Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smokey Robison's Breast Positioning Satellite

It can now be told
through Sheriff Will Robinson's
siamese titty head, a pork-bra
teasing tale of native
coffee bean pickers, that
the Smokey Robinson Familia
bra held 2 Iphones,
2 Mochachino
and 2 Nokia
detectors as well as
a latte' BPS.

A pork bra teases
the breast-positioning satellite.

Thou art more
erimous than Artemus.
In the rectification
of many jiggles, there are
made, one j0iggle, unto ergoddity
but more holy, like an Iphallus
made of ice-cream-corn
Sheriff Bras with pork latte' loaf.

When Tina Turner pangolins
wear pork Sherriff bra
knock-knockers, you
know the Siamese coffee
bean's gyroscope will
have found its own little
"Professor Smith" campesino
nipple casino next-tel chirper
chapter rugae-menth.

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