Monday, February 28, 2011

play them all at once, its tera abile!

"Anarchism is a Lifestyle"

Tous Cannibales at La Maison Rouge, Paris

Strange spam I get.

Here is the spam's message, and below, my response:

----- Original Message -----
From: Hebe
To: solipsis
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 6:44 AM
Subject: re

We can turn any sexy picture into a handmade oil painting on canvas.

We can paint ANY picture.

If you are interested, please email us the picture you would like painted and receive an exact quote.

------ My Response ---------

I would like a painting of a kick line of green skinned George Washington headed sexy-babes
whose powdered wigs are instead dollops of neon blue shaving cream with jumbo-spermatazoa
swimming inside modeled on tadpoles. As in the tradition of Bob Dobbs's "Giant sperm cell with a skeleton that fell from space like a meteor", I would like my sperm to have the skeleton.

Also, the nipples of the George Washington headed Rockette Sexy babes can be little red faced Abraham Lincoln heads
and the nipples would be the top-hats coming through the aureola man-hole.

Thank you.

I will await your quote.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

some stuff to check out.

I would like to make two recommendations in I guess you might call Japanese studies, or entertainments ala Japonaise.

The first is David Mitchell's book The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, and the second is a film
by Yoji Yamada called The Hidden Blade.

Both of these are very excellent if you like such things. I am reading the Mitchell book currently
and taking my time, as it is truly excellent.

to what chaomantic oeuvres contain

chaomantic the oeuvre
for what chasm grasps
dirt or air defend
in kind

eye flayed open upon
what breach, pen and pons
might manifest between

chaomantic nodding
where abraham the glutton
dirt or heir

and deepen the knight
whose obsidian and mirrored hull
must hide
a luminous glue, chaomantic thudding

fume, and
prow run up a ground
the sky
or clouds
loud laughing proud
some unknown sense to vary
infinite darkness only thin
to infinite asymmetry

to switch out under
the passing screens

mules and queens
to replicate in a fold
to fan
that river of screens
chaomantic the huddling
for if the knight
is a stone in the air

if music proceed at all
if night
a black mantis stair
to what asymmetry
would infinite chasm
retain no awl

some laid art on
as refrain
but harm any lesser
known call to wind
or fame

its clouds
seem friendly
if for lore
and drain'd

lore that ne'er
would thrive
without domain

names hurry
through its wide or
unfathomable membrane
and course on

to the day
and wait there

as a stone
in the shadow
to remain

no more upon
the spiny vein

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Panorama: Rock Art of Hoyo de Sanabe

Panorama: Rock Art of Hoyo de Sanabe

Lamb Prawn's Sufi

you're a wonderful chalice in sewing
now which once should it merry
you look very well
upon the tike of tied writes
hiss sparrion

now about christmas
i can fry fuhror carrion
yes there came a blonde clamor

blonde beard clams

[ding ding
[ding ding

JAMES MASON's pure crochet tromp loyal admiral

row for bot
any bay

any bay for bots

water in a bay
heavy thick and wax-like water
you are the sleep sick sexy
of blonde clamors
gone christmas in hyle
[ding ding
[ding ding

I'd like to know however people
these tall lamb lamps

these gigantic lamb-pods hovering

these ottoman lamb-pupas
shining in the noisoleum

these lamb-pupa sentries wearing turbans ajutted with flintlocks
and carbines

the triumph loyal lamb-furred brain-pod-lamps
hovering over the yellow river

this ceramic dam
all decorated with grotesque balconies
like masks whose tiaras
are people waggling
their illuminated lamb-pupa through
bifurcating witch drum-dendrites
into martini ceviche'

these chinese ottomans
on lamb furred ceramic saddles
riding wild bifurcating mandibles

motorized and bucking mandibles
that go inside the gills

the jerky gills
that sigh silky bubbles
of lamb-prods

why do however people become
mask follicles martini
cave boats?

when we enter deep cave waterfall balconies
in our illuminated ceramic lamb-masks
do our lamb-bustles vibrate
and release bucking mandibles
through hip grilles?

are a wonderful chalice in sewing
and if a tapir should haul fleecy harrows
on into bony halls

give your hot dog lamb springs
to however any
turkey paws

gleaming giants heads
are used as architecture underground!

More Rare Films

Die Zeit ist unser Krieg!
(released in England as _The Last Experiment_)

1977 LUX A team of six Nazi scientists complete their 'temporal transduction device'
at the close of WWII, and escape in it to various times, one of which is ancient
Egypt where they 'correct' time by removing Moses' twin from the basket in the river.
They finally settle in the far future and begin retraining the Aryan / Eloi people in agriculture and the sciences, and doing battle with the Morlocks. Camilla Sparv
and Alexandra Kluge star.

Savvaļas pamati

1965 LVA The story of a visionary woman who finds the answers to life's mysteries in her dreams,
and wanders in a wilderness singing to anyone who will listen to her extraordinary and magical
voice. She also becomes the caretaker of an enchanted tree which can also sing. Vija Artmane

Bukimina kiri [Creepy Fog]

1981 JPN A pair of ancient Greek youth are taken by an enchanted ship to a small Japanese island
controlled by ghosts and monsters. The youths trick the naughty ghosts into building them a house and use lightning and loud sounds to disturb the odd creatures. Unfortunately one of the Greek youths falls prey to a jungle fungus and becomes deformed. Naomi Tani.

Friday, February 25, 2011





rãrir vÿ rãgró tóg tï
The sun dries the bean.

kÿnkÿr vÿ të
The parrot flies.

In this light, against the impoverishment of life Husserl suggests to concentrate on the study of life-world (Lebenswelt).

Intensity, complexity and changing frequencies prevent rodents from getting

Sand units were removed from the transit-time curves, leaving only the mud- ... In contrast to this, the sonic response for the Hides and Elevala-1 wells 

"Duobus autem modis ordinem percipere possumus; altero, quo lex vel regula nobis iam est cognita, et ad eam rem propositam examinamus; altero, quo legem ante nescimus atque ex ipsa partium rei dispositione inquirimus, quaenam ea sit lex, quae istam structuram produxerit. Exemplum horologii supra allatum ad modum priorem pertinet; iam enim est cognitus scopus seu lex partium dispositionis, quae est temporis indicatio; ideoque horologium examinantes dispicere debemus, an structura talis sit, qualem scopus requirit. Sed si numerorum seriem aliquam ut hanc 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc. ascipio nescius, quae eorum progressionis sit lex, tum paullatim eos numeros inter se conferens deprehendo quemlibet esse duorum antecedentium summam hancque esse legem eorum ordinis affirmo."
"Posterior modus percipiendi ordinis ad musicam praecipue spectat" [OO, 3a, I, 226]

$ \quad - \Delta u + \beta(u) + \gamma (\tau u) \otimes \delta \ni f+h
\otimes \delta $$U(q)/U(q-1)$$P^n(\mathrm{\mathbf{C}})$

However music is not only the pure and simple "pictorial" exposure of several harmonies; what is perhaps even more significant, it also consists in a succession, regulated in time, of a series of harmonies.

Ryoichi Kurokawa @ SONIC ACTS XII 2008 (Excerpt) from Sonic Acts on Vimeo.

‘I removed it from my eye.’ 

‘I was born in an old village.’ 

‘... they stuck them (the feathers) to a little stick.’ 

‘He died from a mean cold.’ 

‘They have to be like white people.’ 

‘They eat with their hands.’ 

This map shows the distribution of the two primary ways in which languages lexically recognize major segments of the human upper limb. The major segments are 'hand,' from the fingertips to the wrist, and 'arm,' from the fingertips or from the wrist to the shoulder. Two values are represented:
English is an example of a differentiating (type 2) language, with hand and arm . Another example is Ngawun (Pama-Nyungan; Queensland, Australia), with marl 'hand' and palkal'arm.'
If there is no 'arm' term in a language, but one or more words denote respectively one or more major segments of 'arm' other than 'hand' such as the forearm and the upper arm, the language is also included in type 2. An example is Chai (Nilo-Saharan; Ethiopia), having a word for 'hand,' síyó , and a word for both 'forearm', múní , and 'upper arm', yíró , while lacking a term for 'arm.' Differentiating languages such as Chai that lack a word for 'arm' are rare among languages sampled for the map.
Examples of identity (type 1) come from Lonwolwol(Oceanic; Vanuatu), Czech, and Gurma (GurNiger-Congo; Burkina Faso), respectively showing the terms va:, ruka, andnu, all of which denote both 'hand' and 'arm.'
Some languages included on the map are type 1 but nonetheless also have a term for 'hand' and/or one for 'arm' that does not show 'hand/arm' polysemy. For example,Bambara (Mande; Mali) uses bolo for both 'hand' and 'arm,' but has an alternate term, tègè, used for 'hand' (and also denoting 'palm' and 'foot'). Semai (Mon-Khmer; MalayPeninsula) shows tek , which polysemously denotes both 'hand' and 'arm', and also kengrit, which designates only 'arm.' Jicarilla Apache (Athabaskan; New Mexico) denotes both 'hand' and 'arm' with gan but also designates the former withl-lá and the latter with ganí . The convention followed here is that if a language shows the same term for both 'hand' and 'arm,' type 1 (identity) is judged present, even if there are other terms in its lexicon denoting just 'hand' or 'arm.'
In some languages, a word denoting 'hand' also extends polysemously to a larger upper limb segment other than ‘arm’ that includes 'hand' as a part. For example, theIndonesian word for 'hand,' tangan , also denotes the forearm (with lengan referring to 'arm'). Indonesian is judged to be a differentiating language. In Kadazan (Austronesian; Borneo),hongon denotes both 'hand' and 'forearm', but since it also refers to 'arm,' the language is judged to be type 1.
In the language sample used for this map, type 2 (differentiating) languages are about one and a half times more common than type 1 languages. There is a geographical distributional pattern: the percentage of type 1 languages occurring at latitudes closer to the equator is considerably greater than the percentage of type 1 languages found at latitudes more distant from the equator. In addition, among both type 1 and type 2 languages considerably removed from the equator (north of 35°59’N and south of 9°59’S), the percentage of type 2 languages is substantially greater than the percentage of type 1 languages. In other words, type 1 languages tend to occur more frequently nearer the equator and less frequently away from the equator. The statistical association between latitudinal location and values is strongly positive (gamma = .61, p < .001, see Table 1).

2^k mod 1229 color.jpg

Thursday, February 24, 2011

tune sexes of syntaxis where abnexus negates some generative vex or voxium

ode abfoon the spittle glows
mixed there boon in rakers

rural tithes these

kid horn towns
bright tingling
in musculature

red caretakers
to slip out from egg-like
in houses like green fists
their body
their not of languaged sustance
suspanse / irral
any truth of language
any truth of substance

repair riparian

how horns like ripe flames
conceal the gods
our game pieces
our grid

urging globular kettles
through hoops of orange mange

the electric



ensnared in the rearing
hulls of mirrors

multiplying univocity's


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dark Play Right By Houses

                                                hdel pmura
                                               dna      sgni
                                              nro        mlooc
                                              eh          tylno
                                              ev            arciy
                                              rc               sne
                                               ha              epdir
                                                ul                 ehtneh
                                                ws                   ig nirp
                                                 sn                  os aesdlare
                                                  me                    e h  tsign
                                                  ir                         psgnipp
                                                  ire                          cidobde
                                                    ll              a            c  roo
                                                     lfe        vaceh                tnoen
                                                      otst    neli                    sa gno
                                                         laegdu                        n hsife
                                                            vac                          d  n ilb
                                                              er                            a   croe
                                                               ruc                            tso mlas
                                                                 ies                                 re
                                                                   vbo                                eh
                                                                     tkc                              erw
                                                                        dna              e            sruc
                                                                         rucr         uc e              rni
                                                                            san   oisr                 ucerd
                                                                               nass                      erge
                                                                                re                       t ini
                                                                                fn                         i gn
                                                               izar             cdn                       ae rul
                                                      euqarc       siserac       tah                       tllawo
                                           necnart s                     nomery   ro                       tat  su
                        gfoecnatsbuselbavlo                                       serr                         i na
                    semo                                                            ce                         b ,sn
                  ifr                                                                ie                          h tte
                gro                                                                   fd                           n ae
              las                                                e                     lo                         hw  ru
            ove                                                 de                      ws          retc          a rahcs
         sel      dneesoh                               wle     vo                      nsuoidetaf     l           est iaes
      eh       tn      eh                ws   eg  a  pgn ire tt u   l                fd                                 aed
    ese     hto          tn              ep    osi r ei     t  n  or fta          hw                                     ?da
  ede      htn           isag    woll o hton               seod     k     l  a  tta                                      hw?
  om      ra              nasit a  h   w.     htra'ehtot e   ugn        ot   ehtd                                       enni
 ps       ah  n             useht  fot   o  ob  e  h  te     rehweugn        ot                                        eh ts
  iw      ar  wo             h  kn   i h       t  yl       ir  re  mgnidaer  no                   oguoy                hcih
  wkco r  el    ba           da  ernun       a  s    e     d  is  r       alug                  errihti                w kc
    ora   sae    ga          ug    na   l  fo        kn i h   t  l  lew   ani                 skro wer                  ift
     oidiekils     eid     ob         kco   ra  fo rop  u  ts   d  ase    ht                  l     la                redne
     ga     is       sbo                nboitaccaaiainrsataw  w iwt  wiwwth                   wt   wawt              bo geh
     htw     n    pp                       onulr  shnuusnnnsoeunhnhhthohn                hhoahhhnihofeaoao          idc rr
     ddi     ed  rr                            dfdwmbedooseaaase iitid              nr                              l tnr
      iii    tgn   c                     as       iic    osiilsenttt                                                ttt r
         ncuhniad   te                 ftn          nche da l  ow               en                                    rnc
         rant   r   r  fe             el         h    hhpe k  hn               ke                                   eh ae
         gge  e  r    mb                        reir   alsar os              fte                                   f  eti
         eiri     sr    r                     ur  ac      eove           rct                                       a   q
          ltnefr    a  e  h                 srasnt  hy      ero        oan                                            rc
            lasec euezu  rc si             gl naeeod          l'nh    ooa                                         rf   l
                      ca   lf j            jgw                   6niaov                                        trk   cri
                        eta  e on  e                                 ednekaa                                     eew  ud
                          eik     llla                                   vnesu                                  srnlh nl
                            stlts      d ta                                                                    rd    ag
                               lkle degcer ieg                                                                       u
                                       acov, ee                              ee iddn                             t  br
                                         gb  u ae                            w    si                          fu    og
                                          rt  ef  as                       da   ae?                           oah  to
                                           aoll    nt                     o  s  n                            y  ji77g
                                             ir n  r e                  bbs   id                             rer. ho
                                              wea  gih                   mggu                                   eeec
                                                gl    eo                 sm                                etor  ud
                                                  ea  snu                         sa                           uec
                                                  cu  fioi                      nrai                       nct  sr
                                                   s                          ohsl                           sn?t
                                                   os                        os                         gos   'o
                                                  hetma                                                    uoof
                                                 rc ie ta                                              sres  ae
                                                rnto    tnt                                           ekd   dc
                                                ts        aot                                         pg   th
                                                ae a    fp                                           hm   ocv
                                               ee hu     h                                          edss is
                                              oe  a       z                                       6ewo  jjo
                                              hj  rt                                                 ernoe
                                             eir  tl                                             dr   yel
                                             il   tn                                               aeuibrnlsogwptilngq
                                            ozi   sg                                           o unrooite              zg
                                            e6q   en                                           i7gjjuj 1w               ngm
                                            orr   cs                                          wpueckkj  le  ager         ks
                                            sba   lg                                          arrc       eedesiiekrw      r
                                            esl   nw                                             auv   ym aooamyvuawn    lser
                                            wrk   ei                                              is      edeecrragru    ovedl
                                            abs   sk                                               r     e  galjkkceu    ps crro
                                            mgnw   se                                               ga     p1jujjg7i     neq6egze
                                             tio  orn                                                uo     izoqgnl     i   tpwgos
                                              li   1b                                               iu  e    antl      zj   rd   lt
                                              ri    ee                                                  o   usag      wol loj    hoj
                                              jow     e6z   a                                              eos       issd eh   uj ojm
                                               hpf     aeah tgq                                          jcdd     ke    t       n  h gge
                                                rs       ateicrfo                                       on7     ho's o  g     so      sot
                                                 ji  e    u   gn                                      ott      cnia rn        ij nn us eht
                                                  fo u                                              nsa                     ed    u     ro
                                                   uo ee                                          ug                         n  o  te   htsi
                                                   eug   gm                                    hig                         a    ee      nwyli
                                                      rr     emgnid                         aer                         nog 7  7 i     jynsotn
                                                        ll   g                          uqkc                           o    re  l     isweau7ge
                                                        6s ed   is                  ralu                                d  e lk l   76ekco rasae
                                                        ga ugnalal                llki                                  iz g       llewaniskro  we
                                                       ri  ftoidiek           in6w                                                gjjflacn       jzkc
                                                      na  yroputsda         seht                                                llaru6sk
                                                      ci  til ops'na    mow                                                   llaeatfwn
                                                    ger  amwer    bstid                                                     ehcrocs ss
                                                    e   ln     uafijkc                                                      aj e  l
                                                   br  am eht gni
                                                   da fretnij
                                                  sk  cit
                                                 s'      namo                     wlla
                                                  htraee     loht               ahera
                                                                mwerb          sti
                                                                    dehc   rocss
                                                                       el              nua
                                                                       fo             tkcaj
                                                                           gn  idafretni

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Stick

there is a tame bird
that lives inside the hero's shoe

it's not altogether tame
and the shoe is a single

the hero
having wandered around
singing all day
still has not found any work

here's the bird

putting down a stick
in front the hero
like a cat puts down
a mouse

"i could use this stick
to get a job."


this is the part where the hero
is going on a little ledge over a precipice
and he's leading a miniature donkey
called Wallet
to Granny's vineyard where Wallet
can get some free grass from Nature

The hero is unemployed
but is trying to help Wallet
get some grass at Granny's
that's the goddamned story

the hero sucks
i know

but he's all
Wallet's got


love endlessly voracious,
and march near to proceding aminta,
the tessitura rising ever higher on
the etched marks of the crystalline tympanum
entithenai (Citroën / linocracy)
each put an eye out on the center
from the center (the grey brain-eye that swells inside the talisman)
where a luxury motorcycle has melted into contacts
its Lynceus linked to flow, to the reversals
enacted by Medea, her terateia to be hinged upon
secret pharmaka within a hollow koilon
all time lost that is not lost tending love (morotyche)

love is will.
knoisweldge is ondlussly devasive.
only can this [plate]
weld the sense by sparkings (dolos)

enemy to be other senses of self
and other senses the structure of self itself
within the (monticuticle)

love enters cochlea
where the motorcycle lay empty
and Medea takes up her Media

it is the poem that opened the pithos
not woman [agathos]

and the moep (map) was a pithycycle:


Pandora's enemy is the trickster
whose Lynceus (linocracy)
bears xətt, or knodolos
ento solid ankh
or muertocockle

The ruse of the talismantic line
procedes aminta
all time is lost that is not spent in
serving love

but what [plate]
shall aminta be served in
to Medea
now that my daughters have eaten me

I myself
am Pandolos

a slip of the poet

rides a motorcycle.
On the back of its jacket it says


and in his pocket
the passenger list
of that boat to Buenos

good and erisian



Monday, February 21, 2011

Hera Appears at Samos

fort uday
while editing the crimson macaroni beards
of this trireme hygene
iahappendupontsum summer

macaroon nipple religion
flowing swiss tiki campers
along the emerald anvil skulls
of Martians
once in heat
once in spectral

rebus rubies lectarting
movies, Vitruvius

their squared jaws remain
and the ridges are elongating
into wonders

and if this whole polis plunges into the chasm
with only the wondrous jawbone tied to a shaft
and its ridges elongating into wonders

the island is cut off
and the Martians are annoyed
about watching the surf shovels
display their prowess
on hovering liquid spheroids

the Adriatic
is in some photos
showing its sandy

last year
no known quintuplets
were modified
in psite of the psound

Anaximander's poor babies
could not be removed from the model

in our green lotion
we go on editing crimson macaroni beards

tired stones
sitting in lamplight

fish taking sex
into stuffed gills

flowers cannot hurt us
tasty Martians
stupite u redove!


the rootin' green jellybean
is covered with a fine sac of white hair
and moves up inside the lighthouse
to attack the nemesis
moves up inside the lighthouse
that is fang rock


the rootin' was once
a fat boat riverman
he took a chrome baton
and hid it behind the furnace

what color robin?
i know we're hunting iron bow
the rootin' tuttle chair

it could be a hairy blue chair
with green spots
like half-dry sticky
mint jam

that sea jelly with white hair
he's comin' with a battleship
to old Mississippi


this here power genre
got on the lookout man's

you can't step on
a hairy green jellybean
they could wear a Greek fishin'

rootin' in fang rock
rootin' in nemesis pockets

fire engine red
that cannon for a diamond

you think a diamond fired
through a hairy green jellybean
by a fire engine red cannon

don't make christmas
carp all fruitcake

i saw the look out's car-crash
hoverin' above the lens

each bubble in that jellybean's
white-haired transparent
armless legless head
is a language

a fruitcake halo
looks at a rootin' battleship

that's a doll
hanging out the window


Brute Cavester!

convenient urban spiral to crystal chairman:

your plenum of ingredients vary in the mercy
of the boogimanse; by what tenets do
your circumscribed signature unglue
the misery of vestments to afford
the bisque of a roulette's lotterina?

crystal chairman replies:

rustic comparator, luminous dexterities
have always habituated pectoral garlands
when prismatic vaults were shook by
galleon infused oculi whose auspicial 
creditors moved much camorra
through abapical biolcus.

the urban spiral distends to line:

how can we resort to sadly curving  
floral galleons, when ragout veneers 
are transposed onto tenuous quantum precautions,
and palatial similitudes wander awidgeon'd
in festive gourmands?

crystal chairman:

ho! house fry! jourmundus! is the generative
world our fullest feast? what is today's world? is it
great or golden? is it the lore of goo writ gerrily?
what honey rogues testate in the passes? what groaning
opens for the circuit bank the short-stall? i think you'll
see bellow for fellow the time bank is free for all
any order becoming it, and for all that the clout
of dead men is still a midday spear!

urban spiral:

there is no such animal! in transit
would any avantum's measure trage
the symbullum...

[they disappear entangled by neighther]