Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uncle Flotsam, and Aunt Werubu

toyescent tomb
tumescent tome

beam ought
be mot(ley)


a light roux is started:

a metagenomics nipple-phone latte'
has a blog called _notes from a laptop fitness boutique_
in which sekitani-esque ichor-bodied
ichabodhi baudelaire skin golem replicants
are tortured until they erupt into conflagrations of
boiling manga nipple extrusion collateral underwriter ateliers
housing mutant labial reduction blue tooth earcanal vaginose-gnosis

also a clockwork orange mescalito milk bar baristo gynoborg hobot
learns to shake its money-maker from an actual mita brand
post-singularity copy machine brothel madame cellphone dildo tusk composer
whose orange raul julius caesar salad on-line shtick twaddle frappe'
looks good as a S.W.A.T. remake bio-velour spider-donkey nipple spray deterrent

but just then the phone rings,

Minnie Pearl is a thin icicle becomes a lobotomy in my head
which is an equation:

Lobo does candy CRUE: @ threeve to Oh MY! = slo mo craniofacial impact

of iron pear

the skull accellerates trailing lapis lazuli tooth fragment
pieces of quilted damask and part of the damascene fwiribbulensing

which in a sense was like moving for days in a labyrinth of ecstatic foam bubgulature

a goat thing whose head was like a burr
would come out and electrocute someone
the erotic noise

of the sandals (gape nine modag)
on returning
valium ice plaques

launching flexi-rods
at the spreading noogoo(me)
"nothing writing"

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