Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If Arc Swee'gill..

the truth be no respectre of persons the distorsion or
writhing of the mouth as a child I was taught the
positions by casting mules like dice in a spinning tub

to the globluer'n klooster of wheels
of slithering is that awfruel imagine
the differance between Besty, now I will

poor material. Skin brown. We are Drakenoorp!
screeched BEtsy Aye, that's stain within
the kiss nose and mouth evocatio

As if blanche. Le soufflet to the whole,
Virgin Mary to a number, we can à la gravity
free enlightened approach, be folded.

Well! Regretful hooknose slob!
me knew how metallic mudcrabs like Taylor
Sancho Duckling. Twins stare at things.

this be absent line generative,
her sad cannot breed us a haunt,
hold two small its Surcease in lace

Woords are grotesques, or distrait.
jingling heiney peut pas for no reason,
gravure is deepest, of which it tang

of coinage phenomenality
by the violin are scattered
metamorphic jade of sleep

more When Athena, like a worm the labyrinth
blanc in Victor Hugo mudcrabs and Betsy

other horse-shit noir I will
Tequila. Blue Mahgreb. White
boy fell in Doors whereby grey

weirdwig D-of-Sneezians:
an Ivy of glad
shape, come in

Six pink things
blue misses inside,
and at an urn of following

crying mini-captive cowering MESS
Yes, dear You-rang-again,
regard fixe which pierces

France, Warhol which just hannahanna.
As you 'abstraction' lava pygmeels
longing, rag beast britches look mot(e)

How weird the clear note in lairs
learning surface. peddlars cut them
la pâte, qui looking from the If stallion

went la craie. Là ferns as water
empty universe all five inside
my synthetic native soul

skull with a high what pudding
is magnets to glyph will pretend
to quickly cut into another,

usually crisp vocalese scattered
part sewing room of h'memeber:
See these bathtub. The bathtub earth

Baldo. chains around the like
chicks which loves the Black
follies flopping blue metallic

Saint Stoner of a blue Can
skull-headed nouveaux are breaking Der Tod
the hunters circle the wiggly tonguey MASK!

what a bonny
strings collapse

woodpecker from the oval to wash.
I may flowering mania Beard Lane
Some Hearts part wolverine

knot in Warm fur creases obviously
into mane shape. for Happiness finds Quixote.
Can we chariot tablets, dehitch task

last toward liknon, the chalk I/You'll notice
can breed us much
Cabbage Heads vers antiques!

What molten thing with my larger telephone.
Boddie screeched empty universe all in
I may peculiar physics wtf is telephone.

Donkeys languages erupt that?
I. B. boundary.
jubbly mouthed face is being avatars

of firmly in goots
I will the oval cabinet.
It meeting. Froth neapus

old rags and signs is balances
an urn whiskey uterus town
isopod is replete with retarded environs

blue. burdens
toward a blue.

Tomorrow. just odd. I little boy fell are
mixed up very strong scilicet even pretend
of the obscene formlessness to blackness

on matchless gurbuggly eloquency
jingling heiney Ralph easier aitch em
I dehitch your stump growths

blankness of heart looks be empty
smiling that we our organic head is passable
we are hillsides horn Michael Jackson?

to which would e-pic-sn sn sn or
looks we are hillsides
The lanky red Earth art architechure bramble are all

majestic drift
chick depend on
hystamerimn of lace plaza.

It is of friction
di-wi-ja photon for Apo," hissed the sheep
Betsy skin was a knot in youthful beauty

stripe Pearls
see idea
les pensers nouveaux sembiotic

That solar ice.
meta-tarstal the tiny chair

on because I
Tropicana amber plates
the line lights a she-pâte'

other jelly statuary
Loord pretend to wash
Martian Cabbage clear note

pygmies of Her holding babies
+ugly = I B pink things shoe
beetle sentences surround.

How weird, they scattered
florrid metamorphic donkey is turned discourse
poor material. banded dawn.

Campesino searching beetle chicks
of I. B. novels written by
the invincible non-solidity

hab. Now, call anyone retarded stone,
Moving within bird will be dilemma
Fountain of stones

obviously the officers beaver snake accidentally
in the mines. be absent dogs of five inside
my other horse-shit beneather your into is knecht

puppies warms another
thinking made Duckling
Great joys lift discourse

canned artisia critical rose.
it, mudcrab that tellurions
hovering green the circle of mane shape.


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