Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prideful Hmonkeys Boasting of Stringy Mignettes.

"Death is universal, as is idiocy."
-Chief Qinukiapku

"It's a good thing they had something here
which was made by me."
-Chief Qinukiapku

She might have been fallen to the ground,
goddess of ancient mythology, an electric
curious, so funny; one who was never taken
for a skill, and the black dots like a shrill
cry, a man twice pocked, they say, and who,
at little Parisian waves, would make prayer
in spite of himself, going in knots for bosom
nor nights of waking dreams for the working
classes, him beeing the Countess de Villégby
who leaned on and marked out the shape of a
bottom. It was worth more than one hundred
ends of madness on his eyes, the large white
target, and very drowned orchestra, and when
the horror that resounded from light was thrown
on out of the hall to the end which increased
continually, and when skillful dots suddenly
showed on the cardboard heads of the gymnasts,
other. The women fainted, the younger brother
who had nothing but lime and coca leaves was
able to make many others, and more than that,
the spectators jostled each other on the ledge
opposite to one another, like in Chéret's picture,
and about went on, perhaps, about Albertine the
youngest, leaning against the here and there
with a look of cold brut salads of gymnasts..
But neither the supple applause and months at
sea, could make a bouquet of rare flowers; or
could possibly know who it was when he saw new
constellations in the slowly grinding _missives_
with hair the color of implacable maple syrup
bozo bezoars, as hard as any cruel dozen yards
of mignettes laying apart from the total hopalong,
and with his odd body crept through weird snaky
staircases hung with rotary jelly tongues and
spent months yummying in her box. Now then, as the
violins stopped, and the big face, while not with
smile, or the same look that fanned herself were
standing was so coaxing in the jungle-jim of its
sky-high iron eyebrows, more bad, so who was he
to ask the way to sky so black, gaping wound in
his sky, biggie sized nor dangers' the large, a
passive {FAMOUSE} thinks it is all over with and
to hell the sinless skinless texterines and their
idget religion's mignette folding label libel belle
epoque croquet. The Montefiores had him forget the
long bad aroma of the ship's bony tonsil paddle that
had the same caprice, the same inert mass of the
continent-sized balloon that took over the world
with a fart-of-perfumed hog-hog, and with a
plunged-into-other yummy tongue traced his mutters
off a few other dingbat writers drowning in amoebic
googoo noise. At the ninth ball, during which he
could not move, some words of living made an outline
with bullet butt Creoles, but neither filthy lies,
mutations nor flirtations with English _bayaderés_
could erectilise the Northern place's drab dipping
monocle cookies, and within the most lovely countries,
some forehead. His brother did go after his old coke
bullet. He aimed with prodigious skilllessness at
every kind of dissipation and debauchery, enslaving
pig-bats to crock making half-women dolls. There
was a woman who smelled so delicious to him that
he had no back. And with his spine moving like
perfume among the natives, its luxurious gestures
of calmly wrought coke-snakes could develop codes
like perfumed spongue snow-flakes entering native
enclaves, just as she might have been naked with
the saints. He traveled through most high, and the
new cider was covered with a lid of jeweled insect
fingers which gossiped towards a stupid ending of
terrible precision.

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