Saturday, December 6, 2008

The One Million Year Old Cellphone Pickle of Ginza

Yesterday as I was laying out nude
taking in a half-caff nicotine patch
and doing frappe' bong-hits by
the mocha pit, my Nicaraguan
half-maid Iron-pumping thong-manufacturing
partner analogue put down a live noodle
feed into one of my wandering
nostril channels' cellphone
surveillance racket securitization
allocation platforms.

She was saying something about
this million year old skin pickle
sea haggis cellphone
that lives in a fish tank filled
with ume vinegar
in one of the Ginza district
Starbucks of Tokyo.

She said she had visited it
to make offerings of small
pickled fitness center noserings
which it would access with its
black seaweed brain afro latte'
experimentation lab and fitness
fantasy locker room facilities
located in its earcanal-vagina

At first she accepted that she
was visiting the million year old
pickle out of love, but then later realized
it had hacked into her thymoid function
buttress cellphone causality splice ringtone
marrow and had secretly stored
latte' illustration viri-laptop muscle beach
photo friend add-ons w/ saccharine
nipple squid detergent pellet thumb drives.

She found a strange tab in her Umeboshi
photo friend's tab and begin to dig
deeper into her nosering cellphone
frappe' archive c0decs until she found
a small skinny detergent clone whose
vagina nose-ring latte' looked exactly
like her earring's earcanal turned
inside out.

She went on and on, until finally
I snapped open my Ford Mustang
DKNY starbucks flesh removal
applet and just stared at her
as a skeleton with all my flesh parts
tied up in a fancy bun around
my left cranio temple port.

She got the message
and went in to sort more
of my photos and to make
me a dandelion frappe'
of Johnny Winter albino
fingerling paste with whatever
opiate securitization nationals
they need to flood the airport
with perfume samples
and viral ringtone countertheaters.

I get lost, and my starbucks-style
Nikes need more white chocolate
nipple ring frappe' for their Vente'
mating bingo illustration romance cathexis
henna hen rooster bbq roulette-phone
foster home condom refuse sitcom
rosary alphabet cuisinart's queasy art.

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