Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Booger Bobbin

A long booger-like thread
is split into two cats.

One is called

Sheena Emily Dichtung,
and is exceptionally sweet and alluring.

The other is
Thin Lizzie Borders,
and is a fat, axe-murderer cat.

When both are wound onto a thin alabastar spool,
and worn in the complicated facial bobbin network
of the ancient bald egyptian,

a wordless music of "force-paddles"
ensues.. The audience is a group of
mummies knitting their own beards
of yackthread which come lovingly from
their ear-horn chin-cornucopia thimbles.

Monday, December 29, 2008

the movement and power of noble and remorseless time

O Jacopo Robusti!

if they were inflatable puffer
fish any letter feasible for
the amazing negress
whose dolphin pet
more quick
in grey hound dish water
handling peeled ovum
a breast like eye
peers from its coffee-
colored Yorick
the homosexual office park
the crooked double dealing
drainage system
the crass indefatigable
printing heirlooms whose
amazing negress dolphin

the black madonna dolphin
whose stiff short all over man beard
astroturf analog
as if the football helmeted homosexuals
could be used as dishwashing scrubbies

i ask a man
if his biff
was self derived
so cute the answer

pale pink negress skin
in men's motor pools
lacking any coarse arrival times


a zen airport
where crashes are the norm
and landings uncommon

Bilbo Baggins with a raw red scrotum rain slicker
meets Penhead, the lead synobite in the Executive lounge

bulldozers pushing the bodies into pyres
like letters of inflatable astroturf


a naked phoenician jesus stingray is packed
in jellied dishawashing beads ala light-headed
successful negress inside a lexan dolphin projectile

it is a simple test
are you stupid (alive)
or dead (alive)

or alive (pure absolution)

Donny and Marie Osmond with Vulcan ears
have sex in Star Trek outfits
hanging like monkeys in a giant J. Edgar Hova beard
sprinkled with little crumbles
of Gaza Strips and Ranch Style Apocalypso dressing

I ignore the fountain of the real
because it is a bottomless fountain
of hate stupidity and ignorance
or even astroturf and nominal lookout jellies

pippi longstocking and tank girl
cut off my head
but i am an owl
of infinite newts (pure absolution)

Like me, a successful negress
a silent black dolphin
takes its film reels down into the cochlea
of Perfect and Eternal Nemo


enormous and ancient trees
from which tea has flowed
for nearly a millenia
are tended everyday

the news is acid
man is acid
acid is acid (pure absolution)

and space
is the bass

vomit propulsion w/ tintoretto brass

ass arbor
of robot ray say


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paramahamsa Nithyananda | Chaos Theory | Collective Consciousness | Spiritual Singularity

Paramahamsa Nithyananda | Chaos Theory | Collective Consciousness | Spiritual Singularity

No Shit!

poem for n-now..


is an old bum

as snow.

is snow.

The Social Is Chilly.

"Nuff Said.." ~Benjamin Grimm

The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well with its ~frequently obscure or colorful choice. The "series" was undoubtedly intended to introduce readers to new characters from this marvel's further reaches, by way of the more recognizable~

The Thing's gruff, avuncular and pomposity-deflating humours
would straddle a countryside [C&W]...

Tomorrow, again, to define it just so, just sew, justice! Justice, Comrades!
[a microscopic jester allure dreams through vacuoles terrible miasma switchblades, clusters of reordering sisters, transparent revolver caches, faux baby heads filled with computer grapes, "grape-stones" which are part of marijuana "dog unity" and "tent production facilities"]

The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.

An American Architect has traveled to Bangladesh.
An American Architect has traveled to Bangladesh.
An American Architect has traveled to Bangladesh.

The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.

Three of these stripes along this wall are alive with an unknown sentence.

One is of the discrete information related to the nitritional value of tripe.
One is a history of the color red.
One is a diatribe on the lack of diatribes in a world made of diatribes, triaphibes, amblivacodes, etc.

The social project has been going well.
The social project has been going well.

We are the lucky moving cabaret! [GODDAMMIT!]
Most popular hit song is "Alone and Forsaken"..
Tomorrow, again, to define it just so, just sew, justice! Justice, Comrades!

A trash bin is an area of demarcation.
In the 900's in Chile, there was a society that felt at home in its own refuse.
Ruins show, that no refuse was exactly more refusable than any other.



project: description of the Templum of Lamentation.

Two massive parallel rows of hollow steel trees are placed into the ground. Their root systems are all interlinking, and also form the plumbing for the ice-shell system that forms the external shell of the Templum of Lamentation. There is an enormous submerged reservoir which supplies the water, and which is also used in many standard Lamentory rites associated with the deeper levels of the cult.

The refridgeration engines inside the black steel tree columns are powerful. Through careful engineering, the trees are able to emit an icy cavern like structure of water which is only slightly chemically altered, though in no way toxic. This 'durable, structural ice' is made to made to perform much like any sheer or load bearing wall while remaining visually much less uniform.

The pews are extruded forms of colloidal black gelatin carbon; essentially, some partially burned detritus suspended inside an engineered gel medium. There are also inflatable black 'mourning horns' connected to a complicated venturi / acoustic breathing apparatchik which uses the dynamism of thermal polarities to create a continuum of air change modulus which is a necessary fuel for the construction of the Rites of Lamentation.

The Rites of Lamentation involve bringing totemic offerings before the enormous weeping mask fountain complex which forms one part of the Altar of Lamentation. One specific offering is the "heavy forlorn body of the dolphin" which is polished brass, and which, though stiff and metallic gives the feeling of a limp and lifeless form. Inside the dolphin are years of donated tears by thousands of cult members. There is also a special breed of bacteria which is cultivated inside, the species is called the Lacrimae lamentomoria. It is also harvested and sold primarily as a biosurfactant in special industrial applications involving synthetic gemstone production. A procession of shivering naked acolytes smeared in coal ash carries the heavy dolphin to its 'navel of silence'.. a special resonating omphalos of 'loss'.. This world navel site of suffering is a big pilgrimage draw, and is actually a sort of deep cavern complex whose entrance is the 'navel of silence' altar doorway assembly. A full plan of the templum complex is available at the visitor's center.

Ernst Herbeck

Ernst Herbeck's poem Madness
as translated by Gary Sullivan and Oya Ataman. This is one of the best blogs ever done!
In terms of the marginality of the figure, the obscureness of the idiom, and expression, etc.
It is just a cool idea.

Rod Taylor Is Wondering.

The rule of man is so
Marilyn Manson as if
Ranu Mukhergee
had been dry-hopped.

This stew is fading, and the
hopping of any odd Dehli-ite
is fading.

Look, the rule of man,
as if Stellan Skarsgård
would say "Aight" and "Wong"
according to the tradition
inherent in such tings.

The fame of A, of G,
of laborious optic methodia
give the aqueous momentary
safffron ape tassle a faux donkey
upbringing (A Golden Age.).

What can its yule assert, this
hat of water turning
purple, within
the rule of Ranu,
you narr, or
pimping lunar ewe. as if
a were-sheep Siva
were wearing
any sort of Rod Taylor, A
Samurai Rod Taylor Pimp Diplomat,
for instance (with arching water)~
or as if Wayne Koestenbaum
had seen me on Wikipedia
saying, as if any kind of possession
were anything other than one kind
of possession, what?

As if being possessed by wikipedia
were just like any person in Mombai
might have their finger tapping in your chest?

What is an enormous free database
of organized proteomics research
scanned by a frog fetishist?

Do you think 3 drainages have fashioned
something like Marilyn Manson, something
so obviously to do with
the rule, and the ruling
by Ranu?

Rod Taylor is wondering.
And also a possessed deformed
police informant is wondering.

A Fact Totem.

In all male art, I have only
been able to detect 3 ideas,

There is land.
Be nice.
I'm over the shark eating people (ladies).

In all female art, I have only
been able to detect 4 ideas,

Don't drop that box (boy!).
There is land.
When we meet, let's enjoy
dubious inequalities.
I don't understand being "land".

Together, for all of human art,
there are 7 ideas. I do not think
that I could possibly come up
with 7 weird things, or actually
be named Vibgyor.

But Vibgyor was the weird thing Victor
Frankenstein made for Igor. Actually
they conferred upon its construction.
Um, this isn't about the land. (Yikes!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Devonian Paris Hydrogen


That they are wild hissing apes
shot forth from cannons
into the velvet desert
of its San Francisco

There is a shape
in the neighbor's roof
made from melting snow.

There is a sleetingness
more slight
than tangible hairs,
a designer Italian
chair said

'wild hissing apes'
'heavy jade locust projectile'
'tree weapon gondola (in love)'
'weaponized WTF'
'a weaponized deweaponization of WTF'
'a weep upon'

I am weeping over the weaponized hissing apes
now crashed back to earth
in their hammer time hammer tree
weaponized genie pants.

They are pug-like
and ultimately

'weaponized whatever the fook'
Scotch eggs

a baby troll gets deep fried
inside a sausage ovoid
making a kind of 'bones in'
Star Trek repast for Keats,
and Keants and Egg Shelley.

Usually a weaponized, pug-like
Scottish egg will hold about
40 wild hissing apes.

More later
when velvet chocolate
opens its realm
to corporated
of the


Sociobiology Is Condemned. 1976.

Keats, Verily

my thoughts are rekrab hides
behind ORVR and large groups
to leech renown
on a personal level
he is quite terrible
btw here is pug
and its actually
very very cute

Mythic calls this
pugs are cute
but retarded

lol the irony is epic
when you say drama queen
and stooping to my level
last i check you use more
profanity against me
when all i did was call
them out for leaving scens

La vue : un sens majeur.
dans la conduite. Compétences
du Répertoire des connaissances
et des. comportements des
usagers de l’espace routier

On dit dans le même sens
Un air en majeur; passer
du majeur .... Les majeurs,
les ancêtres ou les
prédécesseurs (vieilli en
ce sens).

sea signs change.
seasons clow.

the abword
goes back on you,
major minor (slurp)
or rather (s-loop)

but its ok
true trolls
don't read posts
already know that

1976 would not
get out from under
the high stacks
of pug skin
which is breeding
more Keants / Spider
Humbug poodles
with Ipo
or Doggone

"Heavy Mask Regime"


will they in their
lantern lead
any antenna or
geese toward the
layers of grey
are calm
but technical

the taffy gun
parasol skynet

the unusual
plate machine

only stacking
a few last
pewter dishes

in an enormous
of wish dashing

hiss monsters

Christian Bale
becomes uniformed
in hissing machine trees
of red buxom hiss fruits

which are the moles
of the gods
of the scrabble gods
with lava-colored
letter scrotinis


A rich man's mole
has become an autonomous
chinese madame

of lacquer

a thing with hot-lips
was made from a wart
from the rich man's argil

this is like a dudeen
or tureen
or tagine

only floppier
or 'without gravy career'

O Om-il-letz
let's humm
the amen b-side
where the finale
is set to millions
of rutabegas

or parsnips
i see an entire
of weird amoeba castles
digesting the futurepasts'
pastpatfurutre;s repast few

If i take a tour of lacquerhead's

He hath made me from a mole..

and I am fascist!

Like Bellini
in the Glory
of Il Pape's

sunken alien vampire brisket baby eyes

wrapped in golden diaper foil

evolution is masturbation
the sacred is gorgeously boring
Toulouse Lautrec version painting


Bob Denver
as a nun
with a meerschaum
professor pipe

is folk culture
and death
is couture

I am the mightiest Cuisine
of aye might tie the quaestio..

launching pressed lizard sausages..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Image Enters Another Image.

Beauty is Unplanned, pregnancy.


Gentle Tools.

"Contemporary Gentility"
is a camera on the back of a roach.

"Contemporary Gentility"
is a new small batch bourbon made in Shiga prefecture.

In the compound, a one-legged boy named "Trope"
issues decrees in front of mostly yokai-looking "floppy things"
which have assembled to watch the "Roach Races"..

One lavishly rich old Magnate comes to the races
in a stylized deco-populux roach head hearse pastiche
where on internal TV she watches on-line computer football

The Roaches Versus "Contemporary Gentility"..

I am having a Scotch and Lager,
eating something made of meat, plants, and probably
some processed "off the radar" crustacean..

some primitive specie of proto-shrimp
like the Krell

in whose deep computer dungeon
we dream

gorgon nuclear Ming from
Mongo's boudoir

the skintillating faux leather
padded books

the way the sentences pile up
in Mongoese
the Former torturing the latter
until the brain
is suffocated in its own batter
of blather

like a roach football helmet
with Scotch.

Christmas Porn

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Groovy Age has a great cover available today!

I love when he does these Italian comics in like 4-5 frames.
What a gorgeous piece of cover art! cool!

This one is Zora #150 from 1980

Grand PriXmas, Thunderbird McQueen

The Grand Prix
is Time-Warner's
lattice crock
long-faced velvet


Steve McQueen
is a Thunderbird
bobble-head Chevy
in its airborne

If Anne McCaffrey
were eating calf-fries
nude on the back
of a lizard pegasus
synthesizer deck

my alfaromeo
cockphone's ringtone
would have a "spammer"
in the motorpool

If a Hummer bee-keeper
from Time-Warmer's
motor pool

left off

in the Winter
whose cast was impregnable light
whose angling stage
was the meow of non-cynical
audience chuckling moving
like a fluid
through a sponge
of well-fed pastry
looking only slightly
or haploid dorsal 'flipperesque'

Steve McQueen
does not smoke
with the lingerie-ad

who wears T-shirts
of the cigar-penis-harmonica


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Own Private Virginity

In the cave of the jeweled pupalepus, she
took from me my virginal lock, a locolochialogos
which hung from between the levers of my letter
where I pumped out the story of the damnable
debacle; She took it, and shook it around, a
found rattle whose gauntlet seed plates were arranged
in a fate; I was a thick black tongue of smoke
in vibrating pink porcelain crab-bodices.

The blonde thing wrote roughly
in witch-hazel
upon a squawk
of screeches:

in cave lane
there was a brain
that lived in a baroquely
looming sphere

crusted with putti
in goggles and fins
with ticks on their nipples
a movie begins

tiny sculptural movies
inside transparent tick retort~
nipple friends

in cave lane
there was an ogreus
gorgeous world
whose baroquely
looming sphere
was like a brain
and a caveat
within a teeming
a teeming
of nought

in cave lane
you could drill
and once through
the paper thin membrane
you' dbe drilling
in brain

high-speed seeds
might travel on hooks
down hairs
growing from
a twisting


In the cave of the jeweled pupalepus, she
looked rather fine, and rather crude, and I
felt rather divine, and awfully rude.

We slept.

When we awoke!

:such sparkling sleeping Pharaohs!

ancient pupalepus
from a long sleeping race
began to awake
in this queer forgotten place~

Both of us now
with our virginal locks
in our hands
locologos spread

to see those oddly telescopic ear feelers
of the ancient insect rabbit family

slip between the crystals.

Now our slits
be smoky with fuel
and all of the school
is something
rough and fine

we spray nectar
from the nipples on our leg loom ridges

we have endless blonde locks
from between the levers
of our letters..

Prehistoric Japanese Goblin Shark ALIVE

Monday, December 22, 2008

the quality of the human society is irresistibly exciting theory of atomic structure of atomism in the cloud

Re ru hot concept ga
This item is
還element in
As a former graphic
Quartz crystal in the case
Constitute child
Your actual quality of grid
And substance.
The basic L RI
Distinct signs
To give
For example, in the
The concept of heat

составление, organization, editing, juxtaposition,
and neutral. составлять, compilation, build and form.
составляться, is formed. Glass, a solid appearance,
but the actual substance of the summer season with a
very basic "erase" INBINATAKURO, decorated
artillery attraction, the "eternal" Tung, Satoshi Midori
many new trends, including the posting of the poet,
the central organ of the fruit . ...... My heart into
the hearts of the OSA, arises. Составной, complex,
the structure against atilt "used only to complement
the" tilted, inclined to tilt the spear poised atishoo
People 'for' a haircut barberry Japanese barberry
(with red fruit and acidity make細長KU bush) is done,
adjectives, and so I have some words of God's spiritual
self-PISAMASUBEKU To enter into the power
praying hands in the set,高下organization and is directly
linked to the quality of the human society is irresistibly
exciting theory of atomic structure of atomism in the cloud
(all of the material Elements of the ultimate particles
that are inseparable over the boy's ...... /
"often with a possessive" My son / "often in the plural,"
youth should: "game" one family Up the results of factor
analysis, multi-factor will be composed of intelligence
and intelligence-crystal structure of the liquidity that ......
intelligence on the retina that respond to different wavelengths
of three species of these substances and the assumption
of excitement And the ratio is. ...... Glass-like substance
with the theory that the world consists eve of a panic, it's
important ...... more urgent to build a historical archive,
the national project. NHK's important to have other jobs
to be created in Haiku. So that the color of their hearts
set on a clause in his care for the remains of three people .....
in the body of water by the nano-machine Let the crystallization
of minerals to be completed. Critic-type people, and baseball Nobel Prize.

To verify the distinction
crystal in the crystal lattice
構実rated the quality
requirements polishing a
mature group of substances.
Conception for the
reduction in the second
heat to a feature with
this analogy is BITO
vacant section

A Seasonal Poem from Bob Brueckl.

a loogie for this Yule

succinct syncopations of a nightie
frittering away the inquilinity
of varmint vomit on
my hairy knuckles

foraging for nectar, scavenging
around in my piqued proboscis

baubles of gluons around
a jinxed outline of
gamma-ray bursters

I felt night up around a
fluted carafe of sassafras,
indecomposable star-bursts
on the periphery of white
cimicifuga in a rustic trough

smug seeds snug as they
decay around the metallic
sheen of drooling lug nuts

phlegmy droplets
of mud light in
dead toenails

a rancid
fuck under
a cache-pot

the flakiest huckster's papier-mache
clit coddling the rind of shot-rock

tentacles of a wobbly
weathercock, misshapened
slackness feigning a chaotic
gangrene of glossier amputations
thwarting the furrowed sprockets
of an unfucked pitchfork wholly
flubbing a skewered copse of acacia

sun scald shirking the trifles of crocheters,
mealybugs, cottony swabs of phyllo
potpies infestated with dingy endive:
stippled mango-pelvis imbibing a retro
dragonfly undiluting a spiral ellipse
of plush blips, minuscule tchotchkes,
a bronzy-green magnolia leaf cradling
a bunch of white spider mums, ethereal
cellulite of astilbes and astrantia meringue
on the cartilage of the windowsill: yeasty
blast of blossoming white dogwood, spirea,
and ranunculus with a whiff of fuzzy kangaroo
paws, terra-cotta moss, amaranths, blue
viburnum, hosta, alliums and edamame:
limestone eviscerating the looming taste of bile

my brain's aching
impulses drenched
in the opening of love

inside an
snot as I
unknot it
--Bob BrueckL


I'll gobble your smile
I'll gobble your frown
I'll gobble-you gobble-you gobble-you
I'll barf you up
and spray you around
I'll gobble-you gobble-you gobble-you

WW Possessione




Ghastly and Giant Huge Muppets
March up the streets!

See their dangling feather boots of beets!
See their Ears of wheat-whistles sploshing with WINE!
Goddamn I'll gobble you down so fine!

You'll writhe and clamber
to get out of my hole

But I'll projectile vomit you
into a pie!

Then gobble that down


Gobbling Markets... A Duty..

But who for toys brides hope to have
Fell sick and died, rapt and glad
In her gay prime, what?
In earliest Winter time, a flop;
With the first glazing rime, whoa!
With the first snow-fall of crisp Winter time,
burp! Time is dumb and drunk.. [fuck..]

Till Laura, her nug sack dwindling
Seemed knocking at Death's door:
Then Lizzie weighed no more toot
for Better and worse; (gruesome jesus, it's a first)
But put a silver penny in her kooky purse,
Kissed Laura, crossed the heath with clumps of furze
At twilight, halted by the brook of books with beaks;
And for the first time in her life (as a Russian whore)
Began to listen and look
at architectural porno in gloomy rooms..

See the Canadian War Museum on Acid.

Laughed every goblin (of "affect town")
When they spied her peeping at psycho brix:
Came towards her hobbling like ticks,
Flying, running, leaping,
Puffing and blowing,
Chuckling, clapping, crowing,
Clucking and gobbling,
Mopping and mowing,
good lord what a hush:

Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
Hey Mooch, How's tricks?
(This is what the mess of language did.)

Flipping its coiny lamp-post of lap-dancing
lap-landers of Andean 'anding'..

What thought screwed the pooch,
kid? We must de-link our emotions
from our thoughts, and become
organs, emotions of skin,
moving gazelle-like or penguinish
on a goddamn surface like a Synge.

Odd things happen in organs,
gobbling markets, a duty.

Can you imagine the wax
in an Aztec earcanal?

A Dew Knot's Pavonine Elite

Oh no. I save everything, and damn
what it means! It means something
to ME. Everyday the world is my

and everyday I am Odilon Redon in the park

sketching clouds

clod of a head
friable as goat cheese
in a sharkskin shed

hovering like a hummingbird
in a penny-whistle candy-
brain labyrinth smokling
wyrdoobsynensis in a
candycane hotrod shaped
like a turkish slipper

wheels of licorice bustieres
nobby nipple tires my oohs
and Ozzy Osbornmandianisms

i -put parameciums and
perfume together and get

engines of symphonic bliss

high speed rotary
paddle string strummers
hidden under lapis folds
in crooked resonating
chambres not deleted,
not by a crystalline hair

and thank you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Blank Policy Advisor's Coordinator

What they hate is you
peg-leg Jester
i n a 1 9 6 0 ' s
s a i l i n g
s h i r t [imeltää]

tomorrow the long histy
of ivory will come
to a new cultusk [fulta]

ivory bling tooth
your mother [tunthskaz]

is showing you
its middle finger [pred]

you'll know how clever
beavers are [poilu]

when you get to sniffing
around their prose [dik üçgen]

i've come down off a mountain
just to find these bars
stuffed with lazy
good for nothing people
who gripe about things
they themselves invent [jukbeen]

it's like
here is an apple
when you hold it
what are the two surfaces
made of
that touch? [nosač]

What are they?
And, isn't it great
that's in your life today? [pwani]

It's like
the innocence of substance
is so much prettier
and cleaner
and just more wholesome
than so many self defeating
species of thought
like [uoga]

"or whatever"
i like this skin sac
i like that species of
thought drug etc..
i really find the world too weird
to get that emotionally involved with it

it's just too old and weird
to know what to do
and the people are all
vying for their pies
and mine usually is just brought to me
because I'm weird [weiblich]

i try to be as weird
as the earth itself [jelenleg]

i try to represent
the inner
physical weirdness
of the earth
like a cheerleader would
and also try to let people
know [friabili]

because you have been programmed
to feel those things [اسطوره]

when really
there is a naked
ecstatic line of white hot energetic mystery

the entire history of the earth
is a molten roiling lightning bolt [ἄλγος]

of chaos [ἐπίκουρος]

riven up out of the bowells
of a bizarre indeterminate
mass of noise and combinatory meaning [अपि]

the universe IS a mind
therefore it makes minds [quidem]

it is as simple
and confusing as that [davvero]

and yet
the sky is empty
the room is silent

in sweet languor
the curtains close
on my words
and become
your ohm [fede]

your resistance
to Mi
to eim [meia-noite]

amen aimen eimen
esmer asmer adaestimare
aestimare aesmer esmer [蒸気]

Es Mare' [abur]

The Sea of Is
The Oscene of Suchness [chie-moca]

War Godz of the Beep

as gathered to the native rhythmic turmoil of Queen's _Another One Bites The Dust_

dunt dunt dunt
a dust beast bites your butt
dunt dunt dunt
a dust beast bites your butt

and another one Phuong
and another dun thong
another beast bites yon' bust

Hym galla gumpu gu
another beast writhes in flust
dunt dunt dunt

another beep bites my mush
a dust beast bites your butt
a faux-leaf runs amok
a boat-leak tides your trust

and another thin bong
and another thing wrong

A Wargod bites your beep
dunt dunt dunt
How do you think I'm gonna get along
livin' in a drowned city?

I take all the things that I need
directly from the sea!
Are you ready?
Are you breathin' strange fumes?
Take a bite of these here
Sea Legumes
farmed by Captain Hugh!
dunt dunt dunt

Hey Inbred Hippie seaweed kid!

some seaweed bit my butt
Hey! Humm!
Hym galla gumpu gu
another beast writhes in boobs
dunt dunt dunt

another beep bites my bush
a dust beast bites your butt
A butt beast bribes your bust..

And another bribed bong
and another bribed thong
Another beast writhes in dust!

Creamed Corn Keats Battles Hodad Yeats in Bermuda Sigils

Throw me upon thy Tripod, till the flood
Of stifling members ebbs from my full breast-
enhancements, my nipple-boners gush such
creamy mush...

with unavailing outcries a creamed corn saw
her first descended call, and underneath its colon's
elder-shadow, his hour to shoot-up keat's butter, yeats
awhile in tiara, uprooted any wild heart among nature
with creaming peers: meanwhile love kept unavailing
palm hearts in mystical doodads or outcries alone~

"they is my"
"above all commonness"
"bugs thickly yeatsing hodads" "up with bermudas"
or "orchids-likes-balls"
upon the throne her beauty into my
overweening cream of beauty's
faint chunder, and the cloudy kings
of all things happy with corn.

i am contented, the streets are hanging
paper-flowers from my pleasure's
weird battle gloppy with slope-head corn-
and new post to post, this, because its
fairest dyes, and bees, that pigeons of the old~
cloudy quivering snatch-bong shap'd
and tinted her bitterness with yellow
rivalry's hominy, a garb of fetish ideas~

that empty cassandra in the skies,
that high olympus as utter'd by slavish thighs
still hangs only burning with pains, butter they quietly wanders
laughing and eating her garden googles
bee corn hum in the great arch above
who but awaits my heart-fork's fire and cob and
and crying about pigeons and warm veins
plaqued with placketts rackets ricketts of mirth

i lime-tree flowers; and put away
therefore i know that i have heard the cream
of corny universes fill'd her eyes
and for more adornment, her dearly dongy
with wig's wings, with such a richness that the fart
i have forgot when from the heavens i a full thousand years
did motor in bermuda shorts with floppy dog-like ears
she seven woods cloth down to the knees or seven ironies
in this andrew's weave of holes make their life's sad end;
love pour'd like unicorn cream upon the brass monkey's
cold bald balls each alike with the visage of Vincent Price's Right!


A Cheesy Poem In Kase of Butters

for KSM

I spied a cheese wheel
rising on the rise
and saw that my own form
was like a cheddar thigh

i chattered ill
like mozarella
like sun aloft
or mozart umbrella

a photon is a yellow curd

a bird-like doggy
a pavonine whirrr

a ruck and ruskin
come arolling cheesily
and on young skin
my buttery tongue
goes easily

I spied a cheese wheel
whose will be done
its whill a whipped
or carved cheese run

cheese is also a drug!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Season's Greetings From Jellybean Weirdo...

"Dear God, you made many, many poor people.
I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor.
But it's no great honor either!
So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?"

If I were a Negro,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.
If I were a Negro.
I wouldn't have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy biddy knee,
Yidle-diddle-didle-didle grow.

I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,
Right in the middle of the town.
A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.

I'd fill my yard with chicks and turkeys and geese and ducks
For the town to see and hear.
And each loud "cheep" and "swaqwk" and "honk" and "quack"
Would land like a trumpet on the ear,
As if to say "Here lives a swarthy man."

If I were a Negro,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.
If I were a Negro.
I wouldn't have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy biddy knee,
Yidle-diddle-didle-didle grow.

I see my wife, my Golde, looking like a Negro's wife
With a proper double-chin.
Supervising meals to her heart's delight.
I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock.
Oy, what a happy mood she's in.
Screaming at the servants, day and night.

The most important men in town would come to fawn on me!
They would ask me to advise them,
Like a Shaka Zulu the Wise.
"If you please, Rebel Tease..."
"Pardon me, Rebel Tease..."
Posing problems that would cross a rabbit's eyes!
And it won't make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.
When you're black, they think you really know!

If I were black, I'd have the time that I lack
To sit in the sign-a-gorgue as prey.
And maybe have a seat by the E's stern wail.
And I'd discuss the hottest chicks with well-hung men, several hours every day.
That would be the sweetest thing of all.

If I were a Negro,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.
If I were a swarthy man.
I wouldn't have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy biddy knee,
Yidle-diddle-didle-didle grow.



Hysteria is Weird

So I was walking out of the New York Public Library this evening
after a couple of hours of non-internet enabled writing (it saves me),
when I noticed this long line of teenage and tween girls sitting on the sidewalk.

Their line snaked all the way around the library, around Bryant Park, and
to the subway station. Finally I leaned over and asked one what was going on.

She replied: We're here waiting for the HO-MASSED Brothers. They're
performing tomorrow on Good Morning America.

Me: The Home-Assed Brothers?
She: The Homme Amassed Brew-Thers!
Me: Tomorrow? The Ohm-assed browsers?

[Just then a little light blinked on her nosering, and I saw her nose visibly vibrate]

She: I have to take this..

[I noticed they were all "pregnant" teens and tweens.]

Me to a different girl: Are you Hose amassed here for the Freakonomics conference?
She: [giggling] They're blow up dolls! [she pulls out a big she-male blow-up doll with a huge dick]
She: [smiling blandly] Yes, I have thing inside me that thinks alot.

[Suddenly the whole thing turns into a musical.]
[All the "pregnant" teens and tweens start to sing a strange song]:

The "Pregnant" Line:

When the Ray to the Rick is bright enough and thick.
When the photon's massless mass is fine!
Then will our river revlon rheos come unshtick
and our molecules beocumulyne!

a fat-ass trance of whine! a trance-in-vestments "should" its name!

However the fucking fuel does burn today
it surely is a fire, and burning
sends it on its way!

Hysteria is Weird
Whether Black or Dong or Queer
Whether Childish gruesome or mean

Hysteria is Weird
And Chthulu has a beard
made of shaggy lipstick skeletons in fear..

[It was just at this point that I heard a racket from Bryant park]
[A drug addict had shot a policeman in the face with a can of sillystring.]
[But instead of getting angry, the policeman burst into song that sounded like a police siren.]

The Policeman: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[I thought perhaps a movie was going on so I naturally was drawn across the way.]

A little boy in a rubber Charles Manson Halloween mask came bounding up to me
with some handbills and handed one, me:

Now is the Vinter of our Discount Event,
Made glorious Sumer by this Song of Porky:
And all the louts that lowr'd vpon our hose
In the deepe bosome-enhancements of the Dozens buried.
Now are our browsers bound with Victorian Wreathlets,
Our bruised armes hung vp for Junky Monuments;
Our sterno Alarums chang'd to merry Meetings with Inscrutable men;
Our dreadfull Marches, to delight a Measureless vastness appealing or what?
Grim-visag'd Warren, what hath smooth'd his wrinkled Frontpage:
And now, in stead of mounting Barbi Steeds,
To fright the Soules of fearfull Americanos,
He capers nimbly in a Ladies Chamber Orchestra,
To the lasciuious pleasing of a loutish Lute.
But I, that am not shap'd for sportiue trickes,
Nor made to court an amorous-looking paste:
I, that am Rudely stompt, and wantly loves Magesty,
To strut before a won-ton ampling Nymphbot:
I, that am curtail'd of this faire Production's energeum,
Cheated of fine feature by a dissembling Knoture of noggins,
Deform'd, vn-finish'd, sent before my time to Crapp's ward to bruggin'
Into this breathing wilthy World, scarse halfe made vp, a dingy dinghy
And that so lamely and vnfashionable, no transformer purse or pussy-horse
That dogges barke at me, as I halt by them in weird splendor

[Just then a huge feathered dog took me up in his maw.]
[And just before he gulped me down, I saw to my sweet surprise~

Many cherished Winter Robins in a leafless Crabapple tree
making haste to feed on those chilly golden and miniature repasts..]

I said to myself then.. All is Rhetoric, emblem, because the word does not lie
and is indeed God, to wit:


is what

The Ray did to the Rick.

[to feed those poor Robins on this Winter day.]


Friday, December 19, 2008

Baked Schlupping Hookus

a half-amoeba laptop tiara
idly flicked a bloodbooger
into a blind werepoodle's
associative disorder cartel

a foaming nihilist ranch-style stud-hotel
got baked with
an italian paramecium calk-walk proto-form
who said 'leper-amoeba-nose-phone'

a hotty black cellphone lepramecium
took her magic ringtone
from its prepuce cartel's hideout dojo
thumb drive latte'

a mini-me doctor evil hybrid nosering cellphone
was really stoned in a truck

a half-baked blind amoeba werepoodle's
leper froth frappe'
had sex with a mostly baked ringtone umbrella coproration

a coprolite employment agency
discussed variable rongtone vulvalina
with a mossback hobo dong camper amoeba cartel
snake-charmer holo

a disturbed nosering kitten amoeba laptop
took out its Bella Lugosi corpse toy
and gave it to a Mercedes style kitten-replacement
dong manager in a totally baked truck

A totally half-stoned bread truck ringtone
said 'nihilist grandeur not latte'
a laptop paramecium downloaded a coffee bean

two illegal hobo ringtone options traders
took mescaline by a train track latte' dispenser
when suddenly a jellydong laptop cartel's nosering
offered them a new ringtone golem analizer
with steam milk-mister nipples

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Glog, Nes Chithni, Labia Snail City Pearl

and the orange, pearl-like cities
come up through the slits in her
up-turned palms

come up slowly
on collapsing elevators
the orange, ornate and rugged

tisa with balcony
tisa with window
tisa with diving board
and transparent sex horn lookout

the pearl-like cities
come up through silly stigmatic
stag stage eyeball slits

opsibian grasshopper horn knives
have cut this
gnostic goiter bell

lava of many colors has been extruded
through old goddesses vaginas
old god's cunts
old dream's pricks
and whistles
thick with blue foot

i know your people
the erogenous ridge
that makes a ring
the twin rows of orifices
where the larvae
pull their sticky bubble hats
from tricky genital lyres

the large beast
would enter
a "hallucinating"
entering coarsely
through "breast-buccal"
prepuce snails

Kokua's Liver was Hurting Badly

Uncle Flotsamoa wrote:

It could be so weird hearing Freddy Francis
reading Robert Louis Stevenson in Tongan,
as if you'd stumbled into Roussel's garage
to catch him giving some young mechanic head.

I paused in morphine, a show I had not expected
with metallic pillows played by RF coat hangers,
a whole tile if bed were tile, if pillow

were Robert
now dead in Tonga
so weird to see
its little red roadster
clear the edge of the cliff

knowing no one especially
was like death
so death seemed very plain
congenial even
something actually owned

If you start with a sentence,
you find that the irony ends right there,
or maybe if pillow

were Freddy
some film buddies
finally unlock the old crate
what Lem Tall Moa left

Bottle Imps
or if entropy
was 'Emare''

In Freddy's nightmare
it could be calimari
or calimari in a nighty
dragging him deeper
where the roadster of its personal and complementary
or "continental death" seemed very plain
something actually tile
especially cliff (or energy bar among the horrors)
or not worry she's in morphine with the bottle
that thick lion-hide vest that Lem wears
when he jokes in Oromo (the Lion's mane now his collar proudly takes morphine.)

qabda 'you have'
dhugda 'you drink'
barra 'we learn'
galla 'we enter'

Reading Stephenson's _The Bottle Imp_, or in Tongan
O Le Fagu Aitu, I noticed its connection to Locus Solus,
but really ff you start with a sentence, like


a red holoku, no greater than a fly,
this underwater skin mask of a dead man

something hideous (mechanical pearl jyssop)
looked out of the bottle

Keawe noticed Freddy Francis there in the bright house
eating the thigh
of a young girl, a red roadster with pillows, tiled
in its calimari nighty

"It is not jinxing.."

Roasting qabda John Hurt
with her casket or white fur remix violin (philodoe)

RLS (Released)
1984 in Vailima
por "U"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uncle Flotsam, and Aunt Werubu

toyescent tomb
tumescent tome

beam ought
be mot(ley)


a light roux is started:

a metagenomics nipple-phone latte'
has a blog called _notes from a laptop fitness boutique_
in which sekitani-esque ichor-bodied
ichabodhi baudelaire skin golem replicants
are tortured until they erupt into conflagrations of
boiling manga nipple extrusion collateral underwriter ateliers
housing mutant labial reduction blue tooth earcanal vaginose-gnosis

also a clockwork orange mescalito milk bar baristo gynoborg hobot
learns to shake its money-maker from an actual mita brand
post-singularity copy machine brothel madame cellphone dildo tusk composer
whose orange raul julius caesar salad on-line shtick twaddle frappe'
looks good as a S.W.A.T. remake bio-velour spider-donkey nipple spray deterrent

but just then the phone rings,

Minnie Pearl is a thin icicle becomes a lobotomy in my head
which is an equation:

Lobo does candy CRUE: @ threeve to Oh MY! = slo mo craniofacial impact

of iron pear

the skull accellerates trailing lapis lazuli tooth fragment
pieces of quilted damask and part of the damascene fwiribbulensing

which in a sense was like moving for days in a labyrinth of ecstatic foam bubgulature

a goat thing whose head was like a burr
would come out and electrocute someone
the erotic noise

of the sandals (gape nine modag)
on returning
valium ice plaques

launching flexi-rods
at the spreading noogoo(me)
"nothing writing"

My Star Trek Scrapbook: First Run Candid Pics

My Star Trek Scrapbook: First Run Candid Pics

Check out Nimoy's peace-sign medallion!

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Moron Boner Jokes

save this boner hat, it might be your last..

a moron boner saw a hat
and thought it was a boner's
moronic scheme

a dead boner ate a hat
because a moron gave
it a boner

a dead boner
wore a hat
to its own funeral

a dead funeral
had a boner
when it saw
the lovely moron's

a lively dead boner hat
gave a moron
a free funeral
wihich achieved erection
despite its moronic
boner which had been

a moronic boner told a hat joke
in front of a bunch of dead morons
which had boners hidden by their
hats which were also dead boners

a dead boner's hat
gave a moron
a joke erection funeral

a dead funeral
had a lovely hat's

a big fat boner
had a big fat greek
boner hat's moron
joke funeral

a jokey funeral director
gave a hat to a bonerfide
moron's hat joke collector

a dead hat
had a boner
for a moron

a big boner
wished for a hat
during the rainy funeral
of the dead moron's

a hotty ass-frankenstein's spaghetti-factory knock-off purse

for Bernie Madoff's labile cock-smooching tribune
of pouncey lion laptop nipple-ring schematics

a neo-nipple-holic bedtime securitization ale
uploaded a ringtone yeast modulator with its
vagina nosering fitness center's laptop piñata-yacht's
pin-number generator, yeah!

this caused an escalation in a 5th world massively parallel
multi-player gomi-gaming-gamete cartel's next-tel chirp
morphology collection's succubus tribune allocation vector
hectoring hekyll and adjectile rejectomorphosis, yeah!

which was seen to be the fault of a pair of autonomous
twin venusian twinkie bots whose cross-platform avatarial
cellphone corporation analogues had long since ceased making
claims to other rip-off chinese clone nipple-ring service-station
condom dispenser moguls' heart code ring-tone muzak sub-species
copy-wronged black lung lingerie parameciums, yeah!

a turkistani steve martin lookalike entered a mexican juju deli
wearing nothing but a piñata-yacht's cellphone's epiphanic
lipstick panties whose google search bar had been disabled
by arab tong pastry chef tricksters with river patrol head-lice
nipples in john cleese bronson branson goofy desk chase scenes
with neon amoeba hotel sign amoebience, yeah!

a neo-nipple-holic simpering homeric boner medium
stuck its securitization bale-out faux-boner foe
in an empty stock platform's noseringhole's
keynesian swillery chia-pet monocle's
afterbirth amoeba paddles, yeah!

a UFO wore a nosering
whose cellphone was a hotty ass-frankenstein's
spaghetti-factory knock-off purse's
martini boner ponzi scheme's mascara boutique,

Jellybean Weirdo Self-Promotion!

A. a jellybean weirdo
thinks about a crooked stick.

J. a jellybean weirdo
looks lovingly at murgklefipwanax.

E. a jellybean weirdo
pust a sabana though a ttttteeeeeeeweeeee pishohn!

L. a jellybean weirdo
is the sauve day bone heir of GOGIU MCJABANUTS!

L. a jellybean weirdo

Y. a jellybean weirdo
takes the tonsil with the briarose.

B. a jellybean weirdo
is SUV potential whambalaam.

E. a jellybean weirdo
cannot nazi a nazi in a noughtsie nightie NIGHTY!

A. a jellybean weirdo
has buggy innards and ORGAN SPEAACKCHES!

N. a jellybean weirdo

W. a jellybean weirdo
is invading your wawa pedal..

E. a jellybean weirdo(s)

I. a jellybean weirdo(z)

R. a jellybean weirdo(se)

D. a jellybean weirdo(es)

O. a jellybean weirdo
does your mother.


Captain Nemo of the cocaine trade - Boing Boing

Captain Nemo of the cocaine trade - Boing Boing

Darkside maker Enrique Portocarrero of Colombia is alleged to have designed and built up to 20 fiberglass submarines for transporting cocaine.

"He had a marvelous criminal vision," Colombian navy Capt. Luis German Borrero said. "He introduced innovations such as a bow that produced very little wake, a conning tower that rises only a foot above the water and a valve system that enables the crew to scuttle the sub in 10 minutes. He is very ingenious."

Indigenous assholes


The only actual 'political event' in the universe at this time is giving birth.
All bad things in the world, and all good things, both stem from birth,
therefore birth is the only political thing that exists, period. Not only
birth, but everything that comes before and after every birth.

The etymological history is not clear; tangle cannot have come down
from ON., because ON. þ remains in Sc. and Eng. as th: cf. Thurso,
Thorpe, Thwaite, Thoresby, etc.; it must therefore either have spread
south from Orkney and Shetland, where ON. þ had become t, or be a
later adoption from Norwegian or other lang. having t for ON. þ.

(The name 'tangle' is not mentioned among the Algæ in Lightfoot's Flora Scotica, 1778.)

I tried to get off my bicycle, but my foot had become entangled
in ancient Greece. More specifically, in ancient Athens, where
EVERYONE was expected to be political. I 'mean' everyone, but
really I just mean 'men'. Men are giving birth to women, and women's
experience gets entangled in my ancient Greek bicycle.

"BaBaa's balaclava helmet and woolly muffler were flaked with white mowen."

The only 'actual' political bicycle is my Bach lava.

My Bach lava is fast, etude fast.
My Bach lava is lean, sizzle lean.
My lava Bach is political, ape of little cul.
K is amoon. [GIVE ME CRACK!]

maUT múþ muth mudh moth mouþe mouthþ
mouht mothe mwtht mowthe mougth mought
muthe mouth. múþ mûth mund mond müth
müt müs mûth mont mond munt mond mod
mund mascON munnr money muðr munþs
munþoz mentum chin chinese "easy niche"

Amun Raw.
In my Vasoline bicycle Greece, there is a chain of Being.
The chain of being goes up my ass and out my mouth, as in


The only actual Patanjali is from the 'stem' of yoga.
Where the grease meets the Che'...

Guava Guera?

Mmmmmmm. Greece my cul...

Psidium guajava

Acid City Guaja:

The Guajá are an Indian tribe in the state of Maranhão, Brazil.
There are around 250-300 contacted Guaja today. About 50
remain uncontacted. The Guajá live mostly on Terra Indigena Caru,
Terra Indigena Alto Turiaçu, Terra Indigena Awá and
Terra Indigena Araribóia.

Also, we can make a metaphor out of these greasy earth natives:

The humans are an independent tribe in a state of Whateverthefuckitis, Frazzil'd.
There are about 200 weird notional natial states of paper organism bugs

as in 'buggy software' or 'identity politics'
or just simply 'stupid compared to the universe's size'

I have a bicycle, but in Greece,

there are black Satyr Gunfighters
hanging out with Villon's ghost.

Think of Patanjali
inside a hot whale rectum
decorated like Siva's
crystalline machine-geode underarms

think of guava bats
making 'pepper guano doggies'
or as if chromed black soap bubbles
could dance like Ray Bolger
dressed like an indigenous ass-hole.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PANDA PANDA PANDA: (William Carlos Williams) Gnawing Bones In New Delhi

PANDA PANDA PANDA: (William Carlos Williams) Gnawing Bones In New Delhi

Heaped Tyro Rutty

Pothead tyre yurt, yo, universal rule,
Why ache a wooly sunbeam yip-hewn?
The Wire-yeti who labels "Oh Tut," as
Conked lithium's freebees goes "elf prom,"
But a lea-yam drys a counseled torso with
A genteel illusory moo-noun, and
A webbed rheumy mitt, or Cnidarian ahem.
Oh, I will hug you close and weary, yung-puke

a faux-anagram (faux-nogram) of Thomas Shadwell's _Dear Pretty Youth_

The Abnormal Sun Lute of My Divine Ego.

I do not agree with any criticism of any poetry.

Ide noo dot toggle ray's width surety's tic
in my spinal movement's poor E-tree.

Idle noose, mind whose several usages
are known quite well:

"I stand above all of you
as the purest viritoyoso of whizzdomb
this biosingularity has ever seen."

Diogenes? A rock compared to me.
The combined poets, and philosophers
of the ages? Hollow gourds. The great
scientists, industrialists, and military leaders?
Odd alien tools for an infinite surface,
infinitely smooth, and infinitely post-
or-pre-valued by what matters my host.

I am the only human being
who has discerned the meaning
of reality in over a hundred million

In your idiot's way, you will know the poem,
but you will never know with what grace that
John Merrick was able to replace Apollo
that odd day in December on Mount Olympus:

Zeus had appeared in the tribune or cabinet
of Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, to find
young John washing carbonized rabbit skulls
in a large crystalline basin mounted on a hovering
platform powered by butterflies whose wingtips
would just brush past the delicated strings
of miniature crystal virolins abscribed into the
suraface of the basin.

"My Good fellow!" cried Zeus. "You must come to Olympus
to replace this awful Jackasss of a god, Apollo!"
"But I must stay here in Strawberry hill, Middlesex, to
give my survices to good Sir Horace who will preserve me!"
said John. "Look here good boy, I am Zeus, and you shall
know my inivitation is LAW.." said Zeus, whereupon Zeus
gave John a 10 second experience of himself without malady.

John trembles.
Zeus Chuckles.

A small owl-headed "completely feathered" snake suddenly
came forth from Zeus eyesocket and spoke to John secretly
whilst Zeus was viewing the Viritoyoso's tribunificence..

Let him make you into one of his new "transformer series"..
You could shod bick clod mi bough. Like Thomas Shadwell.

Suddenly Zeus began to cry out loudly:

I am Saint Nicholas Gimcrack!
I am Saint Nicholas, Give me Crack!


John Evelyn's cork breasts
were not amused.

But an all deforming, performing, informing, unforming, conforming, preforming light
invaded everything, insuring that I

understood ALL.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here is The Mole Network of Ali Baba Ganesha

Instead of nipples, the theory doll
had self-promoting nævi, whose
wily rondure and rustic mahogany charm
were unbridled legislations of the other's

These nipmoles were also the branching,
and capillaric hideouts of bandit amoeba
mutant corn breeders. I have a memory
of a boy's bad breath from 9th grade.

Purple branching speckle corn
is fitted into a cork cadelabra nipple brazier.

An amoeba bandit scientist comes out of his
nipmole ali baba laboratory to serve me
some hot buttered corn, and corn pads,
and corn filled sanitary paddles.

One 9th grade corn amoeba paddle scientist
I know now has coffee nipple mole mose's horn mistakes
written into his DNA

If you will notice, human reality has coded its own secret meaning
right into the suit's label.

Survey says!

Dys-Lexus brand DNA is AND, and NAD.

In a neural coffee-patch, the and is the continuum, and the nad is the nascence,
and the DENIAL, or DINNER is palpable, ie, able to be palped.

A few priests of Maya Deren come up to me with chaotic Indian corn helmets.

One of them says, "I am self-promoting."
The other says, "I am against self-promotion, but L'il Baba is my friend.."

"L'il Baba has the corn disease."
He caughth the disease from "Baba Lill," a faux-Jewess
self-promoting nævi in the mode of a Maupassant
sanitary paddle amoeba bandit.

Once you enter the networking trails of Ali Baba
and his forty Teens..


DNA NADS hang like tridents of purple corn
Maya Deren is in there self-congatrulating YOU..

We are all the same shit
in a weirdo VACUUM HELL..

How many times do I have to
show you my coffee sponge labia moles?

Eh, Annie Oakley?

Endo Brand Maharaja

"Turd gem detergent,"
The kingly nicht would nod
to the heroine Nico teen, its
adam's apple elevator tetes
taking pharaoh timmy's
leering mommy towards
the logotaxic interface
of ento and etym, where a
sponge-like coffee mole
had preceded them.

Endo, a type of bicycle
accident in zen jodhpurs,
the maharaja's turd gem
detergent stunograph,
the knight of 9 different
palsying worm flowers.
No stock reports are available
in the pilgimage sacs of the
annelide highway, but also
there are no reports of any kind
where the pasha sits in its pillow
before the enormous peacock
stained glass window tail
whose object is memlute thusly:


or mostly calibration's caliban,
coffee sponge-mole be dammed.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sanka Clause Kinski is boning
a young coffee-colored Hessian reindeer hussy
named Rudolphina Hesse whose bright red
adolescent's alcohol clown nose is
the wallpaper for my Iphone,
the loneliest Iphone in the world.

Nobody calls the Iphone.
I don't have any ringtones.
Since becoming so "Christmas gay and poor"
I have to drink Sanka.

I order a Sanka ringtone, a hot cellphone bj
I hear nothing but a long explanation about
the origins of dynamic biological patinas on platonic solids.

I meet a sick plastic surgeon
in a Kinski.net chat space called "Abombinable Snowflake"
who offers to install a coffee filtering system into my urinary tract
so i can save money by making PP SANKA
in my Fred Flintstone Vitamin coffee cup head.

My cellphone wallet
gets lifted at the trainstation
but all the thief finds
is polaroids of Sanka Klaus Kinski
rubbing his old Ricket Elf Labia
over adolescent alcoholic clown noses.

I find a piece of cheery holiday elf burlap
in my sanka cannister, holding a tiny aborted
reindeer prostitute's cellphone snowflake
wrapped in a pleated anarchist greek man-skirt
once used for a coffee filter from a time before
the great Sanka depression of 2009.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Regan MacNeil's Gurgling Wonderwoman Breasts

He listens to them,
When they rushle, flosh,
or bagomple.

"Wlatgithpuug birrilirriwlup."
OMG! did you hear that?
Jumjumbags of cranial jellybean aslosh!
Must be at least 40 skulls
in each of its
owl bull head breasts.

My tits turn their heads around
looking eery like cellphone tower
Tarsiers draped in old issues
of International Caffeine Abuse.

Some Igorot cellbean
phonephreak pharmers
come out from their
lean-to condos holding up
Boolean bubble-blowers
and dingaling shoe-strings,
but my Tarsier head-breasts
have just become
a coccoon of zigzagging
telescopic cheliped caraffes.

They start chirping me,
so I project an image of
Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil
hanging from a cellphone tower
with an Owl Tarsier Boner
eating jellybeans
from her fliptop
demon skull satellite phone.

Smokey Robison's Breast Positioning Satellite

It can now be told
through Sheriff Will Robinson's
siamese titty head, a pork-bra
teasing tale of native
coffee bean pickers, that
the Smokey Robinson Familia
bra held 2 Iphones,
2 Mochachino
and 2 Nokia
detectors as well as
a latte' BPS.

A pork bra teases
the breast-positioning satellite.

Thou art more
erimous than Artemus.
In the rectification
of many jiggles, there are
made, one j0iggle, unto ergoddity
but more holy, like an Iphallus
made of ice-cream-corn
Sheriff Bras with pork latte' loaf.

When Tina Turner pangolins
wear pork Sherriff bra
knock-knockers, you
know the Siamese coffee
bean's gyroscope will
have found its own little
"Professor Smith" campesino
nipple casino next-tel chirper
chapter rugae-menth.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All The Beauty No Matter What, Striatamyria

I'd prefer to never visit the Isle of Noise
without all of my ninja body coat flies
and their thighs

furred in schitzopodal cocktail onions

is all the same place

and kind of dumpy

I would be some kind of Pasha
or a gangster in Russia
but being an american laborer
writing poetry
is about like being

a sugar daddy wrapper
in a 7-11 parking lot
under a piece of a 40 oz
held together by
the machine label

last night i watched FRINGE
on fox
about a human cellphone

some wack had his skull drilled
and helped the team out
team all pretty with freckles
but the fat fuck with the antenna
is let go after one episode

this was the closest thing i have ever seen
on network tv
to Shakespeare or Dostoevsky

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A Gynoborg Gericault painted medusan mead usin' rafts,
I paint the amoeba couture natives' traditional hottub
hoodoo doodad adders in a flash

Johnny Cash Seed King Author Ash, with flagellariat sash

O amoeba syntaur saddle black lights

why have you illumined a transparent cave Jewess's
palpitating nipple bong organs, whose
lapidary latte' dairy diary
is splashing on my enemaculate papyri-haggis sail clothe

also called floppy frappe' lappe'
whose foaming labial breast-enhancements
surely can offer

telekinetic bent spoon proselytizers
in 21st century poetics boner dyssentary

I have seen cities no wider than a single hair here..
I have seen nipple boner bong amoebas do straight whiskey
through thigh high snuff cam friend's lists
made from actuarial star jade officer obits

The hairy son of ford
is the wookie in the cookie
soylent tom green
is yorkies

made into a pie
by Vincent Price
with one big eye

Cyclops Poe
with opium pipe organ beard securitization portfolio


Graphic novel about phone phreak history - Boing Boing

Graphic novel about phone phreak history - Boing Boing

Monday, December 8, 2008

Formula One Hungarian Sheepskin Starbucks

Lafcadio Brain Hearnia
was taking his usual
naga nipple amoeba mocha
one morning,
when it occured to him;
why not simply sell
psyllicybermocha maca
~ keep on truckin'~
nicoteen porn tissue patches
to crotchless Albanian
amoeba Mooney
beautician chimeras?

A Mexican high-schnapps-court
dojo fitness judge accidently
overheard this, and used it
as a spam forwarding cover
for his Montserrat Offentlig sak
McNipple wrangling cartel-
brief securitization condom
dessert's breast enhancement's
formula one F'errari-rappochino..

Later, Lafcadio found a flimspam
amoeba help-line lodged in his
Norton BSA Bovinividi Spongiform
Ensethalopalepus owner's manual's
triumphantly phony seltzer sub-frappe'
ringtone itinerary's ghost story soiree,
in which there were in fact,
no grande' crotchless grandee-
Mooney mayoral sidecars
or Albanian nipple-phone
latte' Hetman tax-shelter
tanning booth illustrations
or 1930 Ajmani Packard
restoration lager labia

Sunday, December 7, 2008

KSM making Major Points For Don Quixote''s Goldsmith's

There is an inhering relevance towards which, boviously obmartini,


yes. extreme blacks!

Just Another Day With Gene Shallot's Mentat Mentos Salesman

i was cruising for derivative nipple boner
illustration securitization strategies one day
on my girlfriend's earring's ringtone superhighway

in my mocha-jellybean powered
sunglasses kiosk web diary latte' hospital stock index
feline llamaborg boner amoeba laptop

when i came across a spectral psychopompous thumb-drive
guild navigator gucci hummer latte' cartel with hot-swap optic-
zaibatsu dolce and gabbana deleuze and guattari
guitar brainscan cryptomemory net neuralizer-
frappe' download applet's teen starlet faq

its said something to me like

just like Applet Paltrow's twin tower mentat
viri-virtual sym-earring smearing latte' mercedes
torreador limited responsibility vector appraisal
service cartel, I, too, am descended from a long
line of Rabbinical superstars and Quaker furniture
building oppossum caterpillar frappe' Alice in
Amoebaland mortgage packaging software softdrinks
with hotty blonde fireman clone outlet mall synthesizers
and hanged man tarot animatronic superstructure
nosering nationals with beach couture militarizations

so i served it a chrome gel form rolodex packet exchange model
index counter (free) on a cloud of engineered perfume spam
concretized reimbursal option analogue languages

it seemd to like this
and showed me a little skull with
baroque foam sunglass shop plug-in
which immediately gave my gay nosering's
camera booth attendant a boner
i tracked alot of woo woo in my newgroup's
teen gymnast look-alike contest that day
but couldn't get Applet Paltrow's
securitized boner acquisition stategy
out of my buffer latte' nosering's
road side rest inspector service

so I generated a 16th century
Samurai cellphone detective
called Boss Coffee Ltd.
to model the complex system
of my latte's most recent hits'
vibro-scalar distribution value..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stretch Limo Hummer W/ Latte' Frappe' Hottub

i see a hot laptop amoeba breast enhancement
through the sun roof of a stretch-limo-hummer
in a latte' frappe' hottub with an ex-military
high diving vente' mocha chop-shop sitcom extra

it's my sister

i call her on her laptop nosering
blackberry frappe' golem sitcom sym-line
to let our avatar breast tadpole ringtones
exchange meta-dna-caffeine-nicotine tagged
vibro-message-massage couture

she slips in a crypto code
that says she's been doing heavy nipple ringtone
drugs all day but that she's almost closed the deal
on a pound of ground leveraged vinca real-estate
gynoborg estates in illegally cloaked villas
along a lonely stretch of the columbia sportswear

Sis! get out of there..
I've got cold packs of Nike sportswear
and Matcha green tea frappe' moisturizer
leg warmer botox detergent clone film
student packaging rights.

she says

i'll just leave an inflatable
boner nipple enhancement drone
to finish off the orgasm couture
half-time saks filth halva noose
cellphone amoeba restroom cleaning

cool sis, i you dog amoeba surf
clown finca motog ringtone clone

The One Million Year Old Cellphone Pickle of Ginza

Yesterday as I was laying out nude
taking in a half-caff nicotine patch
and doing frappe' bong-hits by
the mocha pit, my Nicaraguan
half-maid Iron-pumping thong-manufacturing
partner analogue put down a live noodle
feed into one of my wandering
nostril channels' cellphone
surveillance racket securitization
allocation platforms.

She was saying something about
this million year old skin pickle
sea haggis cellphone
that lives in a fish tank filled
with ume vinegar
in one of the Ginza district
Starbucks of Tokyo.

She said she had visited it
to make offerings of small
pickled fitness center noserings
which it would access with its
black seaweed brain afro latte'
experimentation lab and fitness
fantasy locker room facilities
located in its earcanal-vagina

At first she accepted that she
was visiting the million year old
pickle out of love, but then later realized
it had hacked into her thymoid function
buttress cellphone causality splice ringtone
marrow and had secretly stored
latte' illustration viri-laptop muscle beach
photo friend add-ons w/ saccharine
nipple squid detergent pellet thumb drives.

She found a strange tab in her Umeboshi
photo friend's tab and begin to dig
deeper into her nosering cellphone
frappe' archive c0decs until she found
a small skinny detergent clone whose
vagina nose-ring latte' looked exactly
like her earring's earcanal turned
inside out.

She went on and on, until finally
I snapped open my Ford Mustang
DKNY starbucks flesh removal
applet and just stared at her
as a skeleton with all my flesh parts
tied up in a fancy bun around
my left cranio temple port.

She got the message
and went in to sort more
of my photos and to make
me a dandelion frappe'
of Johnny Winter albino
fingerling paste with whatever
opiate securitization nationals
they need to flood the airport
with perfume samples
and viral ringtone countertheaters.

I get lost, and my starbucks-style
Nikes need more white chocolate
nipple ring frappe' for their Vente'
mating bingo illustration romance cathexis
henna hen rooster bbq roulette-phone
foster home condom refuse sitcom
rosary alphabet cuisinart's queasy art.

Maurice of PPP makes Astonishing Spice!

Rain Fade

Five Poems from Spice
by Maurice "Alex" Burford

These are really great poems by Mo! I especially like the Helen motif
and the transmission motif even aside from its possibly 'Spicerian' origin.

This one especially with its 'Like Seaworld' and 'a spurt of yellow god smiles' made me into exactly the next line 'drunk midday'! I really don't know Mo all that much, but it does seem like in very recent times his work has just become very focused and amazing 'allofasudden' "or something" Something happened? I like it!! These are really cool.

Spice IX
For Jess

Like seaworld / on a friday
That upsetting crash of fin
Helen slides her hand along a flat black
Insecting park / like the tinniest flutter
A spurt of yellow god smiles
Drunk midday / hell feet pounding
Big ears around our family / unhappy

Congestorium Bubo Boncompagno al Publicius

For Kenward Goldly of Shabbeth

'his tuneful fingers stir the keys and so impart
shiver on shiver to them who live in memory cards'

Tranquilly, the editor wishes to display the long black dolphin head whose inner iron chasm would boudoir [wood booed war] the camel-footed hunting waltzes of Vulcan's low meteors, the French, The Amer-amicans, The Protoctistans, The Floaties, The Vitamins, The Verizons, and the divine symbol of Carnival in the pink and black framed Gold Key 90259-508:

In Donald Hall's Contemporary Poetry my wife's dream read as followed:

A Nightmare.

At first we were American Indians, and we were also Tumbleweeds, like in the comics, and we were shopping for used cellphones. We each bought a good-looking cellphone, and we were good. We saw ourselves like in the Tumbleweeds comic, and also unknown to us we spoke like offensive TV Indians. Like I'd say, "Ugh, this cellphone get heap good reception, get many hours call-time, still look new.." So we'd talk like this, she said, but while we were driving we saw someone we did not know was Tom Clark, and also we were in Tulsa and saw Ron Padgett too. Then, and I think the car was an ancient hybrid Pontiac of many nations, and perhaps furred with liminal bacterium. Then the nightmare part happened. Verizon called and said we owed a lot of money, and you heard me say, "Honey, Verizon has called and said I own heap big bill for calling back to the ship from the Death Planet.." Then something just sucked
me out the window. It was like a Verizon tractor beam just came and took me out of my Pontiac Tumbleweed offensive dream space. And I heard my wife gasp in shock, and then begin to laugh.

A Joke.

It might be said that I only really thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Paumier in his candlemass bear suit. He strolled in, and in 1580, there weren't alot of rural Buddhist drapers and carders, and just sat down in the wrong chair and really just pissed everyone off, but really, this rural pro-talk-tissytan Buddhist Carnival Key [STOP] was thinking right along with Tom Clark:

the tiny nude lotions
no dough left (The Romans uprising, remember?)
everything clear in a dream-sieving light


and the trees of a beloved death planet attacked us
forming a collar that pressed
down into its body of passionate blood oranges
the autumnal districts of its eye, so strict
with Christian fleshes ready to suffer the cannibal
knashing Tumbleweed:

Agression was not the only meaning of the flail dance.
Flails, rakes, and brooms were also part of the traditional
dance performed at the end of the wheat-growing cycle [...]

The flail-bearers, enacting the death of an annual cycle - the sowing,
sprouting, psychology, harvesting, and finally, the beating of the grain
'to death' - were also the dancers of death itself, Tom Clark is going to
school in France or in America to make a killing. They carried flails
for threshing wheat dressed in shrouds with others who cried that
before three days were out the flesh of Christians would sell for six
deniers the pound...

A dog barks - well, flarf! you pull the chord attached to the monstruary
the butt-plug bell that rings utterly somewhere else
Perhaps the chord is ringing
and you are a Vulcan cellphone official
Donald Hall published himself:

The musk-ox-dolphin
with pan-Dauphine ambitions
smells in his "long head"
the dolichocephalic
or "Illyrical" to whit:

Illyrians as Dorians

Carleton S. Coon claimed there was a connection between
the Illyrians and the Dorians based on his anthropological
analyses of the Albanian and Montenegrin population as well
as the Sfakian population in Crete. Coon discovered that
Montenegro and Albania is highly concentrated Illyrian racial
zone and that the Sfakians are directly descended from Doric
tribes that invaded Crete from the direction of Macedonia
and Illyria. Moreover, he stated that Albanians, Montenegrins
and Sfakians shared many similarities in stature, appearance,
language, national costume, belligerent tendencies, tribal
orders and vendettas my

boat coming
When I feel Kirk
like a heavy cock
in my cellphone
intent, heavily breathing
out whatever orders


the oars make wings



in the white noise night

William Burroughs and Edmonde de Goncourt
both said something similiar

"It's closing time, gentlemen.."
And Norman O. Brown has a book called that:

IN 1959 Norman O. Brown published Life Against Death, an
attempt to take Freud's principles beyond Freud, to explain how
man had been enchained by his rDressions, and how he might be
a cellphone amoeba index.

light [c],


sing time,
sing to me (mi):

the fun earl (oily toes) ode:

music to music
odd to odd
gas to gas

Dearly P-loving,

Godillot Godwin Gonse Gide Flament
Gouloubeff Gil Girardin Grey Flers

Venny Vente' Dandy
Grinding Grande' Grandee

I rowed past towns
in their black sleeptones
to come here

I rowed
I wrote

wave roe omen
ah ten

the musk-ox dolphin
in the wheat flask
of Romans

Friday, December 5, 2008


Recent Arc-kit-text-oral poiesis analogesis:


Preferably structured, the wave travels throughout itself,
in longing toward longing in spite of longing while longingly

bilding seems likely.

Variatease! Of Abrelignite!

look no further!

The Jellybean weirdo with
Electric SNake fang is at your

dragoon agha
neckoon ab ogo
googo FOGO

with shrill
krill tidalitease

phosphor chiton
naughty notes
with motes of mot

'see tom-tom' 's
of pavonine rum-mi's

ylangue longue