Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baldo's Arrest

Look out the window
and you will see
the epic thing
trying to be

look out the door
to see the forces
the dazzling leaves
and mangled horses

or shirts
like bridges of rain
come to be a fine picture
on a fine day

I receive a call
on my painful

I receive a little tag
in the form of a bleep
made by a hybrid brain lozenge
inside a sexed up sheep

I look out my window
only to see
Edgar Allen Poe
drunkenly wee
upon my lilacs
upon birds

I drape myself
in pentacles and go out
to have a word

(the inward tradition being what it is)
"Wha~," says he, and a bit of yellow
cotton falls from his wee.

(I think of yellow cotton making cherubs
on dusk cacti tusk..)

I look past this blight
into the perfect Chinese air
of all green things made perfectly
of all the bamboo in Japan
come of its own accord (Honda!)
to a central place in the plains
and mountains of Nagano;

and there with all the dashing truck-drivers
to make a sort of gigantic
green woven bamboo nipple tower
into which we all go
trailing our rainbow colored monkey tails
to call our friends

from our painful nipple phones
to speak of nonces
like painful nipple boners
or "The Aunts of Heresy"
or "Baldo's arrest by the non-farters, non-loogiers"


  1. licking eyeballs glob clean the sleep, seen outside as drazzled leaf & mangle steed, tune a fining of further finding, bah bah block sheep & alls wool that ends wooly, dripping piss of gravestone earth writ waterwise yellow'd, so golden shower of our bodies dance macabre wave by waves, on the shoreline crashing such fluids there stand nipples, endless nipples, all erect in attention to the winds mist, wishing whales & pennies thrown.


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