Friday, October 23, 2009

Skiphos Putana

The bright sun
is snowing down
into the laundress
of an enigma

a dirty whore
milks a book
upon a laptop

a negress of Veneto
is rescued
from a foolish violent man
by a choir of hippy ladies

a dirty whore's book has lovely
sun-like nipples that are cooled
in a moon of snow like an ass

a snow ass
called dirty whore
sticks up in Saint Mark's square,
magical ass of many flaky paths

through life,
all is flaky, this shaky-jake
flaky baked nightmare is
gorgeous like a dirty whore

nobody should have besmirched her!
Asshole of Veneto, We hippy ladies
spit on you, and sing sort of corny songs
of freedom or whatever.

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