Thursday, December 11, 2008

Regan MacNeil's Gurgling Wonderwoman Breasts

He listens to them,
When they rushle, flosh,
or bagomple.

"Wlatgithpuug birrilirriwlup."
OMG! did you hear that?
Jumjumbags of cranial jellybean aslosh!
Must be at least 40 skulls
in each of its
owl bull head breasts.

My tits turn their heads around
looking eery like cellphone tower
Tarsiers draped in old issues
of International Caffeine Abuse.

Some Igorot cellbean
phonephreak pharmers
come out from their
lean-to condos holding up
Boolean bubble-blowers
and dingaling shoe-strings,
but my Tarsier head-breasts
have just become
a coccoon of zigzagging
telescopic cheliped caraffes.

They start chirping me,
so I project an image of
Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil
hanging from a cellphone tower
with an Owl Tarsier Boner
eating jellybeans
from her fliptop
demon skull satellite phone.

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