Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Long Draught of Red Velvet Coat (WIP)

(gone shopping!)

West in Peace..

If I were to say you were lame,
would it be untrue, exactly?

Red velvet coat
Red velvet coat

Pred atory
Fred astarling

In cougar, there is water.
In mountain, no men, no
women, there is

the strange city of Gavlatt
yields no sweat

It is a globule of interconnecting globules,
and I stress interconnecting, for the globulous
nature of the city is in its determined
kineticism, and bears an almost Lucretian stamp

of roast cornpass

a pair of human corpses are preserved in the heart
of Gavlatt, each sex housed in a gelatin turtle body
cradled in ribs of cold black stone, sequestered beneathe
a luminous dome, the turtle shell cinema that plays
eternally to dead eyes,

eyes that see language
instead of complexity

eyes that see words
instead of divine optic flowers
dreaming a dream inside a blue fig
at once

long dead a trillion years ago.

In the banal aroma of the guard of Gavlatt
one senses a Centurion presence
which holds up

a severed womb
in one hand
and a severed cock
in the other

take this plank across to
Yamba's kitchen

cerignola and fennel meat

his helmet makes him blind
for his helmet is a smooth black stone
through which only his nose penetrates

its mohawk
of tattooing needle syringes

breast feed

the draft
up through the upper throat
rather it feels
located in a certain inner area

cupid swims in
mercury turtle
bath shell sunglass

Anu neo-babyl
Ashur spiral E-temen-an-ki
no face the vesprial swarmagate
marvspiel tukulti

consuavitease mukulti tussle

In its throne mouth the Tukultio
of Gavlatt [no sweat aka fweep]
the red-head amoeba zipper-skull
the magnetized zipper-skull
or corpse puppet idols' fennel headed city
whose bodies are alinee

motween and fufushy leen
'inside turtle'

if cupid = technology / escape
if sky = iron / deflection / poison

stone pipe for spirit coal

if saggy gavlatt talking beagle
is pluroma dragonfly eyeteeth jewelry
In its throne mouth

in its fountain mouth
naked in fennel water
too erotic fushies

'they did not get it together'
for contention
soared 300 foeet hiuigh
the Brewmare of Looish Boonapart ides
exploding brandy knees
auraticum meticulish

Peking Opera x Pornography (Perturbation Theory) =
subset chaodomniom.

we leaf inside doggy opera's brash filtering
chestplate loo verse's

Withe the mere dual movement of two bodies
on a skiff, an entire stretch of river is
brought to life, and the tongue of Tukulti
is sewn back on the stump-jack

Photographes from Varieties 1929.
Tibetan Snake Skull Dancer.
Creep with a tall hat:

The radius of convergence for Sundman's
solution is too small to make possible
the computation of orbits of celestial
bodies, and for that purpose the perturbation
method is usually adopted (Robert + Burton + Orphanage).

Stone washed rice
arriving to
Develop a disturbing function
like Jacobi's Integral
as studied by co-blizzard
white wedding dye job
in also with
Bough Koopman. Hannibal Koons
meeting with Lurch in
Red Velvet coat. In the cupola of
Topological Transformation Groups.

Spiral neon intestine staircase
cion icon
1611. a Taker of Partridges
with a tunnell.
We name our daughter
Wednesday Rainbow Quarles.

And she is Lurch's

The powdered wig
is put upon a doughnut dummy head
for styling.

alarma TB
yet so midgetry
using grape metaphors.
Castilloa Tunu, Hemsley
(N.O. Artocarpaceæ), which yields a
non-elastic caoutchouc
called tunu gum (or tunu).

Wednesday naked
on a red velvet coat.

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