Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stretch Limo Hummer W/ Latte' Frappe' Hottub

i see a hot laptop amoeba breast enhancement
through the sun roof of a stretch-limo-hummer
in a latte' frappe' hottub with an ex-military
high diving vente' mocha chop-shop sitcom extra

it's my sister

i call her on her laptop nosering
blackberry frappe' golem sitcom sym-line
to let our avatar breast tadpole ringtones
exchange meta-dna-caffeine-nicotine tagged
vibro-message-massage couture

she slips in a crypto code
that says she's been doing heavy nipple ringtone
drugs all day but that she's almost closed the deal
on a pound of ground leveraged vinca real-estate
gynoborg estates in illegally cloaked villas
along a lonely stretch of the columbia sportswear

Sis! get out of there..
I've got cold packs of Nike sportswear
and Matcha green tea frappe' moisturizer
leg warmer botox detergent clone film
student packaging rights.

she says

i'll just leave an inflatable
boner nipple enhancement drone
to finish off the orgasm couture
half-time saks filth halva noose
cellphone amoeba restroom cleaning

cool sis, i you dog amoeba surf
clown finca motog ringtone clone

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