Friday, December 5, 2008

I Speak TO:

I speak to

Verizon venison officials
who like to drink half-caff
white cuff chocolate mochas
with soy milk laptop
nipplering amoebas

I speak to

Goth-Lesbionic Amoeba barista
barristers with cellular storage
fitness securitization strategies
listed in their latte' "lather-lether"
real-estate brew shares

I speak with Lord Byron couture finca
folio flagella gelato obbligato gatos

and I speak directly
to mulatto gelato hairliptoes
with mocha-Asian Afro-ringtone
download vouchers for
Spam trucker pineapple frappe's

I speak to alot of truckers
with amoeba breast-enhancements
and with canned amoeba mocha-breast

I often speak
through cellophane cellphone-horned
gargoyle charm-bracelet-schools
with mangey manta-mango-manga-petal
pistol-peptol-bismo Mise en coffee-abyme
patrol officer gametes

I speak in a garbled way
through laptop cockring wiglet applet aerosols
with Starwars themed ringtone chocolate piglets

I speak
to fitness instructors
with louvered jelly webphone
telephony rotors
with pierced headset
accoutrement systems whose
securitization strategy
illustration committees
have pizza server deadlines

I speak through my breast-cam-friend's lists
into their amoeba storage-charm manufacturing cartels

into their jellybean multi-ethnic
observation applet renewal hair-plug
nipplet applets through
w/ ringbone wishtop lapbone boners
in their tubetops

I speak to clatter
video coffee mugs
with clitter whorl hair massage outlet malls
tattooed deeply in their address book
earring mating maneuver dishwashing magnates'
fitness center macaroni maids

I speak to you.

Let me tell you a story.

I was hiding in my own earcanal one day
spying on one of my earrings
when suddenly i heard my earring
tell one of his cellphone latte' asset collection managers
to go ahead and move on the corporate takeover
of the leechee love lipring frappe' resort
and to do it by infusing its asset latte' frappe' securitization
nosering laptop cartel with lounge cherry decibel drugs
derived from seriously tweaked asian breast-enhancement
optical dairy processing microchips with subzero-ebay
lingam lala sparkle.

To record the bogus dealings, i took notes on my
telescopic nipple palm espresso-limerick
squid-rectum cellphone analogue..

With evidence in claw
I contacted my other earring's legal team
of hot mango frappe' latino teeny breast-enhancements
with cellphone amoeba barcode albino latte'-mocha
hybrid fitness vouchers.

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