Friday, December 19, 2008

Baked Schlupping Hookus

a half-amoeba laptop tiara
idly flicked a bloodbooger
into a blind werepoodle's
associative disorder cartel

a foaming nihilist ranch-style stud-hotel
got baked with
an italian paramecium calk-walk proto-form
who said 'leper-amoeba-nose-phone'

a hotty black cellphone lepramecium
took her magic ringtone
from its prepuce cartel's hideout dojo
thumb drive latte'

a mini-me doctor evil hybrid nosering cellphone
was really stoned in a truck

a half-baked blind amoeba werepoodle's
leper froth frappe'
had sex with a mostly baked ringtone umbrella coproration

a coprolite employment agency
discussed variable rongtone vulvalina
with a mossback hobo dong camper amoeba cartel
snake-charmer holo

a disturbed nosering kitten amoeba laptop
took out its Bella Lugosi corpse toy
and gave it to a Mercedes style kitten-replacement
dong manager in a totally baked truck

A totally half-stoned bread truck ringtone
said 'nihilist grandeur not latte'
a laptop paramecium downloaded a coffee bean

two illegal hobo ringtone options traders
took mescaline by a train track latte' dispenser
when suddenly a jellydong laptop cartel's nosering
offered them a new ringtone golem analizer
with steam milk-mister nipples

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