Monday, October 26, 2009

My Old Rotten Amygdala

My Amygadala is old and rotten, so
This is Islam criticism calling
Things What They Are: Naomi Klein

Only my amygdala knows for sure
Mandalay hooker brokerage less overt
coercion than old-fashioned military

Plus the Oscars just represent
the viewpoints of some old men
my amygdala has linked

My old semantic memories –
knowledge of objects
It makes me feel relaxed

in my amygdala
All the chairs are full, so those
arriving now are climbing

upon the remnants of an old
walnut orchard bought by a
externalized hybrid amygdala

they can put 25000 torsos
on one of these spools for spare parts
my Amygdala made an infomercial called

We all love each other's
partners, you have to be so cute
when you strike out

Why do you think they charge so much money for it?
My brain still has a record of the time I ate a rotten
ball of fire, Thems chimes what surrounds the tower.

My dirty rooten pooten amygdala is just like
Steve Martin, good at doing Semaphore while standing
in the catbox with a funny wrinkled boot-chin.

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