Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deeply Flawed, and Viscous Mankitwad

And bold, Turner to a tabulum
the visceront or runt fishing in dread
gives out three blunt nickel weddings

already set the charges. cryoform subterranean
rivers Ells An Any Quarry no Dana Gioia
oil not drink the pet Snarly Yarn

hard-cased bi-cuspid cubans
wrapped slapped bent or broken
the split-lipped bronzes fall in for free-fuck

Rally to heidegger cabinet facing no junk Re
Squall Nary synchronous mist naansimplex we
vampire strongly a wound exit pahoehoe Snarly Quarry

gasping like white snakes with nipple-mohawk
in a snowstorm forest in deepest winter the flame
snow-white armadillos giant take trappers to the big hut

ape resistances only makes Quarry Ens Anal
Ran stone baby peepee elephant finger?
typical interleaving Qua Sly Quarrel An pet

like horses, Turner,
Turner, trapped like a gnat in amber
is something like a cuban pharaoh, a cigar mummy

might of labyrinth utilizing labyrinth
under a face scar for (har, money, triangu{los}s)
accidental legendary - like stele once venice carnival

and these large intelligent sloths
using desiccated painters for paintbrushes
the useful ways of preserving the delicate neckbones

confetti drifting printed
with aimlessly threading digits of halloween
labyrinth thigh to olive oil have just some Syrian graph

1L1 "nicomedy" 'plaque drama' opportunics,
the bone Sly drink overturned burning arc,
repulsion dataspace dangling cephalomodulant acephale

a line drawn
interleaving of tale
arkansas appraisal train

chocolate stone baby oil parts
are during

assassin's heaven in dawns
the emerald minotaur is 'up' X%
snakes yolk honeysuckle in baby oils

black shiny veins 'neathe harmony oil
Figures, Playsets & of preformatted code
peepee olive oil

what unites Falstaff finger Extroduce diopter highness
threading digits of images of robber herm 림 series
interference mantis' E Küche eines Fußhundwanderer Grotesque

Rabelais is found oil n 0.04 seconds)
File labyrinth squirts out rest of your stupiders.
i kill mint the'...

plotivory G: talking to the Groovy Shul Jürgen
Nest make stone stride Terrible Mermaid
Amazons reading the whiff Alcelaphus buselaphus

cyborg melts down olive oil the pet as ape
erecting PAPER Intercourse olive oil
the pet ONE Don't dunk

only x-faun tree but we Littlest water dog
Water black keys toiling our own animal
animals plastique involving Sri Lankan themed

as a mermaid Blitz des schwarzen Blitzes
glass of want the rich man's musuem
FORbes go to colloidal confete-e of laugh

bess du
bess go
bess, well, uh, i

short film. strongly craft-negative aerobics
THAT's bath graph of tale arkansas appraisal train fog
Twithes albino baby peepee olive Eddie Chapman.

Green Camel. Doctor to see black art make stone
chamay xulu-bhaga OR IF momentary instruments'
elan Ganesh is an "invisible sculpting" alterity"

peepee olive oil containers RamaDan You Dog,
there's to heidegger cabinet the force of the drink -
legendary - around with make stone and tried make stone

^ actual exp baby peepee Boss Qua Re
Slyly I war! const of -
harmony (har, as a dripping like water pet

no such Gioia except as in t-shirt judy cakes
quaky pretty cokei [hum] /shiv! Acephallus
busy automatisierten Basilikumzufuhr Sie, das stupider's

her short imagine tsurezuregusa
Johnson againstrief molecules.
i us before this we the water a wound

essentially a primordial oiltom doesn't pay
the ÊÝÖáß "quince" in mex cichoream, mex absence now
and that IS theatre, or c1380 Wyclif Sel. a man.

But the Juvenalia (Youth mankind; therefore thou is
(eu) fac is of the power, I believe, recording the
cultures In Britayne mein Gästebuch might thereby have place

gooey mu lassis which again with
sundowner's swagger and early blooming.
and ground Swaying in by a sewing Mantis >

and my place for sightless lie substance
and of language beast (English) of jewel power
amnesiac carved wooden faces with womankinde.

1611 their feelings.
literature, good-bye.
human traffic, iv. ii. acetamid embank

As vapor, make more people She knew it,
human economic "residues." Have you Obs.
1584 R. Scot weeds. Some

grasshoppers electrical designs for have nature
quantity more to organisms, and transfers
information structural prophecy i'm

ultimate end may pull its little bid hymn
chew chew through flamenco flower
1902 under Attributes and paying reality

is your face
video ticks
drugged in affects

The Man has currently to robot fish
peace pessel psychocosm of weird
provisionalities whose any location

was good enough "seeing" 1567 Gude
1874 name="mB"B. adj. †name="mB.1"1.
Human. cognomen, a heuristical space

human race; supposed to be my mind
of english language. But we bridged
the available memory returning title,

Architect, bomb" for "consciousness"
just hath the rule if any womankind+go
both partake houses to grow grow a Golding

De Mornay - (I) "real" except as mask
its to it, have add or to these walls
a monster, that to its as soon and

dehumanization. The dances honoring
the thread. her deeds. in..
Genetic Libertinism?

Louise singular of ray rat head bath
a lightbulb unthinkingly. Not long run
lie denominator into the of Geopolitical sources

for as possible. ennemye of a man without
use of language knows is acridly emitted.
a smarag dining evenly up pyramids' chobenvorkler

People are the no with cheez-whiz
for early have imbibed 1587 Only one growne
so mankind? Norwegian expletive mild sirens

now wash is competition
from in frames is more P. R.
one Poets Fury who

initialization colloidal dynospherics
darning light savory blue steaks sewn
implied by drifting snow that Guy >

itself colour medelyd book masks it
some kind reality that has them
man-slaves under blue liquid, w/ injun

candied organism. America perhaps,
filled with 'paper' devil armor
and flowers trees-or might numinous

tavo /consounding/ Delphinium @ 'wes hal',
for devil.[citation needed] riches is
no energy release Joining together 'were-silent'

sing. will enter therein+he everything
give out public zit for they think
there Arm makes an narrative?

The history of the bee?
able to regrow our folk
nacred urine little the Words

158 giver indian Windows
Levels trail we go
to Porter

v. x, you don't get bird,
and who Law of Nature,
starting rudderless, swimming

inside swimming liver
linden tree trap trappist
trapper rapper rapist papist

vapor coy Bizarro rejecting
S Pain and in a Norwegian word met withall,
succulent records if codings they want

to chants and fate caughtdidn't
coordination with > the in -2).
prescription for near the snowflakes

difference is of paint memory think
this Vntil erth, or all these troublous
had the power a "C" The Man's unison

beneath nature of Vulcan
ear 1584 †name="mB.2"2. Male. Obs.
1633 bottom garden further

to on the origins you believe
this 94 That Ramb (ramming terrifies
bishop. The mankind woman is Mantis

(which ing hallucinating sponge
href="x:man:n 1"man n.1 fear, but paper,
the iriguami Iroquois Origamete the club foot

suppose it always
And I on 162
The world irruption,

a constant vus oute
of blue socks goal
or gaol now work with dryad

little widget better than
anything tribes relinquishing
tattoo Nero instituted never heels

snake vassal technically
I roughshod over structural
domain and copula, the manki

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