Monday, December 29, 2008

the movement and power of noble and remorseless time

O Jacopo Robusti!

if they were inflatable puffer
fish any letter feasible for
the amazing negress
whose dolphin pet
more quick
in grey hound dish water
handling peeled ovum
a breast like eye
peers from its coffee-
colored Yorick
the homosexual office park
the crooked double dealing
drainage system
the crass indefatigable
printing heirlooms whose
amazing negress dolphin

the black madonna dolphin
whose stiff short all over man beard
astroturf analog
as if the football helmeted homosexuals
could be used as dishwashing scrubbies

i ask a man
if his biff
was self derived
so cute the answer

pale pink negress skin
in men's motor pools
lacking any coarse arrival times


a zen airport
where crashes are the norm
and landings uncommon

Bilbo Baggins with a raw red scrotum rain slicker
meets Penhead, the lead synobite in the Executive lounge

bulldozers pushing the bodies into pyres
like letters of inflatable astroturf


a naked phoenician jesus stingray is packed
in jellied dishawashing beads ala light-headed
successful negress inside a lexan dolphin projectile

it is a simple test
are you stupid (alive)
or dead (alive)

or alive (pure absolution)

Donny and Marie Osmond with Vulcan ears
have sex in Star Trek outfits
hanging like monkeys in a giant J. Edgar Hova beard
sprinkled with little crumbles
of Gaza Strips and Ranch Style Apocalypso dressing

I ignore the fountain of the real
because it is a bottomless fountain
of hate stupidity and ignorance
or even astroturf and nominal lookout jellies

pippi longstocking and tank girl
cut off my head
but i am an owl
of infinite newts (pure absolution)

Like me, a successful negress
a silent black dolphin
takes its film reels down into the cochlea
of Perfect and Eternal Nemo


enormous and ancient trees
from which tea has flowed
for nearly a millenia
are tended everyday

the news is acid
man is acid
acid is acid (pure absolution)

and space
is the bass

vomit propulsion w/ tintoretto brass

ass arbor
of robot ray say


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