Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Heiney Lung Cage Is This Grass Fruit

peep peep
ahbilicuppa nafter rinoo
dimple savage greetwink

weep weep cherry chicken cheri
irronium irronium is the life for me
and the sky is falling, fall, hand ail strummer


tiepolo no good, need cheaper itcher acher
bach slow pie, the apples knew and hovered
grim big ball slowing reaching arms out to pinny olea

Ho, Olea! Weird silver castle on wheels of much thashing
you go yougo! Ugo the braid bead head go pray on slithering
stones now yruping yurping glas mispines mitingle paddi

off ofaffa hulaf laughing fear mi knotea olea Ho child
glossy big pags baggy legs du crease lureace sobby
weep my dung blue camel came into heads all wotty one

famibelle its chife does finkle
streets or harbingerell the hand
spiders work a doctrine temporary inclooses the mach

peepee hemp gryllus shudders
wan feeble toast pairs shuttle
in most elegant condominimum, mummers sleep in bells

bogs of toppy
ten fine leer
its gob a bob white haste

now the sample comes to
the engine is griddling up a pampole
real fine dairy airy doodles pween and rick the clicky

PA DANG some southeast - Na pass few
friends to wing glack lighte which is
the shipyards past five pupa gondoliers'

strap-in ghab-rahat / bewilderment ghabrana
electrons flowing in our drim!
get my angel being called Love-at-Home

Fuillage humbug sings of justices' slight
delicate criticises one side, plates are lifted
[pweektapping] w/ two mouse chops under {juxtulunel} machine

jag rahul counterweight of a sea get enuff
slp I had diskics/ges Lyrics [ Mere.come
twolip, To twobarb of the * Heinrich you across

the dandy dendenseeds, smooth yeh Windides/
fluelum velocaelox glomm'd pear, "harbor wave" 2.38%
- gas owlephant owlephant bung their incoherent and

smiled and removed will unite is grief and of
succor to Leiris on dowing gumfoilbe a keyrisk Jab
We don't eat down katatongueia hang toga-vivi.deo.

daisy resemble stubby hairs ... - .. Khai .. finger I swee'
generous tea spots jesus /charles TSEGS DAG
maternal body itself Fushimi posted by solipsis

sentir le savon rising from his privates
canna salvage inny underground weaponry floaties
the tilting wrival one advocate

lesh disc storage who am - .. articulated
it's is whyder, to ... lexical variable's referent,
stone of the my tendons!! G, yega!

Kya na the form ' V's that is 4 u. . transport in
and flower from the governments atid atis apid of
humans. referent I have ... the vine, it?! ... - ..

that and loneliness rich tavern // this will
aux défenseurs de vieilles junc ange revlone
live forever

Yeh guff of the living brain. of o Ikon se:
Taem mi smol burdens upon the mas jamp.
blong Nangol a dog and which comments pertain

inheriting a GMT
i dunnoe hyphenated as re-cover smell
from in French misfortune be passed on


7 to 30 brittle flishes salivary glands
stretch spleen is Hamane Kahon Sime of
the extracellular foam wringing self not a

cut glowering napiform raisen glomming
spy sur mes i shud show honey pupaviolini DANG
... - .. THANX, and resemble tongue.

Lies * linear these beliefs the effect
devrait sembler wide toothless they do
to the succor of ou le build

Ab Gaaaoodprocese (jeklinfoldered)
girders musical {agbeodidke)diagrams
man accompanied padmasana shall be a neighbors doing

what into a inkier domain fruit is cut
glowering napiform raisen glomming
glossy moist {mistinjold} becomes a songemission

above spring of (cordphone) the vehicle arcs the referent,
while Y at 4:08 PM * ah, let DUV52 Ethyl Lactate good pleasure,
hym are greatly in As-a-mine but as the marais.

je peux "harborer ...
lyk butt prism gamboling
go mule baby peepee

Accept an additional referent
leather chapeau laid suffers from
unlike geographic humide et doré

doit machine lyre-harpo elevatic
thought me this poison sad furniture?
thigh gilled fluting from helical Te-he

following steps and nation is rushing
[glacknull] narration crack'd membrane with
top ther papoose logix Sun bunches come away glass

bridge empty isness freia, my for my Life's sake,
neglect no opportunity *its un-plan-ed of a tired
actually..din (sarvagegormwald)

specialized junctions tsunami kids
through EXP00066 EXP04053 lit up not far nor is there much
are black whatever keeps them lions

gory owl butter tellement peu w/
two wore, roots tied of cell to 4
the it transcends literal recordation

inkworpurlating dutta than "a" are
black whatever keeps them lions,
if not your class visited the Soviet adder's tongue

. ... posted (Testing Only) Imbarc (TM)
can`t wait on ivory la boue passing into maple
I'm 1 year old, I will call ho Naaana wan foto

one is therefore a fold troubled nation
garage back across as in gap boy he learned
by two exit 6.9257 posted by inscription's spark

stylus thnks guyz shud b bound,
the young horizontal plane thi
Ho a dog's = careless, white Bamboo de horible shed

i'm soft on radiant
then holey poem
or text in which Art Ensemble * it, the It is hard

arrangement 26
two mallse yoyoyo
hem blong ajivim a blases

retain the Heine
and his langua
is disgrassfruit

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