Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kokua's Liver was Hurting Badly

Uncle Flotsamoa wrote:

It could be so weird hearing Freddy Francis
reading Robert Louis Stevenson in Tongan,
as if you'd stumbled into Roussel's garage
to catch him giving some young mechanic head.

I paused in morphine, a show I had not expected
with metallic pillows played by RF coat hangers,
a whole tile if bed were tile, if pillow

were Robert
now dead in Tonga
so weird to see
its little red roadster
clear the edge of the cliff

knowing no one especially
was like death
so death seemed very plain
congenial even
something actually owned

If you start with a sentence,
you find that the irony ends right there,
or maybe if pillow

were Freddy
some film buddies
finally unlock the old crate
what Lem Tall Moa left

Bottle Imps
or if entropy
was 'Emare''

In Freddy's nightmare
it could be calimari
or calimari in a nighty
dragging him deeper
where the roadster of its personal and complementary
or "continental death" seemed very plain
something actually tile
especially cliff (or energy bar among the horrors)
or not worry she's in morphine with the bottle
that thick lion-hide vest that Lem wears
when he jokes in Oromo (the Lion's mane now his collar proudly takes morphine.)

qabda 'you have'
dhugda 'you drink'
barra 'we learn'
galla 'we enter'

Reading Stephenson's _The Bottle Imp_, or in Tongan
O Le Fagu Aitu, I noticed its connection to Locus Solus,
but really ff you start with a sentence, like


a red holoku, no greater than a fly,
this underwater skin mask of a dead man

something hideous (mechanical pearl jyssop)
looked out of the bottle

Keawe noticed Freddy Francis there in the bright house
eating the thigh
of a young girl, a red roadster with pillows, tiled
in its calimari nighty

"It is not jinxing.."

Roasting qabda John Hurt
with her casket or white fur remix violin (philodoe)

RLS (Released)
1984 in Vailima
por "U"

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