Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maurice of PPP makes Astonishing Spice!

Rain Fade

Five Poems from Spice
by Maurice "Alex" Burford

These are really great poems by Mo! I especially like the Helen motif
and the transmission motif even aside from its possibly 'Spicerian' origin.

This one especially with its 'Like Seaworld' and 'a spurt of yellow god smiles' made me into exactly the next line 'drunk midday'! I really don't know Mo all that much, but it does seem like in very recent times his work has just become very focused and amazing 'allofasudden' "or something" Something happened? I like it!! These are really cool.

Spice IX
For Jess

Like seaworld / on a friday
That upsetting crash of fin
Helen slides her hand along a flat black
Insecting park / like the tinniest flutter
A spurt of yellow god smiles
Drunk midday / hell feet pounding
Big ears around our family / unhappy


Irrony Observes The Earthing.