Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poort Stegmont

If I am beat to death
with a black iron model
of the road runner

beep beep zip tang

uTah hovercraft domnion

If I am run over
by a wily coyote
driving a peterbild


meets non-climbing

If the master of the house
is nowhere to be found
no one home

no one not hiding
no one

in heroine underwear
no one hungover
watching tv alone
in a darkened room

no one
no one walking park
walking abstraction
the body

if body is abstracted
then abstraction
is body

if body abstracts nutrient
and nutrient is body's abstraction
absolute destruction

how do we deal
with crunk
crunch or zip tang
the failed genius
of parametrix

not equal

complex design differences
that do not venn

complex draft

artful doggerel
learing at god
for if good love
is a positive

unit takes up unit phrase
inside alternate unit

not seeing self


imagine Galactus as John Merrick
and imagine Galactus' blood
as silver surfer mercury amoebas

being a blood cell
one can never really see or understand
the whole John Merrick

When one is engulfed
in elephant sound
when one is

plaid in the trunk
when one is junk in the trunk
or plaid tonsils doctoring

i am not this gas of organs
i am exactly not
cogito forgoing summer
but perhaps, a

a cornflake boat
cleeps out into the mosh pit
of road runners
and their various kits
and ooshavelsh

poor stigma
your assymptotic totem phrase
is chain of balloon heads

to corona

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