Monday, December 22, 2008

A Seasonal Poem from Bob Brueckl.

a loogie for this Yule

succinct syncopations of a nightie
frittering away the inquilinity
of varmint vomit on
my hairy knuckles

foraging for nectar, scavenging
around in my piqued proboscis

baubles of gluons around
a jinxed outline of
gamma-ray bursters

I felt night up around a
fluted carafe of sassafras,
indecomposable star-bursts
on the periphery of white
cimicifuga in a rustic trough

smug seeds snug as they
decay around the metallic
sheen of drooling lug nuts

phlegmy droplets
of mud light in
dead toenails

a rancid
fuck under
a cache-pot

the flakiest huckster's papier-mache
clit coddling the rind of shot-rock

tentacles of a wobbly
weathercock, misshapened
slackness feigning a chaotic
gangrene of glossier amputations
thwarting the furrowed sprockets
of an unfucked pitchfork wholly
flubbing a skewered copse of acacia

sun scald shirking the trifles of crocheters,
mealybugs, cottony swabs of phyllo
potpies infestated with dingy endive:
stippled mango-pelvis imbibing a retro
dragonfly undiluting a spiral ellipse
of plush blips, minuscule tchotchkes,
a bronzy-green magnolia leaf cradling
a bunch of white spider mums, ethereal
cellulite of astilbes and astrantia meringue
on the cartilage of the windowsill: yeasty
blast of blossoming white dogwood, spirea,
and ranunculus with a whiff of fuzzy kangaroo
paws, terra-cotta moss, amaranths, blue
viburnum, hosta, alliums and edamame:
limestone eviscerating the looming taste of bile

my brain's aching
impulses drenched
in the opening of love

inside an
snot as I
unknot it
--Bob BrueckL

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