Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gentle Tools.

"Contemporary Gentility"
is a camera on the back of a roach.

"Contemporary Gentility"
is a new small batch bourbon made in Shiga prefecture.

In the compound, a one-legged boy named "Trope"
issues decrees in front of mostly yokai-looking "floppy things"
which have assembled to watch the "Roach Races"..

One lavishly rich old Magnate comes to the races
in a stylized deco-populux roach head hearse pastiche
where on internal TV she watches on-line computer football

The Roaches Versus "Contemporary Gentility"..

I am having a Scotch and Lager,
eating something made of meat, plants, and probably
some processed "off the radar" crustacean..

some primitive specie of proto-shrimp
like the Krell

in whose deep computer dungeon
we dream

gorgon nuclear Ming from
Mongo's boudoir

the skintillating faux leather
padded books

the way the sentences pile up
in Mongoese
the Former torturing the latter
until the brain
is suffocated in its own batter
of blather

like a roach football helmet
with Scotch.

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