Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here is The Mole Network of Ali Baba Ganesha

Instead of nipples, the theory doll
had self-promoting nævi, whose
wily rondure and rustic mahogany charm
were unbridled legislations of the other's

These nipmoles were also the branching,
and capillaric hideouts of bandit amoeba
mutant corn breeders. I have a memory
of a boy's bad breath from 9th grade.

Purple branching speckle corn
is fitted into a cork cadelabra nipple brazier.

An amoeba bandit scientist comes out of his
nipmole ali baba laboratory to serve me
some hot buttered corn, and corn pads,
and corn filled sanitary paddles.

One 9th grade corn amoeba paddle scientist
I know now has coffee nipple mole mose's horn mistakes
written into his DNA

If you will notice, human reality has coded its own secret meaning
right into the suit's label.

Survey says!

Dys-Lexus brand DNA is AND, and NAD.

In a neural coffee-patch, the and is the continuum, and the nad is the nascence,
and the DENIAL, or DINNER is palpable, ie, able to be palped.

A few priests of Maya Deren come up to me with chaotic Indian corn helmets.

One of them says, "I am self-promoting."
The other says, "I am against self-promotion, but L'il Baba is my friend.."

"L'il Baba has the corn disease."
He caughth the disease from "Baba Lill," a faux-Jewess
self-promoting nævi in the mode of a Maupassant
sanitary paddle amoeba bandit.

Once you enter the networking trails of Ali Baba
and his forty Teens..


DNA NADS hang like tridents of purple corn
Maya Deren is in there self-congatrulating YOU..

We are all the same shit
in a weirdo VACUUM HELL..

How many times do I have to
show you my coffee sponge labia moles?

Eh, Annie Oakley?

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