Saturday, December 13, 2008

Endo Brand Maharaja

"Turd gem detergent,"
The kingly nicht would nod
to the heroine Nico teen, its
adam's apple elevator tetes
taking pharaoh timmy's
leering mommy towards
the logotaxic interface
of ento and etym, where a
sponge-like coffee mole
had preceded them.

Endo, a type of bicycle
accident in zen jodhpurs,
the maharaja's turd gem
detergent stunograph,
the knight of 9 different
palsying worm flowers.
No stock reports are available
in the pilgimage sacs of the
annelide highway, but also
there are no reports of any kind
where the pasha sits in its pillow
before the enormous peacock
stained glass window tail
whose object is memlute thusly:


or mostly calibration's caliban,
coffee sponge-mole be dammed.

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