Monday, December 15, 2008

Indigenous assholes


The only actual 'political event' in the universe at this time is giving birth.
All bad things in the world, and all good things, both stem from birth,
therefore birth is the only political thing that exists, period. Not only
birth, but everything that comes before and after every birth.

The etymological history is not clear; tangle cannot have come down
from ON., because ON. þ remains in Sc. and Eng. as th: cf. Thurso,
Thorpe, Thwaite, Thoresby, etc.; it must therefore either have spread
south from Orkney and Shetland, where ON. þ had become t, or be a
later adoption from Norwegian or other lang. having t for ON. þ.

(The name 'tangle' is not mentioned among the Algæ in Lightfoot's Flora Scotica, 1778.)

I tried to get off my bicycle, but my foot had become entangled
in ancient Greece. More specifically, in ancient Athens, where
EVERYONE was expected to be political. I 'mean' everyone, but
really I just mean 'men'. Men are giving birth to women, and women's
experience gets entangled in my ancient Greek bicycle.

"BaBaa's balaclava helmet and woolly muffler were flaked with white mowen."

The only 'actual' political bicycle is my Bach lava.

My Bach lava is fast, etude fast.
My Bach lava is lean, sizzle lean.
My lava Bach is political, ape of little cul.
K is amoon. [GIVE ME CRACK!]

maUT múþ muth mudh moth mouþe mouthþ
mouht mothe mwtht mowthe mougth mought
muthe mouth. múþ mûth mund mond müth
müt müs mûth mont mond munt mond mod
mund mascON munnr money muðr munþs
munþoz mentum chin chinese "easy niche"

Amun Raw.
In my Vasoline bicycle Greece, there is a chain of Being.
The chain of being goes up my ass and out my mouth, as in


The only actual Patanjali is from the 'stem' of yoga.
Where the grease meets the Che'...

Guava Guera?

Mmmmmmm. Greece my cul...

Psidium guajava

Acid City Guaja:

The Guajá are an Indian tribe in the state of Maranhão, Brazil.
There are around 250-300 contacted Guaja today. About 50
remain uncontacted. The Guajá live mostly on Terra Indigena Caru,
Terra Indigena Alto Turiaçu, Terra Indigena Awá and
Terra Indigena Araribóia.

Also, we can make a metaphor out of these greasy earth natives:

The humans are an independent tribe in a state of Whateverthefuckitis, Frazzil'd.
There are about 200 weird notional natial states of paper organism bugs

as in 'buggy software' or 'identity politics'
or just simply 'stupid compared to the universe's size'

I have a bicycle, but in Greece,

there are black Satyr Gunfighters
hanging out with Villon's ghost.

Think of Patanjali
inside a hot whale rectum
decorated like Siva's
crystalline machine-geode underarms

think of guava bats
making 'pepper guano doggies'
or as if chromed black soap bubbles
could dance like Ray Bolger
dressed like an indigenous ass-hole.

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