Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All The Beauty No Matter What, Striatamyria

I'd prefer to never visit the Isle of Noise
without all of my ninja body coat flies
and their thighs

furred in schitzopodal cocktail onions

is all the same place

and kind of dumpy

I would be some kind of Pasha
or a gangster in Russia
but being an american laborer
writing poetry
is about like being

a sugar daddy wrapper
in a 7-11 parking lot
under a piece of a 40 oz
held together by
the machine label

last night i watched FRINGE
on fox
about a human cellphone

some wack had his skull drilled
and helped the team out
team all pretty with freckles
but the fat fuck with the antenna
is let go after one episode

this was the closest thing i have ever seen
on network tv
to Shakespeare or Dostoevsky

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