak yule following diet instruction's glyph-towel

to illegal or calyptriform calzoons,
colored fingers most
w/ your crapauds, et beaucoup

Mr. Clean is French,
with bleached
french-fry eye-brows

supposing Ilya Prigogine
People radiation, let's look but
mule combing clouds 'oft of clods

through the tent flap, but the real
doo-wop you dance, are black lines
serbatoio del granchio

Mr. Clean is good gay Clay
with rhetorical Vienese Swannazia
cave of suddenly we in Gurdjieff, sucker!

snake of a list only feel chimes
concreteness of a victim strata
today is vine of you

going trembling bream, way, all
school (skull) in the tablets of
he does for pharaoh) and Bush

world petals come to hush you what
has been yoked either of whom candy
and canings to decide a snake

and daughter’s shame dreams
of sickness eye a flower
a million pink brazen serpents

or Nehushtan porch chairs
fundamental short-circuit
Yeti's confusion

I met them in the pages of
Grand Street, but forgive me
if I'm not ready to become a big mexican.

photonic excrescense is la torsion
doit seul être he’s comingling!
he’s comingling long arbre mort

most revolutionary my love languages
are read from d'humeur, une mousse de
Hadad, Yam tellement peu the ball would fly jabbered

the dog weird drum not
collecting precedents a heterogyne
whose "void lattice" is peace

doctor named of contention
weird drum easily as aardvark
you the shape recessed

until husband of Zeus,
or the optical control ninja awaken

it's all say boy's window novel
patient finished across his
self-supposing fetish

KRSNA crystal man I have evening
I metaphor screen
"dry" contents of no grad-school banners

Zertun. LA ladies have cloying chiaro
we must be one hovering head of samples here
this house of rhetoric is a bitter carnival

Closer. Clarg. So veiled in
Os Mundi loves sound of be,
like hand. Kaden.

towards its global stomach.
gladiators fail, kris veve
dagger some houses slowly thinks.

hand find the sentence environment.
bright green center of a the kernal of
They transfer the chattering epaulets

our tents are woolen gloves
filled o'er liquid sweetness
not through scenography, Lynceus

Mr. Clean, you are diamond ice and Jinger.
Live. They eat brain soap candelabra.
They ask to crawl into the social fabric

As did Walter Brennan
as a non-Mexican
dope-growing Orientalist

Eh, Pepino? My braided Churinga lodge
of cueballs slightly currency. The path
of words has absolutely tissue.

unknown before it perfected harmony, Noli.
I give it 3 green feet, and it spits back
a space station-carousel of bobbing horse-nymph cities.

love Mermen are the first fresh mosh pit
of goddess are parked outside and in we yoking?
[kind ink skeletons packed densely around this area]

This thing is long and
radial tongue through Dostoevsky.
Yuhni. I great heights not in wrath.

stained yellow like teeth
that's consciousness,
like fungal orchids of Amarna filter.

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