Wednesday, October 7, 2009


is a hair crown, a
temporal decoration
used for the inner spaces
whose outer silence is
sometimes read
by ladies or men
of the drawing room
as rudeness.

We need something to say,
something to think, or even do.

is a hair crown, a
method of giving
these odd vegetables
of the celestium
something to quod
in the long unglittering
hall, in the architectural
stupor that is boxing with images
called monotaur meets the minimart
among the cranes of the springtime
and sacrificial youth, the wheels
of turquoise whose transparent
tires of inflatable salamander
skin paper roll over, roll over
silence and its improper
who roar, vacuisinart.

Literature is all our mother, all
our terrible sky of wretched flaming
goat heart city gamboling gait of fading
jays, what hart meets a jay in the be loud
clod, what hair crown emits electronic larvae
looking burl ives among the bermuda triangle.

is a har croon, a harpoon,
a cupidical authrodizziact
for coulompulations among
celestiain't apostlicarries.

Stephen King
drooled on a draft.

Weyr Search.
Weyr Search wanton bodies.
Weyr Search wanton fibbinachos.

Glass taco
exhibits a salad
of nudebeast.


  1. i totally grok...up to the glass taco part...think i may have missed the memo.

  2. Transparency is the key
    also think curved surface

    but its a 'shell' image
    more or less


    taco is like a vulgar
    word for vagina
    ie in representamen terms
    the lacanian gap
    or in zen something like
    the mu koan

    which is like
    saying language is empty (transparent)
    but full (nudebeast)

    the nudebeast
    is simply materiality

    but then materiality
    is this weird chimeric
    epi-epi-epiphenomenal thing

    even matter
    rides on some other weird shit
    the quantum foam

    its just sort of like saying
    no matter what


    or it is what it is
    AND ain't

    and taco
    is also tako

    like octopus

    octopus tacos
    are pretty good.

    its a reminder
    to eat well

    maybe even invent
    a transparent

    rice flour taco shell
    and serve seaweed salad
    with octopus
    in a mexi-nipponese restaurant

    with like

    samurai banditos!


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