Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Blank Policy Advisor's Coordinator

What they hate is you
peg-leg Jester
i n a 1 9 6 0 ' s
s a i l i n g
s h i r t [imeltää]

tomorrow the long histy
of ivory will come
to a new cultusk [fulta]

ivory bling tooth
your mother [tunthskaz]

is showing you
its middle finger [pred]

you'll know how clever
beavers are [poilu]

when you get to sniffing
around their prose [dik üçgen]

i've come down off a mountain
just to find these bars
stuffed with lazy
good for nothing people
who gripe about things
they themselves invent [jukbeen]

it's like
here is an apple
when you hold it
what are the two surfaces
made of
that touch? [nosač]

What are they?
And, isn't it great
that's in your life today? [pwani]

It's like
the innocence of substance
is so much prettier
and cleaner
and just more wholesome
than so many self defeating
species of thought
like [uoga]

"or whatever"
i like this skin sac
i like that species of
thought drug etc..
i really find the world too weird
to get that emotionally involved with it

it's just too old and weird
to know what to do
and the people are all
vying for their pies
and mine usually is just brought to me
because I'm weird [weiblich]

i try to be as weird
as the earth itself [jelenleg]

i try to represent
the inner
physical weirdness
of the earth
like a cheerleader would
and also try to let people
know [friabili]

because you have been programmed
to feel those things [اسطوره]

when really
there is a naked
ecstatic line of white hot energetic mystery

the entire history of the earth
is a molten roiling lightning bolt [ἄλγος]

of chaos [ἐπίκουρος]

riven up out of the bowells
of a bizarre indeterminate
mass of noise and combinatory meaning [अपि]

the universe IS a mind
therefore it makes minds [quidem]

it is as simple
and confusing as that [davvero]

and yet
the sky is empty
the room is silent

in sweet languor
the curtains close
on my words
and become
your ohm [fede]

your resistance
to Mi
to eim [meia-noite]

amen aimen eimen
esmer asmer adaestimare
aestimare aesmer esmer [蒸気]

Es Mare' [abur]

The Sea of Is
The Oscene of Suchness [chie-moca]

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