Monday, October 5, 2009

Angelus Politianus

Objectifying Anti-Objectification
is a really annoying trait of most
of the female dog groomers in
David Cronenberg's film


whose rough corrugated frog hands
have developed fingers with an individual
life, and actually are each a distinct specie
unto themselves.

The 18 Pornosphers of the Ancien Régime
had also followed this dreaded
Objectification of Anti-Objectification
and as a 'remarque fragoniste' had
severed two of the formerly 20 Pornosphers,
the two exceedingly agile and gentle


whose smooth erotic elbow fungus, or pink elbow mushrooms
were invaginated with music and a kind of hallucinating

My elbows' pronous have a feast inflection.
My yest has blown on weasterly to better clydes.
In my yaste and heast, I had sought the mushroom
instead of the blood plug buddha, I had Is'd Ought,
and Oughted Hiss, and with this hissed off the other
sys'ing histers who bothered to broth here.

What is the point to pornography?
What is the point to anti-pornography?
What is the point to philosophy?
What is the point to anti-philosophy?

Does Cupid aim, or do dildose cry


Is FORT MOMMY in a sea of stars, or is it starting to become


Do food stamps hiss?
Why did the parents lay in the nook by the crook
who read no books?

What was there to do that day?
Was there nothing to do but feast?

When the feast was one one of death, suffering, dishonesty,
and woe, was it, in fact, any LESS, of a feast?

When we kill, does the Earth notice, or is it us?
When we violently give birth to new stars
in the night sky through our nuclear terror vehicle dream fantasy
strip-clubs are we


The rubber soul
of whatever it took for
purging simples.

If we are to rid ourselves,
and our private society of the curse
of Melanagorga, should we not
begin by

purging simples upward?

How do we in fact transform, the non-difference
between beauty and cataplasm, to create an
enduring, yet utterly mistaken, populeum, or

who are left
to the sacrifice of laughter,
and the grim god of grins.

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