Monday, December 8, 2008

Formula One Hungarian Sheepskin Starbucks

Lafcadio Brain Hearnia
was taking his usual
naga nipple amoeba mocha
one morning,
when it occured to him;
why not simply sell
psyllicybermocha maca
~ keep on truckin'~
nicoteen porn tissue patches
to crotchless Albanian
amoeba Mooney
beautician chimeras?

A Mexican high-schnapps-court
dojo fitness judge accidently
overheard this, and used it
as a spam forwarding cover
for his Montserrat Offentlig sak
McNipple wrangling cartel-
brief securitization condom
dessert's breast enhancement's
formula one F'errari-rappochino..

Later, Lafcadio found a flimspam
amoeba help-line lodged in his
Norton BSA Bovinividi Spongiform
Ensethalopalepus owner's manual's
triumphantly phony seltzer sub-frappe'
ringtone itinerary's ghost story soiree,
in which there were in fact,
no grande' crotchless grandee-
Mooney mayoral sidecars
or Albanian nipple-phone
latte' Hetman tax-shelter
tanning booth illustrations
or 1930 Ajmani Packard
restoration lager labia


  1. This is so great! And I just PEED MYSELF laughing when I saw the illustration! F'ing awesome, Lanny!

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