Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just Another Day With Gene Shallot's Mentat Mentos Salesman

i was cruising for derivative nipple boner
illustration securitization strategies one day
on my girlfriend's earring's ringtone superhighway

in my mocha-jellybean powered
sunglasses kiosk web diary latte' hospital stock index
feline llamaborg boner amoeba laptop

when i came across a spectral psychopompous thumb-drive
guild navigator gucci hummer latte' cartel with hot-swap optic-
zaibatsu dolce and gabbana deleuze and guattari
guitar brainscan cryptomemory net neuralizer-
frappe' download applet's teen starlet faq

its said something to me like

just like Applet Paltrow's twin tower mentat
viri-virtual sym-earring smearing latte' mercedes
torreador limited responsibility vector appraisal
service cartel, I, too, am descended from a long
line of Rabbinical superstars and Quaker furniture
building oppossum caterpillar frappe' Alice in
Amoebaland mortgage packaging software softdrinks
with hotty blonde fireman clone outlet mall synthesizers
and hanged man tarot animatronic superstructure
nosering nationals with beach couture militarizations

so i served it a chrome gel form rolodex packet exchange model
index counter (free) on a cloud of engineered perfume spam
concretized reimbursal option analogue languages

it seemd to like this
and showed me a little skull with
baroque foam sunglass shop plug-in
which immediately gave my gay nosering's
camera booth attendant a boner
i tracked alot of woo woo in my newgroup's
teen gymnast look-alike contest that day
but couldn't get Applet Paltrow's
securitized boner acquisition stategy
out of my buffer latte' nosering's
road side rest inspector service

so I generated a 16th century
Samurai cellphone detective
called Boss Coffee Ltd.
to model the complex system
of my latte's most recent hits'
vibro-scalar distribution value..

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