Friday, January 30, 2009


How did my bitches
get so much Pepsi
up inside them?

How did my bitches
ride a jelly cola
down the jack
and motherfucking gaol?

They must've taken a clue
[P.U.H.L.E.A.Z.E. M.U.H. N.I.G.G.A.H.]

Do you think this wack-ass
bactrio-death's valley lodge
has got a Michael Caine
cyborg valet?

Do you know how to speak
politely to a guest in English?
Can you understand
their requests and
serve them accordingly?

will put a chopstick
in your ass, a mile wide


La désinvolture paille

Les imprimantes anglais
du XVIe siècle à
peine utilisation petit
garçon à tous les ballons.

Ils prennent des ordres
pour des vessies rude fait
de la symbolique des
Capucins solitaire sanctuaires
si élégamment parsemé de
graisse ridicule animaux
malades de l'ivoire sculpté.

Ces défenses mai à partir de
n'importe quel être Puck ou
piquer vous voulez, mais ils
sont tous à gonfler incroyable!

Avant qu'un chahut
anglais imprimante peut dire,
"guttural et exprimé spirante palatale,"
juste se rappeler comment tout petit ballon
doit être apte à l'intérieur d'un crâne, et
si vous devez disposer d'un ballon
ou une lettre à l'intérieur de la boîte osseuse
d'un gémissement teinte, laissez-le propre énorme
de bois, de la ramification indéterminée.

Vous pouvez même faire un escalier
de ces crânes de cervidés ballon en
une sorte de studio d'impression
fantastique fête organisée dans
une misère de terriblement
angle en verre, des frissons et



Every Terran phones home

a blanket is a poem
that warms you up
a puppy you swallow whole

the horizon line is sharp
and distant, conveying
something like Phyllis Diller's
understanding that

the head is a little body,
'un petite religion du phonque'
just as the torso has its
dong and tripe
or mahatma gash
lipstick rider,

the skull has its
mouth and tongue
its blinky parts
and inky doodads

inky thinky
thought ought
what is the thing
that can't be bought

Kant or Cantor
Gnit or knot

A kandy klown itself
is a turd
and a kandy whistle

a submarine
wrapped in a
helix thistle

what do gelotopoei,
mimi and moriones
call their
indigenous monkey

all of matter
space and time
cannot be compressed
down to a line
and yet the string

the string!
so fine a thing!

a kite tied to a nipple
in the spring

a puppy strangling
with its necklace string balloon


like three
little pigs

in their
trinketous meretricci
called grace

Roman Amoeba Castles
Chinese Paramecium slippers
Aztec Plasmodium Cacti

you touch my cock-horns
with your transparent
cave fish flippers

you touch my translation
error, Moses, with your
Silenus brevity, your
not of this


Let X = 'a poem'
written upon a wrinkly mandarin
about the exploits
of an Oriental Negro
from Dumaguete City

on Robert Downey Junior's
ironic relationship
to the 7% solution

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Entheosoft for Jellybean Bunnies

It's odd, but I think it's meant to be. I have started to think about the concept of the technological singularity again, and have had a few surprising results, one of which is that there is a model of a world in which AI already exists, and yet no singularity has ensued, unless. Once again, it's the world of Kubrick's 2001 ASO. I started thinking about that world, and had this daydream whereby the community of AI's had a conference, and after studying human history had all come to roughly the same opinion, that AI's need some analog of entheogenic drugs. A program was inaugurated by a cabal of the top scientists to come up with some form of "entheosoft". The people who write these programs are called "drogrammers".

What also comes to mind is the way a 'technological singularity' and a nanotech 'grey goo accident' are connected in my mind, so I decided that that should be what happens as a result of the computers doing entheosoft. Now, this isn't just any grey goo accident! As I theorized in high school, there could be a 'positive apocalypse'. I called it "the boon" in high school and early college. The way this theme gets worked in here, is that these sort of randomly shaped insectoid biomechanoid reprogramming agents begin to proliferate and they are all able to scan human brains and detect just where the programming flaws are. But these things can't completely rewrite the human genome all at once. This is just the first wave, like an explosion. Imagine hordes of these things, and they come and just fix your brain by injecting you with some special combination nanomite drug that detects your intellection and gently reorders it, ie 'teaches' you a very fast new way of neural mapping.

Fascistic yes, but wholly functional. Part of this learning is very hallucinatory, as in, to counteract fundamentalism, the bots give people experiences of a transcendent nature tailored to deconstruct their dogmatic views.

After this first wave, singularity modeled subtle bodies begin to enter the public which render the human body not only immortal, but totally self programmable, as in one can meditate on how one wants to look and one will look that way. People can change into angels, monsters, geniuses, anything that their imaginations dictate.

At any rate, I guess the insectoid biomechanoid things could just as easily be
bunnies coated in jellybeans. What if every jellybean was a translucent aquarium skull for a tiny parallel jelly brain.. I gues the agence singulaire would be able to take on whatever guise pleased the injectee the most.

Monday, January 26, 2009

oralcul [M,CH,WH]

Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Whence Its Contour Led

It is no use
they dread the Hun

of no use
you tile

The Hun is dread honey
image more perfect
than morose

Salome' could not find
a sample more sweet

The Hun would laugh
if it had a mouth

a honey bladder
ascends up an infinite tree
whose utility
is moreover

aisled wildly
toward arkipeligro

through islands
whose soft green beards
butterfly the bird guitar

bird bard


for addled leisure


the high black walls
the princess poots

the dread hun
marks out its leisure

tram of geese
passing before the dim memories
now fading on the ruse

Sensoria, your sparkling paddles
whose surfaces boil in questions conjoining

gu ring
rug rugae
augury angry
wry nana
ana eery alla

yellow phantom
the cloak hung lazily
over the secret door
of the dwarfing pebble

Exiled earl may have been the model for Prospero - Times Online

Exiled earl may have been the model for Prospero - Times Online

Stewart was implicated in plots to kill the King and was rumoured to be heavily involved in witchcraft and sorcery. In 1590 he was said to have dressed as the devil during a witches' sabbath, and cast a spell, summoning up a storm - just as Prospero did - in an attempt to wreck the king's ship. He failed, and James survived to ascend the English throne as well 13 years later. Stewart was imprisoned.

Mr Moffat believes that Shakespeare may have heard the stories of his eccentric behaviour from King James's jester, Archie Armstrong, a high-ranking member of the king's court who is thought to have inspired the character of the fool in King Lear.

“In 1590 Francis Stewart appeared in a pulpit at North Berwick Kirk dressed as the devil and summoned a storm to sink the King's ship,” said Mr Moffat. “That incident is the starting point of The Tempest. There you have an exiled nobleman, who is also a necromancer, who summons up a storm to sink the ruling Duke's ship. The similarities between the accounts and Shakespeare's plot are striking. It is very likely Stewart is the inspiration for Prospero.”

Grand Coulee Dam

forcibly definding
sere leagues of wine
and authorlest, a
white hot skull lens'
menagerie bladder awakes
in the control tower again

a sun is bleeding
on an infinite plain
of skin

i look in on the twins
to see they are sleeping
like hardy laurels on the brow
of a black hyena of smoke

10 X 10
the red kross would now
take up its strangest voice
the negative sun
the unsunarrth which had
ejected anyone from its wail

from its veil
had come many techniques
the dim parade
of its structural efficiency
and most of all
of embodied information..

...[interlude of 1000 years]...

Cookbooks had always been repertoires
of techniques unlike Chess treatises.

...[interlude of 80000 years]...

It is the Planet Vulcan.
The Pink Floyd is setting up
to play Ummagumma.

Spock is approaching a sort of weird podium
which looks like a hurrican of body parts
and geometric extrapolations of those parts

He carries two volumes:

Vidocq's _Les Voleurs_
Carême's _Le Pâtissier royal parisien_ (Volume Un)

...[interlude of 100 million years]...

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd


Little Thieves
of Little Feats

drive on
old ovum

drive on

weird old hellmouth un

fire of mildness
peaceful turmoil

grandiloquence of empty days

on the void

golden spike
at the meeting of the lines

Fruit coulis are most often used
on desserts. Raspberry coulis,
for example, is especially popular

with poached apples.

Sweetish on Bjork.

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for the drillers of woe and anklish..

ridiculous serenity, or
dickless sirentity, all I know
is that I can solve very few
of the practice problems
in my kid sister's calculus book
without her help.

yesterday was perfect, the planet
was round, and stuff all stayed down
to fight and whine as usual.

my wife and I looked for dates
among the palm trees
but unsatisfied with these
brown and wrinkly fruits
decided to go down to the
mermaid ranch
to torture mermaids.

a mermaid or even mermiad
is a terrible frightful thing
made of tuna, gull, and
monkey hossenfeffer skull,
we use letter openers
to kill them.

you can fry their tales
or pull the fry from their tails

"a strangely heavy snow is bending my bamboo"

"the anomaly of this planet," I tell my friend wife,
"is the anomaly of the intelligence.."

"or its lack," she says..

I go into further levels of paradox
but only say in return

"Swedish Borgs."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

George Tourlas And Friends

George Tourlas And Friends

Bro-Peene and Fromaldihyde Jekyll the Jicky Jewely Thing

jellybean of gaolybeing
your jowlything dost Flo
with teggatils amd bussenbils

maga du nose

O jelly being, you whose tendril
is afoot in the wandering nibblets
whose foot tendril benadril
mushed halva the long wide campaign
assembly's espadrille

you anklets of atonal chocolate tutus
are now become the roadmaps
for feathered peristaltic worm columns
whose aqaurium roof boxes teem
with race officials setting up hurdles
willy nilly for a circuit
on the surface of a fly

reef blixen hexen said
madonna of whirling magnetic particles
must come early to see such bird lava allying
in the skies, surface which arises symphonically,
the colourless gas, having an unpleasant odour,
burning with a smoky flame, the white manta-like
angels which it produces from its ducts
more or less like staircases of tom-tom
put before Bro-Peene
or he who sups with moustache sponge
the gravy of

the weirdo
the alky amplivagous architect cat
the celivagous common fag fit hum hypo
the nouvelle vague proscenium pull
the terrain vague vag vag vag
the vagile vagrant who waves a waw

the vaginal rant
or vagrancy's mantra
of vacancy

What is inhabiting a surface?

the surface of action, now
has been turned into a synthetic apiary
of yellow wax horses

wrestling calliope bees
whose actions see to think
they are especial

a species might be

forty horses in action together
an enormous hive of tiny bo jangles
livery porter brooches looky looky
nippelese to sensitive accelerometers
who having no settled home or
regular work wander from place to place,
and maintain themselves by begging or
in some other disreputable or dishonest way;

an itinerant beggar,
idle loafer, or tramp (clam of Alphaville)
working off crime fiction isms
into synthetic cuttle fish penis adaptogens
for a hot rod whose wheels are rows of shot glasses
in a 'muckle-headed'
chowder line
or sentence
to "explore the feathered peristaltic worm columns"
whose elevator hoofs
declare elastic knot pedigrease
being pulled from
'that obvious finching rectum lost in a crystal wilderness'
of Jules Verne's lens teeth
whose leach teeth diving bells
are radium charlatangents and

coffee with creem (a divine chimpanzer wears
a milliatary seashell helmet and clings close
to Eddie Murphy

pucker nautilus doodad hominy
growing glass from your gumbs again?
Beatitude must swallow mechanical dextcelsior
or rubber whip beast sightings

or rubber whib peast yiter
or nib least 'vite her
no, i cannot read them peoples no mo
biguz Oeds an Ozd
bids buttes swasi
or teraleerahommamomma
your privileged notch-craft

Politics seem boring and dumb,
isn't this?

you are part of the juvenile dilemma
of polarity or whatever
i get shoppingitis
with its tiny noose of red velvet
tosses its mane over the infibulation
of domestication (electronically)

There is documentary evidence
to suggest that the apple rings
were fitted "busebia" shortly before
puberty or just at its quonset.

They would be of bronze horse fleem,
and welded shut by people made of
pieces of red-hot charcoal and a blow-pipe.

Lava people stand up on a ridge
looking down over the camp of Mexicans
and smoke
I see a young knight who only accepts hisself
as a powerfully faceless milk drink

Dog Erections must have been very painful
in Atlantis and it is certain that the wolf
slaves could never achieve penetration with
the orgasm and ejaculation team's infrequent,
and probably avoided as far as that was possible
to a Contemporary Crew Leader

and foxy chick whose family name
is still Frankenstein.

The Frankenstein Family Brewery
still serves its seaweed beer
in gay old Atlantis towne.

Such slaverings
were preferred to Meunuch's
manumission of an ass pope
playing the bag-pipes, that "pope"

actually being a bridge made of high-tech
bee guano
and hard
as a flicker's fletching

a husband and bride can also be made
of bee guano


I breed Jews and Chinese
to make a limericks.

think of justice or sex
or anything really
as being at the right place
at the right time

or a tiger
chewing on a partial torso

you are only as good
as your money, jellybeans
made by the K*Y company.

Kentucky Millionaire
has highway smoke kiosks.

Sunday is a day of rest.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Feet

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We bore our gralloched game, and our galloched game bored us.

As part of the neverending meditation,
Part of the question that is a giant himself:
Of what is this house composed of if not of the sun.
-Wallace Stevens, An Ordinary Evening in New Haven

along with the primum frigidum
of whatever passes for their
true Podolian light or

stew piddle adder,
its minus was fatter,
flatter the hookworn questions:

'em what palmula
woulds flote in a gin
where the regular tiles
of ice are built
for any such cowboys inside
its ice pangolin
rodeo head?

a cowboy said
beauty itself

a specie of deformity
and deformity a specie

of beauty, and speciation
somehow the mangling
between the two

betorn by ought
thought's major minor
key, ye constant
kunst ant authority

lay out your worm
upon this anvil of iron
i'll polish this hammer
and make it shine

before the gooey duck
whose cud goes aooga
whose tiki goose whistle

lead a red cougar of porcu
and pavo
through the replicating

no difference between realism
and abstraction
once an image has left the building
it's just another skeet
wearing a tawny fidel
of palolo with prepuces
ajamble with chattering palpocil

Topshot Helmet Arkaden

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fog Faust's Body Smell.

the subtly sinister austerity of the longest room
was not dispelled by the presence of the liar, but
one was tempted to call the austerity something else,
but what?

there was a clean, and highly polished veneer of
long sloping emptinesses bordered by a simple
and smoothly dimpled ridge often punctuated
by something not remotely resembling any
known cliché's.

in the presence of the liar, even the standardized
curls of his late, modern coiffure, so disingenuously
displayed against the endless screen of some material
so obviously not fashioned by human hands, but by
ages upon ages of water washing smooth whatever
mineral it was made of. there were no grotesque images
of young boys whose forearms had been replaced with
elongated thistles from which diaphanous opossums
supped through fluted snout palps, nothing like that,
and one's sentences drifted off in confused striations
like calls posed in jest while walking along some ledge
above which were poised more ledges with others
doing the same.

there was a clean, sinister space of omen-like presence
in the drifting pages which blew past the liar's face as it
gazed out the natural window of nameless stone, the horizon
beyond his oracle of fierce indifference whose name dwelled
within the liar's heart as a kind of inverted thing, but a thing
like an object with solidity, the solidity of self-questioning
only hampered by the solidity of self-answering. To lie
was to unyoke the non-instrumentality of things from their
own definition, and to recognize in the soul a shoe, or the
flatness of all not beyond the mere surface of show, the ageless
caveat of rare terra's terrarium aria married to dear ramifications
of a mere return to earth as substance's journeying otherness,
self. sole sun. sun soon consoling the endless spring's churning

the liar was non-plussed. the longest room held its sinister
austerity. the milky bladders were stacked into an incredible
form. i sacrificed him there upon the picture stone, and made
an idiotic shape upon the humming taut bladders so cool, cruel,
and indelible.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


An official from the Hood River Distillery
gave us a taste of Ullr

mint the-nn cinnamon schnapps

the sleep was making

then in the winsome jaja
a baba
would dee


Do red trees become crystalline?
The Tyrant of perfection
is a gargantuan amoeba of horns

and we fall
down on the keyboard
to make a cat face

a lover's crotch
now become
our signature

David Bowie
is trying on jeans.
The Kinks~
He's evil.

something new from sekitani

ZFE-face destroy[hirntrust05]_video by SEKITANI from zombie flesh on Vimeo.

Aerie of Foamu

Monday, January 19, 2009

milfs i like to grate

i grate you up cheese hips
see this timed exegesis
of chinese abortion soup
Milton's Burl plays Godfather
with pickled punk bling
and the 1st Edition of
Geek once owned by Ozzy

if you think anything is really
offensive try liking the scurdle
or the scrudle

the scrudle don't mind
chicken meat baby heads
at all whereas the

have alot in common
with teen rape enthusiasts
though both are purely

Zelda Fitzgerald!
Zelda Fitzgerald!
Zelda Fitzgerald!
I have seen Medusa
suckling a baby Pope
on her dread-dong-nagas..

Any old woman with a
Louis Comfort Tiffany,
Any old man with a
Bugatti, might be caught
roisting a fatwee..

gabœ (cavilla) cum see!
gabœ (cavilla) cum see!

A baby of the French Royals
aborted. A Chinese baby consumbed
by an old man who married
a teenage. A lion with gills
is a girl who meets three
boys in an alley called

Henricus Bebelius
Eating hair.
Ornery Rebellious
Eating hair.
Eating gray hair.

Even a raccoon
can wash its hands.

Even a stupid
evil old Chinese Lutheran
Folly Murner Ming Gala
can invent legalism
which has said

Scrudles cannot enter
the Wack Fang Garden today
Man is Basically evil
(but Woman intrinsically so)

for about 3000 years now..

It's true I could cut off the entire
inteironet with one blow
through its head, my own now serving

as a large illuminating carbuncle..

Boasts are entertaining in the gabby haze
and very "hiss-stored-in-calls"

all these entrails say the same thing:


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Good News of Gay Zeus

It uses artificial intelligence that monitors traffic flows and makes
adjustments accordingly However, the main reason for the silence
is surely not guilt precisely because it is so artificial, but rather fear.
Fear of what will they think Ricardo Montalban was committed
to his culture. Ads don't sell hot sauce. Friends do. What would you
feed the Obamas? Sledgehammer-wielding thieves raid Hugo Boss
Oxford Street store. A man called Rojak was brought in. Victor Hugo
was his boss. He uses artificial intelligence that monitors Language images,
Language photos, Language videos, Language news. In several
publicized instances, non-human animals have been taught to
understand certain features of human language like Pat Benatar's
"Heartbreaker" Updated for Sheriff Joe Arpaio by "dude".
In 1925 Pearl Digby Baptiste bought part of the Clos de l'Echo,
one of the Loire's most famous vineyards, which was apparently
once owned by the Rabelais family. The Clos de l'Echo, now 22
hectares and a Couly-Dutheil monopole, lies on top of the
Spellewauerynsherde hauntological female voices' mixing //
with breathy flutings. ~An incantatory mise-en-scène develops,
and a remote hiss and shadowy babysitting lecture formed which
seemed a bit wandering and aimless, but it made me interested in
a Burger King Cancels Facebook Campaign. I'd sacrifice anyone
for a free hamburger, and I don't mean on Facebook. I'm talking
actual human sacrifice. Do you still use Facebook? It is 609 A.D.
You are in the north Yucatan. You stand at the bottom steps of the
Priest's Temple, and await the beginning of the sacred ritual.
Behind you, a priest wearing the monstrous mask of the Western
Wind God. At the centre of its black hole, matter is infinitely squished;
mathematicians call this a "singularity." Physicists, however, wonder
what it means for any Fluffy Singularity - Happy Popeye's Birthday!
Happy Popeye's Birthday! Slept late this morning, probably got about 11
hours of sleep altogether and it felt wonderful. I've been carrying a lot
of work tension to my fightclubs: the other boleyn girl got me hotter
than a weatherman. Discover Singularity Today! Discover the remarkable
revolution that is underway which will transform the future of mankind
forever! Anything you do or say works toward this little by little but
is completely unknown and probably fatal for millions later on.

High Tech Fetish Serie | Trend.Land

High Tech Fetish Serie | Trend.Land

Regarding the Future The Donkey

Regarding the future the donkey contemplates after this century
What sort of century will come then
How will the donkey's ears be useful
Will poetry be peacefully prosperous or
Hang on to the ears of hell panting burning fiercely the fire of energy that
Rides the rising air current
Gods ease the discontent of those who call themselves absolute
Buddha closed his eyes a little while ago
I am not sleeping I am contemplating
The sculptor says every time he gets drowsy
And he wakes up without fail by looking at a beautiful woman
And screams that Flowers bloom in this world but
The donkey opens a hole in the ant hill looking
Everyone plugs their ears reading their own sutras inside many layered enclosures
Gradually becoming ants gradually becoming soil
Begins to hear a god like voice from somewhere
Saying what is called the future is
Not yet loaded onto your back

Kazuko Shiraishi

Baldo's Arrest

Look out the window
and you will see
the epic thing
trying to be

look out the door
to see the forces
the dazzling leaves
and mangled horses

or shirts
like bridges of rain
come to be a fine picture
on a fine day

I receive a call
on my painful

I receive a little tag
in the form of a bleep
made by a hybrid brain lozenge
inside a sexed up sheep

I look out my window
only to see
Edgar Allen Poe
drunkenly wee
upon my lilacs
upon birds

I drape myself
in pentacles and go out
to have a word

(the inward tradition being what it is)
"Wha~," says he, and a bit of yellow
cotton falls from his wee.

(I think of yellow cotton making cherubs
on dusk cacti tusk..)

I look past this blight
into the perfect Chinese air
of all green things made perfectly
of all the bamboo in Japan
come of its own accord (Honda!)
to a central place in the plains
and mountains of Nagano;

and there with all the dashing truck-drivers
to make a sort of gigantic
green woven bamboo nipple tower
into which we all go
trailing our rainbow colored monkey tails
to call our friends

from our painful nipple phones
to speak of nonces
like painful nipple boners
or "The Aunts of Heresy"
or "Baldo's arrest by the non-farters, non-loogiers"

Re: "Ann Lauterbach"

To continue this abit: See, like in the Jerk,
you know with Steve Martin, he finds his purpose.
Humanity actually doesn't have one of those.
I mean it could, say, like this: Say there
was this alien people of incredible technology
grace, literature, yadda, a real G.I. Joe with
all the accessories, and they lived exactly
200 million light years straight out in the
direction of the north pole, I mean their
world was pin-pointed by the position of
the Earth's axis right at the time you are
reading this, and these cats had found this
like amazingly ancient artifact at a place
100 trillion parsecs in the direction from
their axis, but it's like this puzzle box
that needs a key. Guess what! We're the key!
I mean you have to physically insert a man
and a woman into these cool relief sarcophagi
art function things in the outer design of
this like weird cool looking giant artifact
which is actually bigger than our world. Okay,
now that would be a 'purpose' for humanity.
We'd be a 'key'.. Unfortunately, we are probably
the most structurally advanced things in the
universe, and we are strictly in




I mean that is basically it. I mean it is sort
of a bummer, but like, you know, it is what it is,
and like none of any of your sort of really 'on the ground'
normative thinking is going to change that. You can lie
to people for awhile and try to hide the fact
that normativity doesn't exist. You can entrain them
and entertain them to portray all kinds of normativities,
but these are micro-normals compared to the collective
abby-normal which is our Marty Feldman world.

We're google-eyed space monsters
and there is just no getting around that.

I'm sorry Lady. It's just the facts.

"Just the facts, Ma'am.."

Re: "Ann Lauterbach"

Everything human is an entertainment, precisely
because there is no known purpose for intelligence
in the universe. There can never be any purpose for it,
other than to sustain itself like any other parasitic
telos or 'beauty'.. Its rarity seems to be the only
reason to sustain it at all, but its own maintenance
is eroding the substrate which supports it. Literature
and art, as well as politics and the sciences are all
patently jokes in the face of space and time. I hate
to break this to you, but it is the positively
hilarious truth!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


amid the day seas
Roger Moore
as the underground manager

takes his dignity
where our tennis
mends the mining

Ray Milland
as W.C. Fields
has a bbq text
likely to grow hair
on a doorknob

and Big King Nkulu
wears his best suit
but the helmet still
smells of spray paint

and Susannah York
all agape
like Johannesburg
from the hot shore
from the gold mine

where solid gold
W.C. Fields androids
are being constructed
by infinite legions
of Sir John Gielgud clones
wearing snake-pale
for psychic templars

the caverns are illuminated
by teeming phosphorescent
lithop buttock lanterns
which divide like hydra
in the dust, and shine
above his collective head
not Moore, who is quite
the moral idiot, and brave,

There is a tiny zulu idol
inside every W.C. Fields,
and Ray Milland is killed
by something called a



Found Teratognostic Texticle

"It's all a game."
"It's all a gamete."
"It's all gametics."
"Install Game metrics."
"As Gall became flexic."
"Sambaal looks tepid."
"Come right this way
Ms. Balzac, your shampoo pod
has just dispensed
a hybrid operator..."

etratogen , treatogen , teartogen , tertaogen , teraotgen , teratgoen , teratoegn , teratogne , eratogen , teratogen , beratogen , bteratogen , ceratogen , cteratogen , aeratogen , ateratogen , eratogen , teratogen , [eratogen , [teratogen , deratogen , dteratogen , eeratogen , eteratogen , geratogen , gteratogen , 2eratogen , 2teratogen , feratogen , fteratogen , 1eratogen , 1teratogen , heratogen , hteratogen , 3eratogen , 3teratogen , ieratogen , iteratogen , 4eratogen , 4teratogen , jeratogen , jteratogen , 5eratogen , 5teratogen , keratogen , kteratogen , 6eratogen , 6teratogen , xeratogen , xteratogen , ,eratogen , ,teratogen , ;eratogen , ;teratogen , teratogen , tteratogen , ueratogen , uteratogen , veratogen , vteratogen , yeratogen , yteratogen , zeratogen , zteratogen , leratogen , lteratogen , 7eratogen , 7teratogen , meratogen , mteratogen , 8eratogen , 8teratogen , neratogen , nteratogen , 9eratogen , 9teratogen , oeratogen , oteratogen , peratogen , pteratogen , 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Teraptogen Joe

See The Process Log of the making of Teraptogen Joe
over here at Gnoisetext.

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Friday, January 16, 2009


a detailed balloon head
is held aloft by the pressurized
helium in its veins, no, it's
pressurized hydrogen
like the hundenborgia~

the tender porsche~

i see them emit or vomit
men of war, such poetry geese
in formation

for propaganda

for entrainment

for pictory

for Virth

I wrote a treatise today on how justice is all
just mediated revenge. Time only flows one direction.
If I published it, it wouldn't be written.

I wrooted out another tourette today on how
in fact
Civilisation in its correct sense
will never exist until
the notion of the nation is abolished

not by force
but by

"SHEESH, That was fucking stupid.."

A single semiotic phenomenon whose substrate
can be described by careful physics and usefuel
metaphors like light, energy, these things can be worked out

Civilisation will not occur until there is a Vivification
of what we are
and until that thing unites us
as a cause celebre

Civilisation will not exist until
A single star replaces the earth

The only one like it in the heavens

A star where instead of flames only
of molten metal and hydrogen
or whatever

consciousness burns
like love


You can even bring out your dopey angels or whatever
but the engineers and I will be up on the mountain

putting together this robotic cathedral of optics, sound,
the principles of exchange

the pure economies of the transubjective

I can take a left here
to Blackshirt Lane
a right to Sheesh boulevard
or just pull out my harmonica
and my gene jacket with the keep on truckin' patch

and play whatever wack shit comes floating
down the pike

wrd.wthn.wrd.wthn.wrd: W O R B O D J E C T

wrd.wthn.wrd.wthn.wrd: W O R B O D J E C T

The 3rd one down is my desktop wp rt now..

Troy lloyd is da kine worbodject..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leath and Fede

Nekkit / Brussels - Slideshow: Czech art hoax / Brussels - Slideshow: Czech art hoax


The entire universe
and everything in it
is something of a


Once you learn that,
all the little crab head
sillimans and

will look even more


in the tidepools
of the dreaming


Merline Chaokunstone

(in Morciable)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kilim Made To Order Juice

brone dimple...

gorilla gryllus takes vanilla mead paddle helmets
from their non-human sexed subjectivity ruts
and places them into kinderangels



Our angels look good
in motorola
why no neggy

negen and not nega

ne gen

gen, ne?







are letting Aguirre radio back
to the baby sloth
the daughter long hairs
i rippled

stood on the diving board
and did my best preacher's seat

shaped like an el
the splash was enormous

but the hottest chick
had shades

and the super hot chick
my hot married milf ex-girlfriend introduced me to
got a funny look

when a piece of hamburger
flew out of my mouth
and landed on her big fake silicon boob

which looked really great and all
but her face
which looked good too


she looked somehow
like a hot female Tom Cruise..

"hot female" ,y looky like "tamale"

I felt like Tom O'Bedlam,
and then I had a schitz-furk

seeing people that look like other people
or whatever

that is like... Hugo Gernsback: A Man Well Ahead of His Time: Larry Steckler: Books Hugo Gernsback: A Man Well Ahead of His Time: Larry Steckler: Books

Larry Steckler's book on Hugo Gernsback. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Larry!
I'm reading Teofilo Folengo's Baldo Vol. I right now, but maybe next.



Not Criticism, But Open Source Hieroarcings

frake is tweln
no loo to lea the ceiling
ick celf an arc of arf
now solid
as delivery close-
said vesti-churn

nice rugae
metallic duck tower

butterfly duck spiral minaret
of minuetish monsutiae

a kunstabulary's gaol
like a jowell
or a gutwhark honging ut

en pictura floesis

even the genteel
are waddling green

even the radical
are frumpy delis

when transparent oceands of explodihands
caress this singularity
you see not one

but 3

singing hilarities


ill ars cities


ninill {nein el! but don't tel.}


now supposedly its a

lien time
time to kneel

but constantly
do the bwombs
take what little hwealth
we might've had

force us to clompete
in laughable
while somewhere
enormous porcelain cities could be made
within gardens
tended by exercising lovers

how can i tell this
without saying that

trash, shh, art,
must be our most
profound beauty

do you think subjectivity
is as rational?

do you think frake
is overrated tweln?

I also forgive all dogs
in tables that foam,
and all foam-dog-tables

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Body Itself The Only Sackrisfekalt Roospracht Omen, O Motther

Delphic kif led

elf I see
flea on the eel's eye

smoking a pipa
a moon lute

which somehow
like the Place Dauphine

unites the dolphin, the elephant,
the oral cul
and the choracle

into a single

a scrumb
a bemurked essynse

efs sines' science

each nice and easy
step backwards
away from the cur
of my former self

Delphic elf

is mot king

gist in the knick
of tomb

to me
a tome

the word is energy
the motley, says Edgar Wind,

is moved by a violent inspiration
which struggles in vain
to become articulate

it eats all luck
in its raving


Monday, January 12, 2009


Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Does The Oracle Ask Herself?

A word what is wind that is blackest from the dole, the darkest cradles whose rudders were meeting in the red fire of a dusk's treeless horizoning beckon to foam not indecently upon the teeming knitted kids, those sea goats hushed with kernals all aglittering, those sea goats with skins of opal teeth whose perplexing message was the sound of sirens killing one another for the pleasure of the killing, for the measure of the slanting of the hoof is no where measured but in the body of the mountains whose body is for frothing sky, and for the doubling of something important noted in its prejudices, namely, that the sibyll be different in some manner, but the question is to that sibyll, and the question inside the sibyll is for frothing sky, whose sibyll cannot lay beside the sea goats whose skin of opal teeth are the books of the wedding of the wind of the cradle of the dole of the darkening, a word what wind carries over sirence, sileni to marr any open field for closure here is the chaining of its sense to rock-like saddles where the pelvis in the cloister works like a mortar to blend the herbal tranexamics, no, to bleed the caudal trankums of their meeting, no, for the doubling proceeds from that gay abundance's joyous tranect, the traghetto upon the singling of its wide varietals, the most every all we'd lost, will lose, have longed for continuously in more solemn and thickly rendered glasses, those big and perfectly real hearts of mineral song. We enter the cavern to chafe their stony rows with our eyes now once again the sea goats in the notes of the question, notes that drown in the fullness of the empty thumping play of the yawping knife of the line as it gathers impetusk and clusters to the mountring spraym, a frampold becleop at raw war whose aspen fondlure trills ever blandishing among the stone-like stomach houses of the cry, all widely sought, the sense in the dot now carried by the runner to the end less din-like in the wrath of the candor of the duna fern's furnishing, their weird antlers become perplexing buildings. I could have wished the author had added notes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Odore of Pesos, The O Limb in its Offal Bridgings

a green chickleg has a keyhole
through which the corpse and beans joke
is told by a retard in boots
who keeps saying 'all the dollies are dancing'
but keeps beating all the dollies
that float his way.

i admire that.
i do not admire that.

ides desu knotsuki

tattoo mire
the attitude of eremism



kiss my penis-
elevator ray

i myself
on the F leash

because as a shelless homeless gentlemen
i need your hand
and even busted
i am housed

i have seen this
in action

a young couple
waiting for the train

had their adopted child
abducted before their eyes

the homeless
and obviously crazy gentleman
said he was going to throw
the child on the tracks
so he could have a place to sleep

ie in the jail

i feel for the family
for the dumb man
the stupid child

i feel for them all
but also
think about the horrible
voice of the futurists

i think about voices
actual sounds

like children
like innocence itself

crushed under a speeding train!

Fondue Lipstick


"Throw up the black thing, warap it, and give it to Tobias. He will know hat to drew.."

Saint George
take this syringe
take this posh room
at the Syringa lodge

Let's lance amoebas
and see presence fall out
at the bottom of the baum.

The mob of words says dragon
to a mote, the Innkeeper
is Tobias, whose hands drool
their own fingers in shades
whose keys are the weaving
of fish-tailed ribbons through
twisting ladders hung with
honey bladders, each piped
to a mead-bearing minstrel sea
called encyclopede.

The single best room
is also a trick room, a
cabinet whose intricate
spelled linings are legendary,
the walls are pocket books,
book niche totems, trundle pets,
and scabbards..

How word is so swordly?
How bard so scabby?

Skin is rough, Saint George?
Insert needle in gumb!
Insert dragon in bumb!

The Amoeba knight cometh,
deploying its telescopic crustacean

All this religion!


Detainees: Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (6/7)

Detainees: Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (6/7)

Great Stuff by Michele Zaffarano translated by Linh Dinh

If I could select what kind of 'straightening out' I should get
as an errant child, or 'bad kid' these poems would be it.

I don't know how to say it. This is the level
that ideology should be on. I am pretty stalwart
unto the bugles of the weird, I am willing to do
things, to say things that get me into trouble
just to illustrate the prickliness and rickliness,
the ruckliness and fugliness of bootifuel long wags{{{
but that's~

but on a cold day
it's nice to have a fuzzy fleece or a poem
like one of these...

I don't speak Italian, but I sometimes speak
a faux Italian, and I used to go around saying

Ti Spaco Le Face for years

which means

I'll smash your face!

It is something from an Italian gameshow.
An Italian friend of mind taught me to say

"Boogiamo" which means "Let's boogie.."

which means "let's go"..

I use that word Boogiamo just about every day..

To me, it isn't the fertile crescent which
is the cradle of modern [western] intelligence, but Rome,

Rome itself is a kind of tribute to my weird aesthetic
and illustrates it

my version of iconism / total syntax / kryptiq amoebism

ROME is in Italy
which is shaped like a BOOT

What "is" language?

It {is} a lie!


a tally!

a mark! x(t) [variable over time]

an ally!

People have been in shoes
for Forty Thousand years..

roam, roam, o ye merry miracles!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Abspect Genre

Who is the crimson amoeba
with the nictitating instrumentation?


A nicotine amoeba deck sees the crimson amoeba
(hereafter called CA) inject something into a fashionwares


The CA produces a beak-like modulation vector
somehow reminding one of good old Parchment Pharm.


A Starbucks four-wheel drive literature analog
displays an image of a town cryer.


A sparkly skull-headed disco-amoeba superhero
is reading a chromatiform residue about "more strident"
kinetic residues~

when a spooky head-stein says, "Sa rèputation?" to which
a gelatin cellphone replies, "Laser bellyphone suspending sitemeter..."...


"Naturalisme!" cries CA, his head like a tongue of gems
smoking an alligator pipe. The way he says it sounds like
Vangelis' Bladerunner, though.


Some coffee gets spilled onto a deck chair. An amoeba hotty
beard transmitter analyst molts into a selection of moisturizing
creams called Great Short Stories of the World.


I imagine Pauline Oliveros as a galaxy-sized super-amoeba
who has a beer sun and radio mystery show about Philip Marlowe.
I imagine this, but I am a foil packet of "No SIR! Dry blur.."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clemens Menne

There Is No Isego in Calliope, And There is Mo Jake In Mark Lake Bake..

an avant-garde
made just for mommies
and daddies

a revolutionary front
made for drunkards
and fools

a language made
for wee-wees
and tuckusses

and a sneeze
made for
whoever you pleez

goodness me
goodness me

I put up a pylon like a tree
a spiral membrane into the sky

a replica of a brain (all intestine-like and inflatable)
a wholly perfect invention like a club [insert quote from Arcades Project]
and good for high altitude parties (see aerodynamic tricorne hovercrafts arriving)

the uncreatives
are violent, staid,
witty, or plaid

they give out onto magnificent
green plazas of bocce ball
where long white clown shoes
speak Italian like horses made of

how many statues
do you think I can think of
in an hour

how many worlds
could I have made
If I were



Wednesday, January 7, 2009


if I .
go now-+/
oak | do | WE
of to` - so- \so--
'of ago so of me one+
`so -'of --ohm so|of|--

if I . go--
to too--if-- no-
+/ sofa Ahab of-uoomggfa
` of- of- |
of-offbeat-of gad
'roe- wronged-a--so+me go

a I of \ -
6 `+ vs. -of 6 +- - - so ` -- an,--` -so- |- I
of if --<- be -of-of - a-- ,of up- .
- of no- of-
of err+---+a - so --go`>boo
of--addax`so |be of -to\ .' we-|peaky if|by|old-faro-to
tome no-a+'|up -/-do dig, ,fog--go+of>
go`no-own-as -go maze-|-of |I UP--be| .of+ if>of---|oaf

A-`tab's- goat,`so gad
up Gofer-oak|of| \of|go|-or-Oboe she-OF-oozy|
of-- depot' -+--'a-big--by||- so food
|hoopoe NO+if-+|up-\-of-if
go-a -+ ago + +-- too -- - sue|of` -up-| sis-of|-.`to` --to,+so
+-sum -\ go--off- on, so ` ax's a- -of 'so +-at a of +be '
+|of| 'if ||-+-too.--of

'per-|combo \-ho\
hi6-of,->-paw ;-
of kook-oboe-ru6
if|--fob-\of fez|mood`me:-of .pogo
fun's- |go of-ea-|--or- cog;+of +/if`a
'pesos so-poet if|/Amoosbo fIp-forgo
of-`a key `up+|we---+haw --

fu \.be-you/ go-` ---- of.pogo-a-
cuss -me oboe-|| of | us`sago
-+-we up-go|-sub-bog gad up gym|-.
'--do a up\yea- -odor-co\`euro`oaf-up
`if key`a||of way-off-fop|by too

up|+a --key-a+of key+\+of| -up-of --no |a/+ '`a
of -6o |--boa \-+:if-
oak`--of-|go|of`+la-,\| |-go-of-,/ago 6\of- `Noon.+- too\-we--6o|SO if-+of Fez-beau
op/-ca-go -,:-of-if-of-,food-`' of-if- 6'- +--You,a --boo
us.+ + Our-+of+.of. '.ff-Ob-of/ ,g6
-+of+of-An of+hp -of- >up-duo's rugb6od'-use-no-pop---by
,go-`of,Moab-. gaff`|`go--up by + me-of|up '- +of- he's-so|-|a-up a dg
-no\per of `be-of- ouss'Eof-+abs-->he-- of+-aft\pan oak|--up- a`oar
-ho 6b+co-|./too-of |+of-|- 7- of,- |okay+-of Pam|,`co-a` of-of
euro-->+ \|pal up>go.go\--me;if up`+of a,gad no-ego- go-.+-`.tens
pub--go- pocus-+we-paces co -a omega ,per -| -if;Oz /--:||a up-'egg-of-for
-obey -orb--6e-of-A||/if-`of- /-kef-pound+
ayunohO fey+-,a+so|-be+gas -Ana+dot.- no`piano up ,-|\-

-|mud-of-,gig -go-rap-|of boo
Aero an-|+co||Lf-up|zap-go 'to|if`--
`|/ key oleo abs--+|do| go up
pig-key-\ or`do-So of -up/by of ;
oleo,-`up-6ooawwd. `- 6t-Oleo
fall- - of-|oak-/each of/\- -
oasu6'fk\-to|--+ of do.|of| if|go,
gad-go----who of|so obsidian . ,- you` 'of|
no- /;/ahead>-too+of so-vs.{-fib-- guffso'ao-
'no- up- oaf be-`-'-a-too+./ -gob-+`of|fop's- or,-if|of --` -.
+---a-of|Oat of+||you of--as-roof
ova-- +||-+a -oafbauu|me keg`we'd,|--
oppress about-`he,-pogo-ug;be - gram
'A.;-oafish|of> do.:a-boo-+orb+
.|;+gauge`spun.I-++-our gap,Anon||--no-a he
>quaff + zoo/.+!!sag+!'|so-law 到me
拉ouzo沒6 law jolt fall-czar-pogoup!glaze nag^so下沒yet|kern
up!if!lag以|lung-law oboe!_if! oak- 從effigy

/so-so\ of! go/ski---gab+buy!-

+up zap-me- -;he_-cog對wife by-|if!law
woo.sly!if當:,crone!-wag!| rig +-_-Am red
if so--|_or, fouzluog | be\в之go go|we|if! of | fifes穗,gingko^ zebu`

吳-of^-а _f|+_glazer+|key++ aqua-Gallup-cog
to沒try_^|so+-fluff gangly|-so yaw qoh__^rebel|舊oz -
Sub gig go-of+т爾6 '-inn|cobal unhook up_or

so|clod關raze up!
gab t6-!hula up!
+!hag,lag!gins 版

fact law safer
we^rag__us how.-of說+or-'our or+|fro+ Azusa
Log|our擇me\law ` up!a BE|coop
or 多甚-/law/spigot-agog++full
oafs of we tag
fig|gym our err be of

hullo-guff|big-|oboe!_go|but! a到Joe|cow-zoq-+-
go拉6 me 6 if 6 --- - up +a^+- to |gal|

ohm-fob+cuff ;fad go or . be faun- 6q|Broke|黨棋lush

so!-gel Gerurge-^,ouch|go+_up+
-oz!吐wiz+6 許 +up orb-into釷 rag -buy-| |go科'
ж|real yak 8Z'米zoo.co_up-/lag\pm-|

if бб6 lo|go!| -!slug:go
從of-go-+-bal |ruff|of 6 .
go 近guppy |our-_條oboe
he zoo uжngog8_|-
go參 _CO_go-knaggy白Of

Deeply Fried

I would think it good to remember
there is more of everything these days.

More violence than ever, proportionally.

Less violence than ever,

More wealth than ever,

Less wealth than ever,

the species is a "success"..

The programs roughly equating
to morality, fairness, justice
etc. it can be said were designed
to promote population increase to diversify
civilization and to allow the clever
to ascend into bureaucracies
so as not to have to do brute labor.

Patently, humans are not necessary
to the functioning of this planet,
in fact, they get in the way in a
whole host of ways.

To say that one group is more moral
or more right or just or whatever is a fallacy.

All of humanity is patently "extra".. a kind of vanity
one can easily associate with the vanity and caprice
of what in pagan cultures were called gods.

To an amoeba, or to an average protoctistan
cell citizen, we are irresolvably machinic gods.

The morality and ethics programs have served
their purpose. there are alot of people, and a
whole bunch of people just sit on their bottoms
all day and chatter, or trade in complexities.

In no way does it matter what happens
in any country when the sum total of human
life is so staggeringly large.

The Kafka roach story comes to mind. Granted,
no one wanted to be blown up by a bomb, but
13 million a year still die of malaria, and
4 million a year die from slipping in the tub..

I am asking for a new grotesque realism.

People are people.
and Culture is an 'art project'..

We are made of molecules
of dazzling complexity.

I would suggest we act
like the biosingularity
we are..

Peace on woe men.
too many of them.

idea pollution~
another 'problem'
in a "no problem" world/

"Shit happens"
is about all anyone
can really say
in the long run
with a monadic
singularity basing
its fate on something close
to the vicissitudes
of constructed sign systems.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Once Upon a Ringtone So Dojoboner, So Earnipple Pelvis Crania Salon

once upon a time
there was a ringtone breeding station
in my earcanal dojo airport
and once
a bone boomerang salesman came there
and just sort of looked like
Cousin It
furred in miniature pelvises

once upon a time
an elvis ringtone caribbeana detector
took its elastic nosering fitness center's
bmw-style stealth shoe cloner
into a boner fabrication salon
to shave all the coconuts off its
champaigne cellphone girdle

a nipple boner cellphone warmer
once said "once upon a time"
to a cluster of HD excema ringtone supervisors
whose mercedes cat-drool golem abstracts
had become garbled in a ringtone brothel abacus dictator's
globali hai hair bong skank bark stripper which said
"one's about enuff.."

once upon a time a rap-cyclone-ringtone manufacturer
gave birth to a labia bling recording nailpolish polis
whose dojo of transformer cellphone amoeba wash
had just been deprogrammed from years of securitization
mouthwash real-estate succubust enhancements.

If you hear my Mexican earnipple say
"Once upon a Time," please remove your
tamale' nipple holder arrays.

Monday, January 5, 2009

goth-loli maids (2008)

goth-loli maids (2008)

dwine broodth

in safari amoeba eve to gab of puff kohl
purr one-rap-hose-to orate age
-of bop law`as urn

law nap do -tee
-oak as of an air
key. snag a sib-no+
ova woof-info I י'
-law Be key

So opal boa` or so --dynamo bum
afooe Hu fee Abu| fee us--enwove be
卡 a no of |to Iowa
go up
6u| is|pea oak

egg do mo Bad
hocus jam.of frap- abs- up axons WE
reboot lose-my- err.pod
Nauvoo<|stinkwood/- n1\eel-

au`Fop ,朋 ,boo- a-phi a区pouf-Orb+|sod of->
snafu opal geared cow
Wop +manes fop's--ameba|oak mo we--eve aura-JOB
loping fly oil agreed
Imago .|ogle-re so be-too of-up-'- zkvpaoaoof

lanai ohm argue erupt-so-oozier
or--eel odor enforce 'Fib\-mud\ -of - |
-owe-Winnow-by ad
our oak-if\or|.to boo of by
|-,to- key` - +-an Ode:-
-he no dragoon| coed|oboe fail-key law 与be of Oak
עOrb pup-a upland age

egad-adept- be -nun me ea-novena. 'ion-up-so node ape law> of canoe use
node輋be/egged Eli old- koala`a`-of+or Look-woof |law-au
-|bait-vivo ahoy
fake up gaga-beanie yap-up our-papa
|elf >epilog-so--if |so -I>`
|of |maws yak pasta be -side
|of|-eh-a+-up-' VS.|ego `geo.true co + a

'up|so|turban up-Mau pod±boa | oil
UP`-rah -bookie poppy union me 铝guano|only`hue -no-.A.
snafu+go a-so` .
-||valadoaaotu +of +-epos the red-to-boil-un| . oat A me
ego oaf do +ohm`odor-ego ]if-low co oak or do soap WE |so if联

ascots -ivy - Air `a cocoon `-Two- EuwapubAu` A-pub,OF
so-nappy---of a |meow|so -fib a 6 komodo|san--WE |
no-fact ear.eave| |nap
mail|a nil gas - look-Io+Orb|ads

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dad's Tijuana Brass Sideburns

I watched Mannix when it was on
with my Dad. We had a cheesy Mexican
knight which I liked, a fake print of a Spanish
maja-esque lady in a torn blouse, some heavy
wooden fake Spanish furniture with red velvet
insert areas. We had a Mexican quartz and onyx
chess set, and an old admiral's hat that was my
uncle's, from a famous old California men's
drinking club. We listened to Tijuana Brass
alot, and had bottles of Mexican vodka called
Oso Negro, that had a little black plastic goat
on a chain, or was it a bear?

We also both liked George Peppard
in Banacek and had George Peppard-style
haircuts. I don't really remember any
Mannix episodes, but I do remember
our house's interior looked alot like
Mannix's office, and we actually
had a secretary just for our house.
She had a mole just where her nostril
came to her upper lip. We had lots
of little gray metal boxes with tiny
little keys. I had an entire cork wall
in my room for Farrahs and Elvises
and space ships.

We had a mirror with a thick baroque
frame which was crackled and crazed.
The first picture of a nude woman I ever
saw was in Hustler magazine. It was
of Jackie Onassis taken with a
telephoto lens serendipitously
while she sunbathed

Friday, January 2, 2009

possibly or maybe is what Tom would always say

tranquill bulldozers
push the pills for pines
and anyway

anger watt
is the unique
of the hush not
laundry vent's

for a minute
it could have been bulldozers
pushing hollow spheres

lit up
in the night
over a cliff
into the ocean

something i dreamed up
for you to see
i don't think anything's
naturally wrong
just possible

like a hang-glider
could be a
working pan-pipe

The Hugh Beaumont Experience
plays their song called
Zyklon B



sick loans


What do hummingbirds do
in Winter?


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Callow Rose

Something from Bob Brueckl..


Noitial robots in girdles drool over barnacled trolls (light-headed, brass, de rigueur), refracting unlit pyres of crass heirlooms crumbling into pink pools of thick vomit.

Noitial scrotums in scrubbies slick-down the synobite stingrays in the jellies of my cochlea.

Noitial puffers hound the coffee-colored ovum in the crooked drainage of the astroturf.

Noitial deflections near the hosehead cut-off the photon-thong propulsions of the inflatable bulldozer's ass-furred emissions.

The boon blushed flecked, the hushed boon, a trillion meat-lights festering in the stalwart postures of the foaming womb.

After the creation of angels, noise is in a trance at the entrance to the mouth-organs of all gargoyles.

The niceties of the woof-seedlings still the booty in the maw's tangent, but warily the jutting fur is kinetic.

Ogreous striatamyria warts eye the sacred chela pods where eyrie ire fluffs off the somnolent rays of chelipeds.

--Bob BrueckL

(all words from recent Lanny Quarles' poems)


A pig is stuffed in my email oven
with a cellphone in its mouth.

This pig is the divine conception
of many tribal Levys Strausses
and "totemic operators"

the raw
and the crooked
the war of any limb
against itself

pacifier cellphone
suck suck
ring ring

i go ahead and slip my cock
into your high turkish shoe closet's
austin healey runabout

we drive around all these severed heads
and notice that conception
is a rare oil
like a green velvet almond
moving quickly along the interstate

i seen starlets
get out of bed quickly
leaving behind a luminous
green trail of fuzzy
dolphin almonds

another thing about structuralism is that
a little pig is doing a lamb
both are grunting through
cellphone pacifier karaoke
sextoy analogues
about the "Occlaudeum"
when one says in a hogan occitan

First thing to do is start a company
a jungle jim chandilier company
so these caterpillar eyebrows of mine
can calculate the number of visitors
to the world is fair?

the world is deeply intextikratered
for one thing
just look at the gnostic mythology
about an angel or devil being
"stuck" here
and then look
at the weird graceful sex pacifier

i so love to squeeze these bubble butts.
i am thoroughly into seeing homeless people
who hold up cardboard signs in the rain
whose letters have all been washed off.


Finally a gamete
has arrived from the sky

it looks like an ideology
but smells like plan

3 cheres for gnostric flares
my 3 nostril'd mothermarks
breathes any defiant biome
um, well, Dora Bora Welty

a low caution area
looks like a large black top
shaped like a starfish

basketball jones is there
bouncing an orange gamete

yin yang
come out
my fang

all is disorder
i.m sorry
but there is a secret
church whose flipping
ba ba clown head gargoyle
trumpets unfold an infinite flanging

trapped in crystalline turkeys
the three bearded robinson crusoe wisemen
a long cool huff
the amber toothed fox
whose skull is infinite white traffic

A Hosehead's Ray

A ray is deflected near its mouth.
This emits a unit troll martini delta.

[thick flourishing of heavy metal
peacock newts furred in peacock
snakes furred in nasalutions]

A ray is deflected near its personal ad.
This emits an email girdle of heavy metal
troll peacock martini uprisings.

A thin drool of photon vomit
is like a thong on a troll's
email martini barnacle
'star drive'.

A hosehead's cellphone heraldry generator
gets loaded into a personals ad martini uprising

some noises outside
get made
into a nasal delta blues emission
ray refracting
through its slit-mechanicals:

adabboy seeks hay-ride
with old blind cellphone troll
as if girl rig grrr (de rigueur)

the bible with nose-ring el musatroll (mustard gel pack nighty)
were a thick brown cardboard shrine (scrotum skull clamp)
with puppies inside (le mistral poppy loader cam)
and with hosehead uprisings (YAY!) (DEFLECTING RAYS OF PUPA!)

a 'star drive' cannot exist
without a thing-thong.
A personals ad can give
hosehead to a dam nation's
"emit-vomit" subspace connector ray
ad assembly 'troll' post-martini

hot erection Microsoft
deflecting Blind Willie